Be a showstopper this Halloween, by pairing elegant diamonds with a cool costume.

Halloween is a holiday that invites creativity, prompting people to create costumes that embody a specific character or object and allow them to become another person for one night. This celebration is the perfect opportunity to show off your playful side, by dawning a disguise that is fun and festive. Once you have selected the perfect costume for your Halloween party,  it is time to choose jewelry pieces to accent your look. Wearing jewelry adds the perfect finishing touch to any Halloween costume, completing your spooktacular ensemble.

Once a year, on October 31st,  you have an excuse to wear whatever you want. Halloween parties are the perfect location to try out a daring hairstyle or outfit that you have been wanting to experiment with. Pair bold pieces with new makeup trends to conjure a character that is absolutely fabulous. Halloween should be about having fun and trying new things. You never know, you might find a new favorite trend! Mix and match outrageous and classic pieces for a striking outfit that is sure to turn heads on Halloween.

In all the fun of picking wild costumes, it is easy to forget the accessories that will make or break your look. A themed hat or headdress will do wonders for a costume, creating a pretty and polished style. It really is the small touches that make your outfit stand out from the crowds of creative costumes. If you want to look elegant at a Halloween party, but still embody the theme of the holiday, opt for a minimal costume and let your accessories do the work. A plain black dress can be transformed into a variety of different disguises, with the simple change of accessories. Add a cool hat or headband and some sparkling diamond earrings and you can quickly make a glamorous dress perfect for a spooky night out.

Earrings are a must have accessory for any Halloween look. The sparkling gemstones will highlight your eyes and draw attention to your face, making you stand out from the crowd. You are sure to be a showstopper when you pair classic diamond jewelry pieces with your costume, creating an elegant and flirty look that everyone is sure to remember. Let your accessories do all the work this Halloween, for a look that is perfect for any party.

Glee Star, Santana Lopez, Debuts Engagement Ring

Naya Marie Rivera, better known as Santana Lopez on Glee, deputed a sparkling diamond engagement ring on the red carpet at a Latina magazine’s Hollywood Hot List Party. The young actress posted a picture of the sparkling stone on Instagram, showcasing the ring’s glamorous halo design. The large center stone is surrounded by a miniature halo of white diamonds, only adding to the glitzy look. A diamond encrusted band finishes the pieces, bringing an added punch of sparkle and shine. Celebrity Jewelry Expert, Michael O’ Connor, told E! News that that the ring appears to be about 3.5-4 carats, setting its value at around $70,000. The ring’s halo design is classic, but has a modern take on the design. It is clear that Rivera favors old world glamour and sentimental jewelry pieces. This halo design is growing in popularity, as many celebrities are choosing to opt for this elegant setting.

Rivera was born in 1987, and has followed in her mother’s footsteps, pursuing a modeling and acting career. Her venture started at a young age, as she collected small roles on many hit television shows, including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Family Matters,Baywatch, Smart Guy, Even Stevens and many more. Between roles, Rivera worked at Abercrombie and Fitch as a greeter. This cycle of accumulating small roles was broken when Rivera was cast for Fox Broadcasting’s musical comedy-drama, Glee, and in 2011, signed a contract with Columbia Records to release a debut album. Since then, Rivera’s career has been thriving as the television show has continued to rise in popularity, gaining a large audience that includes fans of all ages.

Rivera is engaged to Big Sean, a hip hop artist from Detroit, Michigan. Big Sean signed with Kayne West in 2007, and has been making hit music ever since. Both Rivera and Big Sean’s musical background seems to have brought them together. This commonality enables them to appreciate and love each other more. Big Sean admitted to “Gleekin’ Heavy” since watching his fiance’ on the show. Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee, says that Big Sean would never do Glee, but he is considering writing something for him. Big Sean comments on the television show, stating “Some of the episodes are a little much for me, but I like how they touch on real issues that people can really relate to. And people can just relate to something and confide in it. I think it serves a great purpose in society.”

It seems that Rivera is bringing out Big Sean’s softer side. The two lovebirds met on Twitter, and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. The two debuted their dating status for the first time at the premier of “42” at the TLC Chinese Theater in Hollywood and have continued to be a hot item. Big Sean often comments on how lucky he is to be with the beautiful and talented Naya Marie Rivera.

It is clear that Naya Marie Rivera and Big Sean were a match made in heaven. These two have been all smiles since debuting their engagement. Since the reveal of their new relationship status, Rivera has enjoyed flashing her massive rock around town, looking happier than ever before–Wouldn’t you if you had that ring on your finger!

Top Five Jewelry Trends

Accessories add the perfect finishing touch to any look. Adding a jewelry piece can instantly update dull clothing, taking your ensemble from drab to fab in a flash! A look at the runway quickly reveals this season’s top five trends in jewelry, giving us all endless ideas for pairing our favorite pieces with dazzling jewelry to create a look that is amazing and completely one of a kind.

Trend One: Bright Highlight Pieces

This season’s clothes are colored with neutral hues, creating polished and put together looks that are perfect for the office, or a meeting. Unfortunately, these professional pieces can come across as boring, making it absolutely necessary to dress up your outfit with  bold colored jewelry. Look for pieces with colored gemstones, such as blue or pink diamonds, that will add an interesting element to your workplace style.

Trend Two: Art-Deco Details

Mixing old world style and modern sophistication results in brilliant and unique jewelry pieces. Add contrast to a simple black dress or basic tee with vintage-inspired pieces that add intrigue and set the tone of your ensemble. The effect is eerily beautiful, making your look stand out from others in the room.

Art-Deco inspired looks bring dramatic detailing to any ensemble, creating the perfect mix of simplistic and complex elements in your look so you look simply amazing.

Trend Three: Pretty Pale Pieces

With cold weather and cloudy skies, it is easy for this season’s neutral hues to fade into the background. The last thing you want is subtle colored clothing to cover up your amazing assets. Fight the winter blues with pale, pastel pieces. These light and airy shades will remind you of springtime, transporting you to a time of sunshine and warmth. You are sure the love the resulting of mixing and matching dark and light pieces, creating a striking and captivating look.

Trend Four: Big Time Bling

Let’s face it–we could all use a little more glamour in our lives. Big bling jewelry allows you to incorporate glitz and glam in a classic fashion, creating a chic and sophisticated take on sparkle. If you find your look to be too drab, just pair a beautiful, shining diamond jewelry piece to add the high-profile sparkle you crave. Choose a collar necklace or a cuff bracelet made of solid, shining gemstones for maximum impact. These pieces really pack a punch, transferring a daytime look to a hot night out ensemble in a flash, keeping you looking absolutely fabulous, whatever the occasion.

Trend Five: Lovely, Layered Bracelets

Wrap band bracelets add an interesting twist to a traditional jewelry piece. A watch with an extra long band will wrap around your arm daintily, creating a pretty time piece that compliments any outfit. If you love the functionality of a watch, but want a fashionable update, a wrap band is the right choice for you.

Incorporating these trendy jewelry pieces into your winter wardrobe will keep your clothing looking cool and fresh all season long. It is amazing how something has small as an accessory can have such a big impact on your overall look. Combine your favorite winter pieces with beautiful jewelry to look fashionable and feel fabulous every day.

The Perfect Holiday Gift Idea

Black Diamond Studs in Rose GoldThe holiday season is fast approaching, leaving many women looking for the perfect ensemble to make them shine at seasonal parties. Glitz and glam marks the fashion during this time of year, making it crucial to have the perfect accessories to accompany your fabulous outfit. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces are key players in any party look, bringing an added element of elegance that will make you standout. Once you’ve found the perfect dress, the fun of accessorizing begins!

Earrings are extremely popular this season, because they can be matched with almost any party look. They are striking to behold, catching the light and drawing attention in a classy manner. If you want to wear a classic style dress, earrings offer a chic update that completes the look beautifully. There are two specific styles that are currently the most popular– stud earrings and hoops. Stud earrings are nice, because they add sparkle without cluttering your appearance. If your dress has a lot of extensive detailing, studs are the right choice for you. On the other hand, if your dress has a simple neckline, hoop earrings will add interest and glamour.

Once you’ve selected a pair of earrings, the next step is choosing a necklace. Delicate pieces with a single diamond stone are striking, and look regal when matched with a sophisticated dress. If your eye is drawn by more gaudy pieces, a collar necklace is right for you, bringing that punch of sparkle that you crave. The trick to selecting the perfect necklace is considering the style of your dress and your personality.

Again, it comes down to how decorative the dress is. You don’t want your necklace to detract from your look, but rather enhance it in a tasteful manner. The final choice to make is what kind of bracelet you should wear. There are several options, such as stacking bangles or wearing a single, larger piece. When it comes to bracelets, it’s hard to make the wrong decision. They catch the light beautifully and balance out your look, incorporating glamour and style. The right accessories will help you look and feel your best this holiday season. You’ll love the way sparkling pieces add to your dress, completing your look in a beautiful way. Keep the style of your dress in mind when you’re making decisions about jewelry to ensure that every element of your look works together to create something fabulous.

New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week is the highlight of every fashionista’s year. Established and emerging designers come together to showcase their collections on the runway, and feature innovative styles in their shows that inspire us all for the upcoming season. The first organized Fashion Week took place in 1943, and was called “Press Week.” During World War II, industry insiders were not able to travel to Paris for French fashion shows, so New York Fashion Week was born. The original planners wanted to take attention away from French style and place it on the local styles of New York. American designers who had originally been overlooked now had a chance to break into the business, giving the world access to their beautiful and unique designs. The first Fashion Week was a smashing success and led to popular magazines, such a vougue, featuring American designs in their pages. Since originating in 1943, Fashion Week has continued to evolve, but the central focus remains the same– placing emphasis on American designers.

At Fashion Week this year, we saw a number of bold trends appear on the runways, including fresh fabrics and creative hemlines. It was clear that this season is all about standing out from the crowd. Jewelry played a key role in the fashion shows, completing flashy ensembles with an element of sophistication. Collar necklaces and deep, dark colored gemstones were two trends that were undeniably prominent. Many designers incorporated these pieces into their looks, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Viewers immediately wanted to incorporate these ideas into their street style, and searched the stores for similar accessories.

If you are looking for the perfect jewelry piece to pair with your winter wardrobe, try investing in a statement necklace. These jewelry pieces are must-haves this season, because they can be worn with anything in your current wardrobe, resulting in a more put together look. If you own a lot of plain blouses, a necklace with a lot of gemstones or intricate beading is a great way to make your clothing really shine, setting it apart from other ensembles in the room. Sparkling gemstones around the neckline draw the attention to your face, making you absolutely unforgettable. The next time you find yourself feeling drab, simply slip on a fun necklace for an instant update.

If a chunky necklace is not really your style, stud earrings in deep hues have a similar effect. Look for a pair of colored diamond earrings, and enjoy benefiting from the attention-grabbing results. Choose a deep blue or black shade to ensure they will pair perfectly with everything in your closet. You will get a lifetime of wear out these stud earrings, making them a wise investment. The glittering gemstones are unique, and because they sit so close to your face, they really play up your eyes. The dark hued diamond is extremely modern and unique, making it unlike anything you already own. You will captivate everyone when you wear this standout accessory, making you look as good as you feel. This season, taking tips from Fashion Week is simple. Find a piece of statement jewelry with some serious sparkle and incorporate it into your looks. This will give you an instant update to  everything in your collection, opening the doors to the unlimited possibilities you already own. Once again, local designers have inspired our style, giving us tips to look our very best all of the time!