Carrying a baby for nine months is ultimately very rewarding– but it’s also a lot of hard work. That’s where push presents come in. A push present is a gift that’s given to a new mother to show appreciation for the monumental effort she’s put in throughout her pregnancy and delivery. This gift, typically given by the new father or the new mom’s family, is also meant to celebrate and commemorate the new baby’s arrival into the world. 

While any type of gift can be a push gift, the most traditional type of push gift is a beautiful new piece of fine jewelry. Fine jewelry is an enduringly popular push present choice because it’s special and meaningful, and because it can be enjoyed for a lifetime. A dazzling new piece of jewelry is something that will make a new mom feel special now, then will also serve as a lovely reminder of a cherished memory for decades to come. 

Wondering which new piece of jewelry you should give the new mom in your life? We’re here to help! Below, we’re going over 7 sparkling push presents that any new mom will adore. Each of the pieces we’re featuring here in our push gift guide has a chic style that will stand the test of time, so you can give a lasting gift she’ll treasure wearing year after year. 

1. Diamond Pendant Necklace 

A yellow gold solitaire diamond pendant necklace featuring a 1 carat round cut diamond. 

A diamond pendant necklace is gorgeous, timeless, versatile, and highly wearable, making it an excellent addition to any new mom’s jewelry box. Whether she’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt, work attire, or a black tie ensemble, she’ll be able to elevate her look with this classic accessory. 

Diamond pendants come in a wide variety of styles, so you have many options to choose from if you select a diamond pendant for her push gift. If you’re unsure which style to go with, a classic round brilliant diamond solitaire pendant (as seen pictured above) is always a smart choice, since this is the most classic option. 

2. Diamond Ring 

A classic solitaire ring featuring a round center diamond and a six prong setting. 

A diamond ring is a push gift that will take her breath away. If you’re considering gifting a diamond ring as her push present, there are a few different routes you can take when choosing between rings. You could give her an upgraded engagement ring or give her a diamond ring that’s meant to be a fabulous accessory. Or, if you’re not married yet and you’ve been planning on proposing, you can take this opportunity to get down on one knee and present her with a diamond engagement ring– which is sure to be a gift she’ll never forget. 

3. Diamond Stud Earrings 

A pair of diamond stud earrings featuring emerald cut diamonds and white gold 4-prong settings.  

Diamond stud earrings are arguably the most highly desired type of fine jewelry. So, if the new mom in your life doesn’t yet own a pair of diamond studs, she’ll be thrilled to receive a pair as her push present. 

While diamond stud earrings are a wonderful gift idea for virtually any occasion, it’s worth noting that they’re a particularly good gift idea for a new mom. Diamond studs are beautiful, durable, and easy-to-wear– and they’re also very hard for a little one to grab onto. Stud earrings are something a new mom can wear without worrying that her jewelry will be pulled or yanked, which means she can enjoy wearing her studs with confidence, day in and day out. 

4. Gemstone Stud Earrings 

Blue sapphire and ruby stud earrings in four prong basket settings crafted from white gold. 

Gemstone stud earrings are gorgeous and classic. They also offer an opportunity to add lovely sentiment to your push present gift. When selecting a pair of gemstone studs, you can personalize them by choosing the newborn baby’s birthstone or the new mom’s birthstone. You can also choose gemstones that have a sentiment you connect with or would like to express. Every gemstone comes with its own unique meaning. For example, blue sapphires are a symbol of  kindness, faith, and protection, and rubies represent love, energy, and passion. Gifting gemstones that symbolize something personal to you can make your push present all the more special and memorable. 

5. Diamond Hoops 

White gold, inside out hoops featuring 1.50 ctw round cut diamonds. 

If you’re shopping for a new mom that loves a bit of glamour, diamond hoops are a fantastic push gift idea. With their serious shimmer and style, a pair of diamond hoop earrings can elevate simple looks and make upscale attire even more eye-catching. 

When shopping for a pair of diamond hoops to give as a push present, you’ll want to consider which size would be best for her personal style and lifestyle. Petite diamond hoops, also called huggie hoops, are a great option for everyday wear with casual or work outfits. Large or oversized diamond hoops are best for upscale attire or for those who like to be bold with their day-to-day looks. Then, medium-sized diamond hoops, like the pair pictured above, are a good middle-ground option that can work with more casual and more upscale outfits. 

6. Fashion Stud Earrings 

Her Collection bar stud earrings featuring lines of pave diamonds. 

If the new mom you’re shopping for loves to stay up on trends, go for a pair of fashion stud earrings for her push present. A fashionable pair of stud earrings will help her add detail and style to her looks with ease. If you think the mom you’re shopping for would love a more trendy piece, browse our Her Collection. Our Her Collection features luxe, modern fashion jewelry in a wide range of styles, so you can pick out a dazzling keepsake that’s perfect for her tastes. 

7. Black Diamond Studs 

Round cut black diamond studs featuring a four prong white gold setting. 

Black diamond studs are a great gift idea if you’re shopping for a mom who has a bold sense of style. Black diamonds are unique, mysterious, and striking, so they’re the perfect choice for a woman who likes to stand out from the crowd. 

When selecting a pair of black diamond studs to gift, you can go with a classic style, such as the round cut studs pictured above. Or, you can give your gift a glamorous edge by choosing a pair of studs that features both black diamonds and white diamonds. 


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