Trending: Men’s Diamond Studs

In the world of men’s fashion where a watch or understated necklace all too often dominate in terms of jewelry, a new (and much needed) trend in men’s jewelry is quickly making its way and has fashion’s top designers buzzing with excitement: diamond studs. Given the growing mood in the men’s fashion world that has designers breaking conventional norms for more edgy designs that have a jolt of fresh personality, it’s really no surprise that diamond studs have become a fast growing trend.

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Premier designers including Versace and Givenchy showcased their Spring/Summer 2018 collections along the runway with models who donned diamond studs, using the jewelry as the perfect accent touch to complete the world-class designs. In this article, our expert team at offers up our suggestions for a few snazzy men’s diamond studs to help keep you up to date with this rising trend that we believe is here to stay.

Men’s Round Cut Diamond Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold


For our first pick, we offer a classic pair of men’s diamond stud earrings that feature a 14k white gold finish and diamonds with a total weight of .75 carat.  The 4-prong setting holds the diamond secure while also allowing the most shine to reflect off the diamond. With a timeless diamond design on a trendy and highly-fashionable piece of jewelry, these diamond stud earrings are the perfect exclamation point for any outfit.  

Men’s Round Cut Blue Diamond Stud Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold


The rising new trend in men’s jewelry of diamond stud earrings is believed to be inspired by ‘90s music subculture. This one-of-a-kind pair of diamond stud earrings is representative of that era with its unique blue diamonds and 14k yellow gold finish. The earrings make a bold fashion statement and are certainly on the forefront of this hot trend.

Round Diamond Single Stud Earring in Platinum Bezel Setting


Our editors here at are split in their preference of single studs versus pairs, so after a great debate, we made the decision that both should be included. While both are equally fashionable, the common belief is that single studs are more masculine. For our third pick, we switch it up a bit with this single diamond stud earring that’s finished with a platinum setting. One can do no wrong when pairing platinum together with a diamond, and that applies to this earring as well, which carries an unquestionably refined and elegant look.  

Round Yellow Diamond Single Stud Earring in 18K Yellow Gold Bezel Setting


For our last diamond stud pick, we chose a brilliant yellow diamond stud with an 18k yellow gold bezel setting. This diamond stud earring has the flair to take any outfit, whether casual or formal, to the next level. The yellow diamond is a rare sight to see and is complemented to perfection with its luxurious 18K yellow gold finish. While this earring may have been over-the-top as a pair, the single diamond stud is ideal for this spectacular design.

Summer Date Ideas 2017

While Spring may be the season of love, Summer is the season to heat that love up. Take advantage of the warm weather with your loved one and make the most of the sunny afternoons and warm evenings. Whether it’s a simple and easy picnic at the park or a lavish dinner outing at a hip new restaurant in town, dates provide an opportunity for couples to spend quality time together and keep a relationship fun and exciting. In this article, we offer 5 summer date ideas that can fit a variety of different budgets and schedules to help ensure that your relationship stays strong and healthy in the midst of all the craziness we call life. 

#1. Sunset Picnic at the Park


It’s as simple as a blanket, a bottle of wine, and some cheese and charcuterie. Find a quaint park in your city or the next city over and enjoy the simple things in life: a glass of wine under the shade of the trees with your significant other. Get there a couple hours before sunset for optimal summer weather and to catch the cotton candy hues of the sky as the sun sets.   

#2. Romantic Dinner at a Trendy Restaurant


Sure, every couple has their go-to local restaurant that they’ve grown to love. That being said, it’s important to switch things up and treat yourselves to occasional fine dining. Go to a trendy new restaurant in the city for a romantic dinner. Indulge in each other’s company and cheers to your love for one another. Gentleman, to make this date extra special, surprise your significant other with a pair of ruby earrings that will make this a night to remember for the rest of your lives!

By the way, we have a special promotion going on for summer ’17. You get 17% off all merchandise. There hasn’t been a better time to get a gift!

#3. 30 Minute Evening Stroll Along a Tree Lined Street


Sometimes the stresses of everyday life leave little time for a date that you have to devote hours to, but after a while this can really take a toll on a relationship. It’s crucial to make time to spend with one another, even if it’s just for half an hour. Park your car on the nicest street in town and take a relaxing 30-minute stroll in the warm evening air. Not only will this give you quality time spent together, but it will also help ease the stress. Finish the evening with a nightcap, whether it’s a warm cup of tea or a glass of your favorite Merlot.

#4. Spontaneous 1-Night Trip to a Local Getawayimage8

Who doesn’t love a romantic getaway? Take initiative, jump in the car, and drive to a close by destination for a spontaneous trip. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city to spend a romantic night together hanging out by the pool, cuddling in a posh hotel room, and maybe even getting a massage together. To show your significant other how much they mean to you, entertain the idea of giving the gift of a diamond pendant. After all, there is nothing a woman loves more than diamonds (and rooftop pools)!

#5. An Afternoon at the Beach


Summer is synonymous with the beach. Grab a couple of beach towels and spend your whole day together lounging on the warm sands of your favorite beach. To make this beach trip a little more special, take a few minutes to put together a playlist with each of your favorite songs that you can play on your phone or a portable speaker. Don’t forget your sunglasses and the sunscreen!

July’s Birthstone: The Royal Ruby

While all birthstones have a distinct meaning and unique beauty, those born in July are perhaps the most fortunate considering their birthstone is the ever-enchanting ruby. Hailed by many as the king of precious gemstones and known throughout the world for its dazzling beauty, the ruby has many characteristics that make it a special gemstone for many people, but especially for those born in July.

Historians believe that rubies were traded on the Silk Road as early as 200BC and have traced the ruby back to many other ancient civilizations including ancient Greece, demonstrating the gem’s long-standing significance in the world. For these different ancient cultures, the ruby was highly symbolic and meaningful, and a great deal of that symbolic meaning is still attached to the gemstone today. The ruby is believed to represent arguably some of the most important aspects of life—love, protection, and prosperity. Legend has it that due to the ruby’s strength and durability, many ancient warriors donned rubies on their shields to grant them protection. In addition, being a stone that adorned the upper classes of society throughout history, the ruby became a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

One defining aspect of the ruby that makes it so special is its rich and radiant red color. The ruby’s brilliant red color is often associated with vitality, passion, and a zest for life and love. This is the reason many find the ruby to be a high-energy stone. Rubies can be found in many different shades of red, from rich tonal shades to bright and vivid hues.

Today, rubies are one of the most sought-after precious gemstones in the world.  Given their unparalleled beauty and deeply symbolic meaning, the highly coveted gems make for one of the most specials gifts available. As their birthstone, a ruby is a particularly appropriate gift for someone born in July. A piece of ruby jewelry is a gift that a person born in July will have a special connection with for the rest of their lives. Below, our expert team at lists a few of our favorite ruby earrings that will make the perfect gift for a July baby.

1 Carat Round Ruby Earrings with 14K Rose Gold 3-Prong Martini Setting


Featuring large ruby gemstones with a 1 carat total weight, this stunning pair of earrings are timeless and elegant in every sense. The ruby stones are secured by a 14 karat rose gold 3 prong martini setting that not only highlights the rubies and enhances their brilliance, but in addition accents them beautifully.

1 Carat Round Ruby Earrings with Platinum Bezel Setting


For an undeniably bolder look, our experts at suggest this pair of ruby earrings with a platinum bezel setting. The classic ruby stones are paired with a platinum bezel setting to create a combination that brings one of the world’s most precious gemstones together with one of the world’s rarest metals. The result is absolutely jaw-dropping.

1 Carat Round Ruby Earrings with Halo Diamonds


What can possibly be better than gorgeous ruby earrings? Simple, ruby earrings with halo set diamonds. Our final staff pick for someone born in July that features their ruby birthstone is this pair of earrings that is outfitted with a .60 carat ruby center stone and surrounded by small pavé diamonds weighing a total of .40 carat. The awe-inspiring pair of earrings also feature 18 karat white gold throughout, making this what some would call the perfect pair of earrings.