Staple Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Have

There are some jewelry staples that every woman should have in her collection. While trendy pieces are a fun way to mix up your style for each season, classic-style pieces can be worn year after year. Pieces like classic diamond studs and pendant necklaces have been popular for centuries and never go out of style. Wondering if you have all of the important jewelry staples? We’ve highlighted the four staple jewelry pieces every woman should have below!

Classic Diamond Studs


Certified Platinum 4-Prong Basket Round Diamond Stud Earrings

Perhaps the most classic jewelry essential of all is a simple pair of diamond studs. Diamond studs are elegant, beautiful, and timeless. They can be worn with anything, from a simple t-shirt and jeans to a gorgeous gown. They’re also as durable as they are beautiful— diamonds are the strongest gemstone on earth, making them ideal for everyday wear.

If you only have one pair of studs in your collection, these round diamond studs in a platinum setting are a perfect choice. Round diamonds are the most popular shape for a diamond and platinum is the most durable precious metal. These studs will last a lifetime.

Hoop Earrings


14k White Gold 4-Prong Setting Round Diamond Hoop Earrings

The other kind of classic earring you should have in your collection is a pair of hoop earrings. Hoop earrings frame and draw attention to the face, and have been a style staple for decades. Like studs, hoop earrings can be worn with a variety of different ensembles and can elevate any outfit. These 14k white gold prong set diamond hoops are a beautiful choice for a pair of hoop earrings, with diamonds shimmering on every bit of the hoop.

Solitaire Ring


Certified 14k White Gold Bezel Round Diamond Solitaire Ring

Solitaire rings are a great choice if you’re looking for a classic engagement ring design. But they are also a great choice for a right-hand ring that can add some sparkle and glamour to your outfit. You can choose a white diamond as the ring’s centerpiece, as pictured above with a bezel setting encapsulating the stunning diamond, or go with a colored diamond to add a pop of color to your collection.

Solitaire Pendant


Certified 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Solitaire Pendant

The last item on our list of jewelry staples is the solitaire pendant. Diamond pendant necklaces are beautiful and versatile and can be worn on their own or layered with other necklaces. The simplicity of a solitaire pendant is what makes it a true classic. A simple setting, like this elegant 14k yellow gold setting, lets the beauty of the diamond take focus. It’s elegant and simply timeless.

What Does Ethically Sourced Diamond Mean?


When you’re in the market for fine diamond jewelry, an important term to be aware of and always be on the lookout for is an ethically sourced diamond.

So what is an ethically sourced diamond? An ethically sourced diamond comes from a mine that is in compliance with strict labor and environmental regulations. This means that child labor is not taking place, forced labor doesn’t exist, workers receive fair wages and safe working conditions, and that the diamond sales aren’t being used to fund violence.

It is important to always prioritize purchasing an ethically sourced diamond. By doing so, you’re ensuring that the beautiful precious stone that means so much to you isn’t one that has caused the person mining it a great deal of trouble in their life. At, we specialize in bringing our customers the widest selection of ethically sourced diamonds at some of the best prices available on the market. We work closely with our diamond suppliers to guarantee ethically sourced diamonds and provide answers to any relating questions our customers may have.

Our hope is that the wide range of abuses found in some diamond mines will completely come to an end soon through the diligent work of various human rights organizations. Until then, the only thing you can do is purchase ethically sourced diamonds, a process that our experienced team at will help guide you through every step of the way.

Our Favorite Rose Gold Fine Jewelry

Rose gold is here to stay. The style that many believed would be a short-lived trend has become a staple in most jewelry drawers and for good reason. Jewelry experts praise rose gold for its fun yet classy aesthetic that has made its comeback in the jewelry world. The blushing color of rose gold compliments all skin tones and makes for an eye catching flair that is still elegant and refined like its predecessors yellow gold and white gold. Did you know that rose gold gained huge popularity in the 1920s? Well, guess what? The 20s will be here in less than three years, and rose gold is as brilliant and popular as ever before. It’s here to stay. Below, our jewelry experts at offer their top 5 favorite rose gold jewelry pieces.

14K Rose Gold Round-Cut Diamond Pendant with 6-Prong Basket Setting


This stunning round-cut diamond pendant features an elegant 6-prong 14K rose gold setting that will look absolutely breathtaking around your neck. The brilliant half carat diamond is held in place through the 6-prong setting, not only securing it safely, but also maximizing the shine of the diamond by allowing more light to reflect on it. In addition, the 14K rose gold accents of the setting add a perfect finishing touch to the pendant, creating a classic piece of fine jewelry that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Find this look here: 14K Rose Gold Round-Cut Diamond Pendant with 6-Prong Basket Setting

14K Rose Gold Round-Cut Brown Diamond Pendant with Halo Setting


We couldn’t imagine a more beautiful combination than the one showcased on this jaw-dropping necklace. The brown diamond center-stone is highlighted with twelve enchanting accent diamonds in the halo setting. The 14K rose gold metal flawlessly complements the brown diamond, creating a color scheme that oozes with luxury and sophistication. In the end, we can’t resist this one-of-a-kind pendant that’s fit for a queen.

Find this look here: 14K Rose Gold Round-Cut Brown Diamond Pendant with Halo Setting

14K Rose Gold Round Diamond Solitaire Ring with Bezel Setting


This next ring can be aptly described using three words: simple, modern, and chic. The timeless design of the ring is simple and sleek, perfect for everyday wear and for special occasions. The bezel setting provides a more modern look that is perfect for a 21st-century woman that possesses never-ending style and grace. Lastly, the 14K rose gold finish is an ultra-chic accent that beautifully brings this magnificent ring together.

Find this look here: 14K Rose Gold Round Diamond Solitaire with Bezel Setting

14K Rose Gold Round Diamond Stud Earrings with Bezel Setting


What can possibly be better than the gorgeous rose gold ring we just previewed above? Matching rose gold diamond stud earrings to go along with it. These 14K rose gold diamond studs are absolutely delightful and boast a simple aesthetic that will leave you wanting to wear these earrings over and over again. The rose gold finish adds just the perfect touch of flair to this classic pair of earrings, creating a fresh and fun look that will take any of your outfits to the next level.

Find this look here: 14K Rose Gold Round Diamond Stud Earrings with Bezel Setting

14K Rose Gold 4-Prong Basket Round Ruby Gemstone Stud Earrings


Although you can never go wrong with diamonds, there is something truly unique and captivating about gemstones that make them special in their own regard. The rose gold metal paired with the vibrant red hue of a ruby in this set of earrings creates an unforgettable look that is fit for a special occasion. The 4-prong basket setting is a classic setting that allows the ruby to illuminate from all angles, a perfect option for the large ruby stones (with a total weight of 1.25 carats) that are featured on these ruby studs. For a set of earrings that will go flawlessly with your favorite red dress, these ruby earrings are the perfect option.

Find this look here: 14K Rose Gold 4-Prong Basket Round Ruby Gemstone Stud Earrings

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