Get the 2018 Oscars Red Carpet Look

2018 was a stand out year for the Oscars, from the #metoo moments to the bright and shimmering fashion. This year’s fashion showcased some refreshing new trends. Gone are the intricate illusion-style dresses that were so popular a few years ago. In their place, we saw some lovely minimalist gowns that added bright pops of color to the carpet, alongside classic black, white, and nude dresses that harkened back to old Hollywood glamour in a modern way. This year, stars also turned to more classic jewelry pieces to complement their chic gowns, which added even more glamour and elegance to this year’s red carpet.

Our Favorite 2018 Oscar Jewelry: Get the Look

Gal Gadot’s Diamond Studs

Gal Gadot stunned at the Oscars in her absolutely incredible Givenchy gown. Her gown was complemented by a statement aquamarine necklace and a simple pair of classic white diamond studs. The studs on Gadot were a perfect choice, as they echoed the beauty of her shimmering gown without pulling too much attention. Using simple diamond studs here, along with having her hair pulled back in a sleek chignon, kept her look from becoming gaudy; instead, she looked incredibly chic.

Get The Look: Capture the elegance of Gadot’s Oscar look with these chic round white diamond studs.

Viola Davis’s Dazzling Hoops

HOLLYWOOD, CA – MARCH 04: Viola Davis wearing Michael Kors attends the 90th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on March 4, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Acclaimed actress Viola Davis stood out from the crowd in her beautiful, Barbie pink Michael Kors gown. The gown, with its fitted silhouette and iconic pink hue, was both fun and glamorous, and her matching pink clutch added a pleasing cohesion to the look. To add an extra wow factor to her ensemble, Viola accessorized with an array of white diamond jewelry. Our favorite of her diamond pieces was her pair of oversized white diamond hoops which, when paired with her beautiful big hairdo, added a delightful retro vibe to her ensemble.

Get The Look: Try these dazzling large diamond hoops to add a dash of glamour to any look.

Allison Williams’ Chandelier Earrings

HOLLYWOOD, CA – MARCH 04: Allison Williams attends the 90th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center on March 4, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

Allison Williams was a stand out at this year’s award show. Everything about her look, from her softly waved hair to her incredibly elegant beaded Armani Prive gown, made her look like she could have stepped out of an old Hollywood film. Williams chose jewelry that echoed her beauty of the gown without overpowering it, wearing only a simple diamond tennis bracelet and an elegant pair of dangling diamond chandelier earrings. The chandelier earrings were the perfect choice for this look, as their dangling shape added even more sparkle to this ensemble while drawing attention to her face.

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Get Kate Middleton’s BAFTA 2018 Emerald Jewels

Kate Middleton wearing a matching set of emerald and diamond jewelry at the 2018 BAFTAs. (photo courtesy of Hello Magazine)

Kate Middleton stunned at the 2018 BAFTAs when she paired her forest green Jenny Packham gown with a set of matching diamond and emerald jewelry. The royal wore a jaw-dropping diamond and emerald choker, an elegant diamond and emerald bracelet, and an incredible pair or emerald and diamond studs. But many eagle-eyed jewelry lovers were quick to point out that the Duchess had been seen wearing the emerald studs once before, but in a very different way.

Kate Middleton wearing her convertible emerald and diamond earrings in their drop setting. (photo courtesy of Hello Magazine)

In 2014, Kate wore these same emerald earrings on a dangling, dropped diamond setting. These exquisite jewels appear to be convertible and are able to be worn as a drop earring or as studs.

Get the look: these emerald earrings, halo set in a ring of white diamonds, are an elegant and glamorous way to echo Kate’s BAFTA style.

The versatility of these emerald beauties makes them even more special, as they’re able to adapt to the style needs of the Duchess.

This emerald necklace is a favorite of Queen Elizabeth. (photo courtesy of Hearst Apps)

Loving emeralds appears to run in the royal family. The Queen is also a big fan of the richly green gems and has quite a collection of incredible emerald jewelry.

The forever stylish Princess Diana wears an emerald choker in two ways. (photo courtesy of Big commerce)

Prince William’s late mother Princess Diana was also an emerald lover and often wore the glamorous gems.

A closer look at Kate’s convertible emerald and diamond earrings in their stud setting. (photo courtesy of Hello Magazine)

Kate looked elegant as always as she accompanied Prince William, the President of BAFTA, to the awards ceremony. The Duchess, who is expecting her third child in April, has shown she has impeccable taste and is always one to watch. We can’t wait to see what Kate will wear to her next gala— and, of course, which jewels she’ll choose to accessorize her next ensemble.

Get the look: These dangling emerald and diamond earrings are a chic and feminine wear to wear the emerald trend.


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Guidelines for Choosing Quality Diamond Studs

Diamond studs are an incredibly versatile jewelry staple. They pair perfectly with almost every outfit— plus, their design can be customized to suit your exact tastes. You can choose your ideal metal, setting, diamond shape, and diamond quality for your studs. But when there are so many variables when shopping for diamond studs, how can you be sure you’re buying the pair that’s right for you? Read on to see our guidelines for selecting quality diamond studs! 

1. Mind the 4Cs

The four Cs are important to consider when buying any diamond, and the diamonds in your diamond studs are no exception. If you don’t already know, the four Cs are four different qualities that define a diamond: diamond carat, diamond cut, diamond clarity, and diamond color.

Carat, perhaps the most well known of the four Cs, is a measurement of how much a diamond weighs (and is also a reasonably good indicator of size). Cut is a measurement of how well a diamond was cut, clarity is how clear (meaning free of inclusions and blemishes) a diamond is, and color defines how white a diamond is.

When considering how well diamonds in a pair of diamond studs stack up according to the four Cs, it’s important to know how important each quality is to you. Do you want the whitest diamond you can get? Or do you want the largest diamond you can get? You can choose which aspects of your diamonds are the most important to you, then shop with that in mind.

2.  Only Buy Certified Diamonds

This step is extremely important when shopping for diamond studs: you should only buy diamonds that are GIA or AGSL certified. If the diamonds you buy aren’t certified, there’s no way of ensuring you know the quality you’re buying. To avoid overpaying for subpar diamonds, it’s best to never buy uncertified diamonds.

3.  Consider A Pop of Color

While white diamonds are certainly the most classic choice for a pair of diamond studs, diamonds come in many different color options. If you are shopping for someone who loves to wear color (or if you’re shopping for yourself and you love color), consider choosing blue or yellow diamonds for your studs. You can also choose different neutral colors for your diamonds; brown and black diamonds are sophisticated alternatives to white diamonds.

4.  Choose Your Metal

Selecting the right metal for your diamond studs is important both stylistically and practically. On the practical side of things, you should remember that gold is softer than platinum, and is more likely to get scuffed. And the higher the karat of gold, the softer it is. So if you’re shopping for someone who’s very active (or maybe someone who just doesn’t want to be super careful with their jewelry), platinum or a lower karat gold might be a better choice for them.

Style-wise, certain people simply prefer certain metal colors over others. If you’re shopping for yourself, you likely know which metal colors appeal to you most. But if you’re shopping for someone else, make sure to consider which color of jewelry they might like best.

5.  Pick A Setting You’ll Love

Diamond studs can be set in a few different ways. They can be prong set, which allows the side of the diamond to be seen. Or they can be bezel set, which shows very little of a diamond’s sides but has the advantage of being exceptionally secure. You can also choose to get a halo setting, which adds major sparkle to a pair of studs. Think about which setting appeals to you most (or would appeal to whoever you’re shopping for) before you buy.

6.  Keep It Secure

The last step to choosing your perfect diamond studs? Make sure you pick the right backing style for you. Earring backings are what keep diamond studs securely in place on your ear, and there are a few different kinds. Push backs are the standard earring backing, screw backs are a more secure backing that screws into place, and secure lock backs are the most secure backing that locks into place. Consider which backing would best suit you (or the lucky person you’re shopping for), then choose the backing that you think would work best.

Those are our six guidelines for buying quality diamond studs! Ready to buy your perfect pair? Check out our diamond stud builder to design your ideal diamond studs.