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Many people always question whether the diamond they just purchased is real or not. After spending so much money, it’s almost impossible to not be a little apprehensive about how authentic the diamond is. Whether the diamond comes with a GIA certificate or not, there are several ways to test the diamond to see if it is authentic.

Use a Loupe Magnifying Glass

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A loupe is a 10x magnifying glass that jeweler’s use to see inclusions in gemstones. All diamonds have inclusions and internal quirks. One determining factor between a fake diamond and an authentic diamond is that most fake diamonds are created to look flawless.  Use a loupe to check for inclusions.

Take a Fog Test 

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This test does not refer to taking your diamond out on a foggy day, but rather creating a “fog” around the stone by blowing on it. Real diamonds do not retain heat well, but fake diamonds will get foggy just like a phone screen.

UV Light Test   

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The majority of  real diamonds will emit a blue glow under ultraviolet lights such as black light. Fake diamonds, on the other hand, will glow other colors or not at all. It’s worth a try!

Drop it in Water 

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Loose diamonds are dense so they should sink to the bottom when dropped in a glass of water. False diamonds will float or not sink as quickly because they are less dense.

The Weight Test 

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CZ’s are much heavier than diamonds. This gets difficult to measure when the stone is in a ring setting, of course, but experts can identify weight discrepancies. Take your diamond to an expert if you’re not sure how to weigh it.