Shape of Your Face and Earrings

Earrings are essential to every woman’s jewelry wardrobe. Unlike other pieces of jewelry that can clutter your look or distract onlookers from your natural beauty, earrings draw attention to your face and highlight your eyes. There was several styles of earrings, giving everyone a look that will suit their unique features. Knowing the shape of your face and your personal style preferences will help you select a pair of earrings that you will love. Follow this guide to find the perfect pair for your face shape.

Square Face: If your face is square shaped, consider wearing earrings that are longer. These dangling styles will lengthen your face, creating a slender look. Circular designs also look good, balancing out your features. Single stone stud earrings are your go to style, and will look good paired with anything in your current wardrobe.

Round Face: Much like a square shaped face, a round face looks best with long earrings. These lengthy styles will have a slimming effect, creating the illusion of an angular jaw line. Dangling styles, ovals or angular studs all are suited for your face shape.

Oval Face: This face shape is extremely versatile and can wear almost any style of earrings. Intricate shapes, such as teardrops or ovals look good, and studs are highly recommended. As long as the size of the earring is proportionate to your body and head size, feel free to experiment with many shapes and styles.


Heart-Shaped Face: The heart-shaped face in similar to the oval, except it is more narrow below the cheekbones and pointed at the chin. To balance out your forehead and narrow chin, choose styles that are wide at the bottom. Triangular shapes or teardrops look best on you.

Following these tips will help you pick a pair of earrings that will highlight your best features, making you look and feel beautiful. When choosing earrings, consider the shape of your face and your personal style. Have fun experimenting with a variety of stones and designs to find a pair that you will love  for a lifetime.

In Fashion Black Diamond Studs

Fall fashion is all about looking chic in an understated way. Designers portrayed an overarching theme of sophisticated elegance in their newest collections, showcasing sleek lines and neutral hues. These subtle pieces were complimented by delicate, but bold accessories. The effect is absolutely ethereal, creating an almost eerie beauty that has never been seen before. This fresh take on fashion is captivating, and enables everyone to look and feel gorgeous and feminine.

Creating a stunning ensemble is easy this season. When picking new pieces for your fall wardrobe, look for delicate fabrics such as lace or silk to pair with your current closet. Incorporating these unusual elements will add an aspect of originality to your outfit. Wear a silk blouse with airy trousers in the same color, such as cream,  to achieve a modern take on a classic women’s look.  Be sure to find complimentary fabrics to create a seamless, put together style. An outfit like this is great, because it is so versatile. You can wear it to work or dress it up with heels for a night on the town. Wherever you wear it, you’re sure to look stylish and chic.

Once you have pick an outfit, it’s time to add accessories. You want to find pieces that are dainty, but make a statement. Black diamond earrings are the perfect addition to any look, adding intrigue in a feminine way. Choose a pair of studs to keep your look simplistic and glamorous. Unlike previous years when black diamonds were paired with gaudy outfits, this seasons, they are worn with sleek pieces in neutral hues. Their dark color distinguishes them from the rest of the look, creating contrast and depth rather than clutter. Pair your sleek look with studded heels for an ensemble that is classic and perfect for any occasion.

You’ll look and feel like a superstar when you sport this season’s hottest trends. Pair your favorite, understated look with black diamond studs to add interesting contrast and create the ideal combination of feminine and bold. This season, highlight your best attributes without detracting from your personal beauty by wearing clothing that are simplistic and elegant.

Colored Diamonds

Fall fashion is filled with neutral hues and understated designs. This simplicity is elegant and beautiful, creating a classic look that is undeniably chic. Because the designs are minimalist this season, the accessories are bold. These accessories take your outfits to the next level, highlighting your individuality and personal style. Statement jewelry can take many forms, from chunky necklaces and bracelets to large rings. Each piece is unique and noticeable, standing out against a plain outfit, adding interest to your look.

One of the hottest things in accessories this season is colored diamonds. Colored diamond earrings are a trendy addition to your jewelry wardrobe, because they are different than anything you currently have and incorporate color and sophistication into your various looks. They can be worn with casual ensembles, but they can also be dressed up. Pairing colored earrings with your evening look is a great way to add elegance and charm, creating a glamorous statement. If you love to standout from the crowd with high profile sparkle, colored diamonds are the perfect accessory for you.

A colored diamond is so luxurious, because it possess the same classic elements as a diamond, but is extremely rare. This rarity adds value and stands out among the more common white diamonds that we see so often. A colored diamond takes your look to another level, distinguishing you from everyone else. Pairing these stunning stones with a dress instantly adds an element of glamour and intrigue, making you simply irresistible.

Colored diamonds not only look beautiful when paired with a formal look, but also work to play up your features, such as the color of your eyes. If you have blue eyes, the blue diamond makes them pop, complimenting them flawlessly. If your eyes are green, a brown stone will add depth and make them shine. People are sure to take notice of you in these one of a kind stones that are will be unique to your jewelry wardrobe.

The next time you need to dress up for a formal event, try pairing sparkling, colored diamond earrings with your look. You will love the way they set you apart from the rest, marking you as unique while playing up your best attributes.

Accessory for the Wedding

When you find the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, you should celebrate with a unique token of your love. The engagement ring is a brilliant symbol, showcasing your lifelong commitment and promise to love and cherish one another no matter where life takes you. Your ring represents your unique love story, showing the world that you have found the one you’ve waited for your whole life. On your wedding day, your ring should be a prominent piece of jewelry, but you also want to accessorize in other ways to highlight your dress and add sparkle to your look.

There are several styles of jewelry to consider wearing on your wedding day, including bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Each style possesses unique qualities that distinguish it from the rest and enhances your wedding look in a different way. Because every piece of jewelry is so different and beautiful, you have to consider the style of your wedding dress when you’re making your jewelry selection.

For brides who have chosen to wear a strapless gown, a necklace is a great accessory. The simplistic top creates the perfect place to showcase a sparkling necklace. If your dress has straps or extensive detailing, choose a dainty necklace to keep the attention on you, not your bling.

Bracelets are another great addition to your wedding look. They add glamour and intrigue without cluttering your ensemble. If you’re a high profile bride, consider wearing an intricate piece with lots of sparkle and shine. The best part about bracelets is that they pair easily with many gowns. Bracelets are a wonderful way to add timeless elegance.

Diamond stud earrings are the finishing touch to any wedding look, drawing the attention to the face and eyes. Without earrings, your ensemble just would not be complete. These glamorous jewelry pieces flatter ever dress style, adding to the beauty without the potential of becoming a distraction. Look for a pair of earrings that match with your ring for an attention grabbing effect.

Matching accessories with your wedding dress is the perfect way to complete your wedding look. The day of your wedding should be about you and the love you share. Make sure your jewelry adds to your beauty, and doesn’t become a distraction. Consider the style of your dress when choosing accessories, and remember that you can never go wrong with a pair of classic, diamond stud earrings.

Fancy Colored Diamond Studs

When it comes to fall formal wear, less is more. Neutral hues and simple shapes dominate this season’s collections, leaving room for self-expression through bold accessories. If you have a formal event coming up, pairing a classic black or beige dress with colorful accessories is the best way to look chic and showcase your personal style preferences in a tasteful manner.

The first step when preparing for a formal event is selecting your dress. Simplistic elegance is key, so look for a fitted gown that hits at a traditional length, such as just above the knee. If you decide to wear a floor length gown, keep the volume to a minimum so the dress isn’t overpowering. The dress should be fitted, but not too tight. You want to showoff the shape of your body in a classy fashion.

Once you’ve selected the dress you‘ll be wearing, the next step is accessorizing. Heels are a must when attending a formal event. When choosing a pair, be sure that the height of the heel is fitting for the occasion, and the length of your dress. Look for heels with interesting straps or cutouts for a modern look. The hottest new designs feature intricate detailing and come in classic colors, making them easy to pair with any dress.

After choosing your shoes, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your look. Colored diamond earrings are the perfect addition to any formal ensemble, adding sparkle and intriguing glamour. Colored diamond earrings come in a variety of colors, including blue, black, brown and yellow. Every color is unique and beautiful, creating a captivating look that is sure to mesmerize everyone in the room.

Because the hottest dresses this season come in neutral colors, fancy colored diamonds are a classy way to bring in an element of color to your look. The gorgeous stones will pop against your dress, highlighting their unique qualities and showing off your impeccable personal style. If you’re looking for a tasteful way to incorporate sparkle into your look, colored diamonds are the perfect choice. Show off your standout style in a simple and stunning way with colored diamonds.