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*Orders must be received by Noon (12pm) EST on Friday, June 15, 2018 to deliver by Saturday June 16, 2018.
 Guaranteed Delivery applies only to orders shipped within the United States except Hawaii, Alaska and US Protectorates (unless otherwise stated below) that meet the minimum purcahse price threshold requirement(s) of an order totaling meeting $499+ USD or more before applicable taxes and fees. Not valid on International orders. Items will require an adult signature upon delivery. Our delivery guarantee EXCLUDES: (i) delays due to customer error (EX:i different billing and shipping address, innacurate or insuficeint delivery addresss') or failure to respond in a timely manner to communications, (ii) shipment delays caused by third party shipping companies (EX. FedEx, UPS, etc.), and (iii) locations to where an expedited shipping option is not available. We reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason.