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Choose your diamond shape, size and setting to create your unique diamond stud earrings. Design your unique jewelry gift today!

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Create your dream diamond necklace, solitaire engagement ring, or pair of diamond stud earrings by designing your own diamond jewelry.

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Explore our exquisite hoop earrings, climbers and fashion earrings to find your perfect pair.

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Select your diamond shape and start creating your perfect pair of diamond stud earrings.

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Browse our stunning selection of diamond earrings, which features women’s and men’s earrings in a variety of styles. Shop by style category to discover beautiful solitaire studs, halo diamond studs, diamond hoop earrings, black diamond earrings, fancy colored diamond earrings, and more. Or, shop by precious metal type to find your new favorite pair of white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold earrings.




Shopping for diamond jewelry is an overwhelming experience and a true personification of one’s emotions.

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Our diamond stud earrings are designed, handcrafted and assembled all in the USA.

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We know there are many choices when shopping for online jewelry, that's why we want to guide you in the shopping experience as your 'go-to' diamond consultants. Whether shopping for a timeless jewelry accessory to add a touch of elegance to any outfit or for just a bit of added luxury and style, our vast collection of fashion earrings and fine jewelry will surely have something that makes you sparkle.

Shop with confidence knowing your purchase will always be guaranteed for its quality selection, production method, and then backed by the included return policy and lifetime upgrades. All our earrings are hand-selected, meticulously matched and then crafted with quality metals and high industry standards.

Choosing to shop with us means your purchase maintains its original paid value - you are never stuck with something you don't love - even if that's a few years from now. We believe your jewelry is simply an expression of your inner sparkle - showcasing your shine outwardly with every selection.


Visit our guide to learn all the fascinating facts about lab diamonds and why we think they are a savvy option for your diamond jewelry by visiting our lab diamond guide here.

Diamond color and diamond quality are two ranges that affect the cost of each individual diamond. Knowing what each rating means will help guide you to the perfect quality suited for your style and maximize your budget. Learn more about qualities by visiting our 4-C's Diamond Guide here.

The online shopping experience shouldn’t be confusing. Along with our simple 1-2-3 guided earring builder, we have created a simple guide to help ensure your selecting the ideal pair of earrings suited to your style and budget. Learn more about buying the best studs online here.

Yes - Our selection of black diamonds are natural diamonds that receive a common heat treatment to enhance the intense color. Shop here for black diamonds.

Check our Diamond Size Guide to visualize what a certain carat total weight pair of studs will look like when being worn. This guide also breaks down the shared weight of the two diamonds in a solitaire pair.

Yes. Visit our 30-Day returns and exchange, money back guarantee, policy for more information. Return shipping is free within the US.

It is important to consider the setting type and metal used for the earrings, simply over just the cost. Our most common precious metal selections include 14K gold and platinum. For any allergies to metal or for a hypoallergenic selection, it's always a good idea to consider 18KT Gold or Platinum as your metal selection. Platinum not only has a high white shine but will also be of the highest purity content of all the precious metal options and have minimal alloys present.

Consider the metal color selected, as this will also affect the overall look of the earrings, as yellow gold settings may add a bit of color tone to the diamonds, while classic white gold will have a high shine and make the diamonds appear brighter, adding a little extra oomph.

The classic 4-prong settings are the most popular setting selection, allowing more light to enter the diamond and refract off. The bold bezel setting is popular for adding a little more volume to the earrings and being a highly secure option with more style. For more details visit our Earrings Setting Types Guide to understand the unique benefits of each setting type.

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