Perfect Gift for Mom (2017 edition)

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and that means it’s time for our annual roundup of our top gifts your mother will love. We’ve picked this year’s most loved pieces that will put a sparkle in your mother’s eye. Check out our four perfect gift ideas for mom below!

Diamond Stud Earrings



Is there anything more classic or elegant than a pair of diamond studs? They are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry you can have in your collection. Diamond studs are a stunning way to add sparkle to any look. And, even better: all of our diamond studs are completely customizable. You can choose your setting, precious metal, diamond shape, diamond size, and diamond quality. With these customizable options, you can create exactly the pair of diamond studs your mother will love.

Diamond Pendant



Diamond pendants are another incredibly versatile piece. This versatility, coupled with the elegance of this look, has made diamond pendants a classic that your mother will be able to wear for a lifetime. All of the diamond pendants at are also customizable. This means that you can choose from any precious metal, setting, and diamond to create the necklace your mother has always dreamed of.

Colored Diamond Ring



Colored diamonds are an exotic and beautiful choice for fine jewelry. Gift your mother a colored diamond ring, like this four prong set blue diamond ring or this bezel set yellow diamond stunner. This is a great gift for a mother who loves glamour and having fun with fashion.

Round Dangle Stud Earrings



Round dangle earrings, also known as drop earrings, are a pretty addition to any jewelry collection. Drop earrings have a certain delicacy that adds elegance to any look. These earrings are a beautiful gift for the mother who has a chic, understated style.

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The Benefits of DIAMONDS (Diamond Jewelry)


Those who have their birthday in April are lucky: their birthstone is the coveted diamond. Diamonds are one of the most sought after precious stones in the world. But why exactly are diamonds deemed so desirable?

  1. They’re Strong


One huge benefit of diamonds is their incredible durability. It is the hardest naturally occurring material on Earth, which means that it’s unlikely to get scratched or damaged by basically anything. Diamonds are so hard that they are often used in machine production to cut or grind industrial materials. Diamonds also have an incredibly high melting point— they can even survive being engulfed in flames!

  1. They’re Beautiful


All gemstones are beautiful, of course, but diamonds have a specific brilliance that outshines the rest. This is because they have the most clarity of any gemstone, meaning that they can shine the most light. And most diamonds are cut specifically to increase their light reflection and refraction so that they shine even more and truly steal the spotlight.

  1. They’ve Got Variety


White diamonds are some of the most versatile gemstones. Their clear color goes with anything. But diamonds can actually form in a huge array of colors like blue, green, yellow, or pink. Today, you can even color treat white diamonds, making them any color you like. This makes diamonds as versatile as a rainbow!

  1. They’re An Investment


Diamonds are one of the most precious and therefore expensive stones. Diamonds sell for a high price so, when you buy one, you’re buying an investment piece that carries a great value.

  1. They’re Meaningful


Perhaps the most compelling benefit of wearing diamonds is the loving meaning behind the gemstone. Diamonds represent the idea of “forever.” Giving a diamond is a loving gesture. It is a gift that symbolizes the eternity of a bond of love, whether it be a marital bond, a familial bond, or a bond of friendship.


Diamonds are a great gift anytime but are an especially good gift for April birthdays. If you’re in the market for diamonds this April, you’re in luck: we’re having a spring sale! SAVE 10% SITEWIDE with promo code APRIL. You can save 10% on our amazing selection of diamond studs, rings, and necklaces, as well as on all our other precious gemstone jewelry. Happy shopping!

When to Exchange Gifts on your Wedding Day


Diamond studs are a popular wedding day gift.

One of the sweetest wedding day traditions is the gift exchange between the bride and groom. It’s an opportunity to put a smile your soon to be wife or husband’s face, and make them feel even more special. Love letters, flowers, and jewelry are the most common gifts for a couple to exchange on their wedding day. You should think about the kinds of gifts your partner enjoys and give them something that will make them feel appreciated and valued.

Once you know what you’ll be gifting your partner with, the only thing left to decide is when and how you’ll give it to them. If you’re more traditional, you might want to make sure that you don’t see your fiancé before your wedding ceremony. So, how can you give them your gift?


One common way to exchange gifts on your wedding day is by having it delivered. You can have a member of the bridal party (most often the maid of honor or best man) deliver it to your fiancé while they are getting ready. If you want to have this moment photographed or filmed, you will want to make sure the wedding photographer knows when the delivery will be made. You’ll also likely want to schedule this toward the end of the “getting ready” period to make sure your soon to be bride or groom feels camera ready.

Another way you can give your fiancé their gift without seeing them is to work it into the pre-wedding photo sessions. After you’re dressed and ready for pictures, have your photographer set up a shot where each of you is on opposite sides of a wall. Then, you can open your gifts simultaneously and have this heartfelt moment captured on film. This way, you won’t see your partner but you can still share the moment with them. And you’ll be able to see their reaction to your gift in your wedding photos!


If you’re less traditional and plan on having a first look moment before the ceremony, that’s a fantastic time to exchange gifts. After you soak in the moment of seeing your fiancé for the first time in their wedding attire, you can enjoy watching them open their gift. And, since it’s common today to have first looks photographed, you can easily photograph the gift exchange too and remember the moment forever.

These are some of the most common ways that couples exchange gifts on their wedding day. But, feel free to think outside the box and exchange gifts whenever feels right for you. What matters most is making your partner feel special and having the day move as smoothly as possible. Then, after you’ve exchanged your wedding day gifts, you can give your partner the best gift of all: your hand in marriage.

Don’t Forget Your Green This St. Patrick’s Day


14k Yellow Gold 4-Prong Basket Round Green Emerald Gemstone Stud Earrings

Today, the color green is the first thing that many people think of when they think about St. Patrick’s Day. This is because wearing green is the most popular way for people to publicly commemorate the day. While St. Patrick’s Day is primarily now a day to celebrate Irish culture, this day actually began as a Catholic Holy Day commemorating Saint Patrick.


St. Patrick’s Day celebrates Saint Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland. The day marks the date of his death, March 17th, and commemorates the universal baptism of Ireland. St. Patrick was born in 4th century Britain but spent his life preaching and converting the Irish to Christianity.

St. Patrick was actually originally associated with the color blue. So, why do we associate green with his holiday? Green became associated with St. Patrick’s day once the holiday shifted from being a Holy Day to a day of public festivities celebrating Irish heritage. Ireland has been strongly associated with the color green due to the country’s lush green landscape and its national symbol – the shamrock four-leafed clover.


One of the oldest St. Patrick’s Day traditions is pinning a shamrock to your lapel for good luck. This fits with modern traditions too, as shamrocks and the color green are widely associated with luck. Green also symbolizes prosperity, money, good fortune, balance, new growth, and vitality.

The most common St. Patrick’s Day tradition today has certainly become wearing the lucky color green. There are other traditions, like drinking Irish beers, eating Irish foods, and holding parades, but at any of those activities, you’ll always find seas of people wearing green. Here in the United States, it’s even a tradition for those who aren’t wearing green to be affectionately pinched.


18k White Gold Bezel Round Green Emerald Gemstone Stud Earrings

Green is everywhere on St. Patrick’s Day. So draw in some luck, celebrate the festivities, or just avoid getting pinched by making sure you are sporting green on March 17th. Emerald earrings are a perfect way to add a pop of green to your outfit or to complement the green you’re already wearing. In addition to being associated with luck and nature, emeralds are also associated with love, prosperity, compassion, and enjoying life to the fullest. Many spiritual healers say that emeralds are a great way to revive passionate energy in your life, whether it be in love, at work, or just in general.


Platinum 3-Prong Martini Round Green Emerald Gemstone Stud Earrings


14k White Gold Halo Round Green Emerald Gemstone Earrings

Wearing green is a great way to express St. Patrick’s Day spirit or just bring a pop of lucky green into your everyday life. And, if you’re interested in getting a pair of emerald studs to brighten up your jewelry collection, you’re in luck: currently has a limited time sale on all of our emerald studs! Use the promo code LUCKY to get $50 off on $499, $500 off on $4,999, $100 off on $999, or $1,000 of on $9,999. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from!

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Diamond Stud Earrings


Diamond studs are, without a doubt, one of the most universally desired accessories. Their combination of classic stud settings with timeless diamonds has made them a true classic. This has made diamond studs a must have for many people. However, due to the higher cost of diamond jewelry, they are also often viewed as an investment and luxury item. When it comes to buying a piece of jewelry that you will want to wear long term, it’s important to educate yourself about what you’re buying so you’ll feel confident in your choice.

What should you consider when shopping for diamond studs? Well, it’s important to note that they are a versatile and customizable piece. In their most basic form, they consist of a diamond placed into a metal stud setting. However, there many different variations and elements that go into crafting a pair of diamond stud earrings. You can customize each of them to get exactly what you want. This endless customization may sound daunting to some but, never fear— we’ve put together a guide to help you know exactly what you’re buying so you can choose what’s right for you

Your Diamonds

The 4C’s


What should you consider when choosing the diamonds for your diamond studs? There are four major criteria to know about any diamond you buy. These are commonly referred to as The Four C’s and consist of the diamond carat, cut, color, and clarity.

First, let’s talk about diamond carat. Carat is simple to understand— it is the weight of the diamond, which tells you the size of the diamond. You’ll want to consider the carat weight and size of your diamond studs when thinking about what would look best to frame the face.

Next, is the diamond cut. The cut of a diamond is a description of how well it has been shaped. Diamonds are cut in different ways to improve their brilliance and beauty. There are different styles of cuts, like round brilliant and fancy, that reflect the light that enters a diamond in different ways. But these are merely styles and not a reflection of quality.

Ultimately, how well a diamond was cut is what is important and it is what is measured when you see a cut’s “grade.” The official GIA grades for cuts are Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. Having a well-cut diamond is extremely important as a better cut can improve a diamond’s sparkle and a bad one will cause the diamond to be less radiant.

Diamond color is different from colored diamonds. Colored diamonds are diamonds that have a variety of naturally occurring hues, like yellow, pink, or blue. But the color of a diamond is a way of grade the whiteness of a white diamond. They are graded on a scale from D to Z, with D being the most colorless and Z being the most “yellow” grade of white diamond. When considering diamond color, you’ll want to think about how important it is to you that a diamond be colorless.

The final of The Four Cs is clarity. Clarity measures the amount of inclusions (imperfections inside the diamond) and blemishes (imperfections outside the diamond) of a diamond. Inclusions and blemishes can make a diamond seem cloudy, make it sparkle less, or cause it to just generally look less beautiful. Clarity is measured using magnifications and diamonds are given one of the following grades: FL (Flawless), IF (Internally Flawless), VVs1 or VVs2 (Very, Very Slightly Included), VS1 or VS2 (Very Slightly Included), SI1 or SI2 (Slightly Included), I1 or I2 or I3 (Included).

So, every diamond you can buy will have a description for each of these things. To summarize: the diamond cut measures the cut quality, carat describes the diamond size and weight, and color and clarity describe the brilliance of the diamond. Think about what’s important to you when weighing which diamonds will work best for you.

Diamond Shape

First, let’s look at what the shape of a diamond is. The shape of a diamond is exactly what it sounds like: it is the shape a rough diamond has been cut into. The shape of your diamond makes a huge difference in the style of your earring, and it also changes how it will sparkle. If you’re not sure what style is right for you, you can consider that shapes often fall into one of three styles: classic and most used (round, hearts and arrows, princess), cuts with a vintage feel (cushion, asscher, emerald), and more unique cuts (marquise, oval, pear).


Among the most classic and popular shapes are round, hearts and arrows, and princess. Round diamonds are the most popular of all diamond shapes. Round shapes are exceptionally brilliant, allowing for the maximum amount of light to enter the diamond. This cut is what comes to mind for many people when they think of diamond studs.


The hearts and arrows style is similar to the round shape upon first glance, as it has an overall round shape. However, the specific way a diamond and arrow shape is cut creates a distinct magnificence, due to its incredible polish and symmetry. This cut subtly creates heart and arrow shapes in the diamond, creating an incredible shimmer.


The princess style rounds out the most popular shapes. It has distinct look, with its square face. The princess diamond cut is relatively new. It was created in the 1960s and quickly gained popularity due to its brilliance and slightly lower price per carat that round diamonds. Princess shaped diamonds are a great way to get more glamour out of each carat.


The next three shapes we’ll discuss are still classic shapes but have a slightly more vintage feel. The cushion cut diamond (also known the old mine cut) was the most popular cut for many years, until it was edged out by the round cut. The top of this shape of diamond looks a bit like a square with rounded corners. This cut doesn’t return quite as much light as a round diamond but it is more likely to have more fire and many people today are drawn to its vintage look.


The Asscher cut was incredibly popular in the 1920s and has resurged in popularity today among those who love its 1920s feel. This diamond style is easily recognized by its distinct square shape with edged corners. The last “vintage style” shape is the emerald cut.


The emerald cut looks a bit like an elongated asscher but it has a distinctly unique cut. It is step cut rather than brilliant cut like most diamonds. This mean that it doesn’t have quite the sparkle of brilliant diamonds but it looks bigger and can create larger flashes of light.


The last three shapes we’ll talk about are the “unique” looking shapes. These veer away from traditional round or rectangular shapes to create a distinct look. First, we have the marquise cut. This cut has a kind of football shape from above and is created with a brilliant cut for sparkle. It’s a good choice for making a diamond seem larger, due to it having so much of its surface area on its top, and for creating a unique look. The marquise shape also has a rich history— this shape was originally created in the court of King Louis XIV of France and was designed to resemble his mistress’ beautiful and sparkling smile.


The oval shape is another popular one for creating a unique look. It’s a modern, elongated version of the round shape. It feels both classic and a bit off the beaten path. There are many different widths of oval shapes to give you exactly the look you want.


Lastly, we have the pear shape. This shape, also known as a teardrop shape, is elegant and bold. It has become increasingly popular with today’s shopper, as more and more people look for jewelry that sets them apart from the crowd.

Your Setting

Once you’ve decided on your diamonds, you will then pick your setting. There are two major things to consider when choosing a setting: you must choose the design of your setting and your choice of backing. There are two setting designs to choose from: prong and bezel.



Each of these settings have their own advantages. The bezel setting circles the diamond almost completely, generally showing only the top of the diamond. This provides the diamond with greater protection from any wear and tear, as well as greater security from being dislodged. Some people also prefer the modern look of a bezel setting.  On the other hand, a prong setting exposes more of the diamond, allowing more of the stone to be seen. This may allow more light into the diamond, allowing it to sparkle more, and it also makes it appear a bit larger. Prongs are a beautiful setting but they do require a bit more upkeep. You’ll want to occasionally get the setting checked to make sure the prongs do not slip out of place, resulting in the potential loss of your stone.


Your Metal

After you’ve chosen the style of setting you want, it’s time to choose your metal. Basically, you’ll want to choose which precious metal you’d like your setting to be made of. The most common fine materials for diamond studs are platinum and various types of gold.




Platinum has the advantage of being extremely durable. It is an incredibly hard metal and is far less likely to scratch or bend than other metals. It looks similar to white gold but is more durable. Now, gold is more versatile than platinum. It comes in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. The shade of gold you pick depends on your personal style. When buying gold, you’ll also see a number next to it, most commonly “14k” or “18k.” This is the karat of the metal. Gold karat is a label that tells you what percentage of pure gold is in your metal. Pure gold is too soft for everyday wear so gold is usually mixed with other metals to make it more durable. The higher the karat, the higher the percentage of gold in the metal. 24k would be 100% gold, 18k is 75% gold, and 14k gold is 53.8% gold. So, when choosing your karat, know that a higher karat means that there is more gold in the metal but also know that that means that it would be more easily scratched.

The Perfect Diamond Stud Earring

Now you know what you need to know, in regards to your diamond stud options. All that’s left to do is decide which to choose. Ultimately, you should pick whatever you think you (or whoever you are shopping for) will enjoy the most. Diamond studs are about enhancing your own style and adding more sparkle to your life. Pick studs that speak to you and you will love them for a lifetime.

It’s also important to make sure you purchase your studs from an authorized and reputable retailer, especially if you’re buying your diamonds online. Here at, we sell diamonds that come with a certificate of authenticity, and are also conflict-free. We never compromise on quality and customer satisfaction. Check out our huge array of customizable diamond studs and find the pair you’ll love today. With our custom diamond studs, you can choose your ideal shape, place it into the setting you’d like, choose your precious metal, and then choose your diamond size and quality. We strive to make getting certified, customizable diamond studs as transparent and fun as possible. We hope that this comprehensive guide has made it even easier for you to select your perfect pair of diamond stud earrings.

The 2017 Oscars Fashion Recap

Photo Credit: Pop Sugar

Photo Credit: Pop Sugar

The 2017 Oscars were an exciting year for the award show— and not just because of the historic blunder made by presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway (they received the wrong card and announced that La La Land had won Best Picture rather than Moonlight, the actual winner). This year’s show was also an exceptionally good one for fashion.

The Oscars are always one of the most exciting days of the year for fashion lovers. The dazzling array of designer gowns and jewels that walk down the Oscars red carpet don’t just create a beautiful show— these looks also set the tone for fashion for the upcoming year. Elegance abounded at the Oscars this year, with many stars choosing looks with a refined glamour.

Photo Credit: Wenner Media

Photo Credit: Wenner Media

Neutral tones ruled the carpet this year, with neutral toned metallics leading the pack and black and white having major moments as well. Hidden Figures’ Janelle Monae had a standout look— she made almost every best-dressed list with her stunning Elie Saab black, white, and metallic dress. The night’s best actress winner Emma Stone also had a winning fashion moment. Her pale gold metallic Givenchy dress and elegant Tiffany & Co. drop earrings had critics saying she looked like the award she received.

Overall, bold, yet elegant jewelry was the major accessory trend this year. Bolder statement pieces like drop earrings, oversized chokers, and cuff-style earrings could be found on many stars.

Photo Credit: Coveteur

Photo Credit: Coveteur

Photo Credit: Celebmafia

Photo Credit: Celebmafia

Drop earrings were everywhere on this year’s red carpet. Charlize Theron had some of the boldest earrings of the night with her Chopard stunners, and Emma Roberts showed off the subtle side of this look with her slimmer danglers.


Get the look: Check out our collection of elegant, customizable dangle diamond earrings and our stunning fashion collection to get this look for less.

Photo Credit: Tom and Lorenzo

Photo Credit: Tom and Lorenzo

Photo Credit: Wenner Media

Photo Credit: Wenner Media

Photo Credit: Wenner Media

Photo Credit: Wenner Media

Photo Credit: Teen Vogue

Photo Credit: Teen Vogue

Intricate stud earrings were also popular at the awards show, being worn by Karlie Kloss, Janelle Monae, and simpler studs being worn by Michelle Williams or Hailee Steinfeld. Studs are always a red carpet go to but they were particularly prominent this year because they pair so well with the oversized choker trend.

Get the look: Get their look with our customizable diamond studs or our selection of diamond cluster earrings


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve listed the perfect DIY ideas for that special someone you have in your heart and mind. While some suggestions may be easier said than done, there are a few gift ideas out there for every person looking to surprise someone this Valentine’s. Let’s roll up those sleeves and pick out the ideal present for those who deserve a little something on the 14th.

Heart-Shaped Bath Bombs

dstuds 2-3pt1Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Not only is this gesture super cute and fun, it is also a very thoughtful gift because bath bombs are useful and versatile, everyone takes baths! Give your loved one some well-deserved “me time” with this decorative soap. These luxurious bath bombs can be made at home with simple ingredients such as baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, jojoba oil, food coloring, and any essential oil to the scent of your choosing. A mixing tool will also be needed to blend the ingredients, but overall, it is a rather simple process. Your beau will be in awe by your creativity and thoughtfulness.

Tree of Hearts

dstuds 2-3pt2

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

This festive ode of love would definitely be the perfect table topper for the dining room table or kitchen. The process is fairly straight forward and requires the purchasing of a few faux branches, colored construction paper, twine, and of course a vase. The idea is to hang paper made hearts along the twigs in a decorative way. A 3-D heart can be made by cutting two hearts in half and tying them together with a piece of yarn or twine. Clip on birds can also be a great addition for aesthetic purposes. This is a much longer lasting and more effort-filled approach than flowers.

Initial Carving

dstuds 2-3pt3

Photo courtesy of Three Scoops of Love

Bring out the inner young love with this Valentine’s Day idea. Find a relatively small piece of firewood or chopped bark and carve away at it. Carving a “you + me” heart with your initials, or a cute message are examples of what to showcase. Tools needed to create the engraved log can vary depending on your personal preference. A knife, woodburning tool, or stencil can all be used. This is really a romantic gesture that requires some handy work, which will have your partner all the more appreciative. It is also a gift that can have a long-term use, even after the special Holiday.

Heart-Shaped Jewelry Dish

dstuds 2-3pt4

Photo courtesy of Etsy

Let’s face it, the best gifts are the useful ones. Help clear the clutter for your girlfriend with a cute little catchall for her accessories. Of course, this can be found at selected jewelry stores, but they can also be handmade at a ceramics studio, such as Color Me Mine or at any arts & crafts store. Your loved one will be reminded of you with the everyday use of this gift.


heart pendant

Photo courtesy of Diamond Studs

And of course, this is a “go-to” for anyone in a serious relationship or looking to surprise her with the more “finer things in life.” There’s always room in a girl’s closet for accessories and you can’t go wrong with diamonds. Diamond Studs is now offering a free diamond pendant (worth $150) with your purchase, along with other deals when you enter promo code “LOVE” at the end of your purchase. You can customize your own diamond pendant, diamond studs, or diamond ring to your liking. Show your partner your commitment with a gift that will last a lifetime.

Valentine’s Day Jewelry For Her

Valentine’s Day is a day filled with hearts, flowers, and love. The perfect gift for this occasion is jewelry. A man can never go wrong with the gift of jewelry, as it symbolizes commitment. We’ve listed the best gift ideas for this holiday season and feature our Hearts and Arrows Diamonds, which are a rarity in the jewelry world. Show your loved one just how in love you are with these impressive gift options.



Presenting your significant other with a perfectly wrapped little box during a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner is a sure way to make her smile. Gifting her pair of diamond stud earrings are a timeless fashion piece that will never go out of style. Their versatility in matching with almost every outfit will surely thrill your special someone. Their everyday use will also serve as a constant reminder that they are loved by you.



Maybe skip the roses this year and go with a bolder approach, such as with this dazzling rose gold colored diamond necklace. A new pendant is always a safe bet for Valentine’s Day for that special someone. The warm, pinkish tone has really become a hot trend with accessories and it will sure compliment any skin tone. The diamond solitaire will hang pleasantly on your lover’s neck, making a graceful statement. The pendant is also featured in white and yellow gold, for a more classic and traditional look.



Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend! This is no ordinary diamond ring. This exquisite piece will surely make any heart flutter if presented at the right time. Make this day truly special for your loved one with this one-of-a-kind, uniquely designed ring that serves such grace on one’s hand. The beauty of this diamond band is undeniable and one that your one and only will adore. Take your relationship to the next level, with the sophisticated cut of the Hearts and Arrows Diamond.

In time for Valentine’s Day: Hearts and Arrows Diamonds

Couple behind heart shaped balloonWith all things Valentine’s coming shortly after the holidays, what better way to integrate the celebration of Valentine’s Day with your special person than the rare Hearts and Arrows diamond? The Hearts and Arrows diamond is truly a rare high-quality stone which is brilliant in its interconnection with Cupid’s myth. There is no better way to romance and celebrate Valentine’s Day than by gifting your loved one, a Hearts and Arrows diamond to say, “Cupid chose you for me.”

diamondstuds image on 1-12The Hearts and Arrows Diamond is the top when it comes to Diamonds. The pattern is a compelling masterpiece as it serves symmetrical perfection, revealing eight arrows from the crown (top) view and eight hearts from the pavilion (bottom) view. In a class, all its own, known as “the super ideal cut,” Hearts and Arrows Diamonds are defined by its superior light performance, material quality, and precise optical symmetry. It is also special in its rarity and production of its quality requires four times longer than a standard cut diamond. The Hearts and Arrow cut diamond adds a unique luminescence as it sits majestically on any piece of jewelry.

dstuds_1-12pt2The name Hearts and Arrows diamond is coined by Kinsaku Yamashita, trademarked in 1988. The impact the Hearts and Arrows diamond is beyond popular, it is iconic! The Hearts and Arrows pattern is the most praised masterpiece and style when it comes to manufacturing diamond cuts because of its perfect symmetry. The level of precision is beyond the “excellent” criteria symmetry rating. And so because well cut diamonds are rare, to begin with, Hearts and Arrows pattern increases attention to grading cut profoundly making the patterned diamond cut even more so a rarity.

In conclusion, the connection with Valentine’s Day and the Hearts and Arrows Diamond are both derived from their essential natures. An undeniable meaningful bondage between Cupid, gift-giving, and love. This Valentine’s Day, say it with a sparkle and grant Cupid the choice of a Hearts and Arrow Diamond to catch the heart of your lover, with an unrivaled shine of almost 60 facets! Shop and through our collection of Heart & Arrows Diamond Jewelry.

Winter Wedding Ideas & Themes

There’s something extra special and magical about winter weddings. Romance is definitely alive and in full swing during this cool season. Keep your wedding planning and decorating options open as we provide you with these handy ideas and themes that will make your big day the most wonderful time of the year.

Bouquet Arrangement

dstuds_12-22pt1Courtesy of: Pinterest

Winter is a time for nature to thrive. Make a statement as you walk down the aisle with these helpful tips on how to complete your bridal look with the bouquet as your main accessory. Go green! Mix in white and ivory petals with fresh fern and evergreen. A touch of bright red, such as with roses or carnations, paired with mini pinecones is also a trendy idea. Top it off with a ribbon!

Tabletop Garland

dstuds_12-22pt2Courtesy of: Pinterest

Get festive with your table settings.Try using dried eucalyptus, twig, or pine to make a vibrant runner full of green. Lights and candles, along with a seasonal tablecloth, may also be added for a fuller and detailed finish. Whether your tables are going to be arranged lengthwise or in a circle, a centerpiece isn’t really needed with these lovely décors

Scented Candles


Courtesy of: Pinterest

Furnish the ambiance of your wedding reception with the season’s popular fragrances, including favorites like cinnamon, cedar, apple, and pine. Dim lighting will set the perfect vibe for these candles to fill the room with the crisp scents of winter.

Hot Cocoa Bar


Courtesy of: Pinterest

Add a little winter cheer to your wedding with this classic holiday drink (don’t forget the marshmallows). Keep your guests warm and cozy with no need of ditching the whole candy bar idea. Opt in for adding candy canes and peppermint flavored treats as desserts and décor. Baked goods are also a great idea.

Jingling Favors


Courtesy of: Pinterest

Tree ornaments are the perfect favors to give your guests as an ode of remembrance to your big day. Whether you choose to print your names and wedding date on them or not, your guests are sure to find it as a warm gesture. Useful gifts are the best kind of gifts!

Colored Themes


Courtesy of: Pinterest

Red and green are an obvious choice for your color scheme, but there are definitely other winter hues to choose from.White, silver, gold, and a lightly shaded red tones are relevant patterns to use for your décor throughout the ceremony and reception. This can play a major role in picking out fabrics and linens for tables, chairs, and draperies.Ivory is another hot color that’s been trending this season.

Rustic Theme


Wooden accents, such as log plate settings, wooden chairs, and woven branch baskets are perfect props for this type of setting. Another clever idea is tying cinnamon sticksto escort cards. Cranberries and pomegranates can be also used to top off your theme with minimal yet bold color.

Winter Wonderland Theme

Courtesy of: Weddingomania


Courtesy of: Bridal Guide

Turn your venue into a wonder-filled winter dream with these icy features. Crystals can be hung from the ceiling, and also placed within the centerpieces. A fun DIY that will give the greens a cool character is spray painting leaves with silver tips or dipping them in glitter. To set the tone of the hall, blue lighting can give off a brisk elegance.