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Free Gift Lab grown Diamond Necklace with purchase*


Shop a unique selection of diamond stud earrings for women and men, diamond hoop earrings and gemstone earrings. Our selection of fine earrings has something stunning for every occasion.


So you can customize the ideal pair of diamond studs to your selected shape, setting, and ideal diamonds that fit your budget. Our goal is to empower you as the expert in this process by offering this custom step-by-step shopping experience that is easy to follow.

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Add a pop of color to your everyday style with
genuine gemstone and diamond earrings.

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Select The Perfect Diamond Shape
Select The PerfectDiamond Shape

Knowing your perfect diamond shape will affect
the light and sparkle while making a statement.


Whether shopping for fine luxury earrings for special occasions or searching for that everyday wear sparkling pair of diamond stud earrings, shop with confidence with our step-by-step shopping guide, designed to provide you peace of mind and assurance in your purchase. When you choose our diamond earrings, you can be confident in the quality, craftsmanship and authenticity are guaranteed and backed by our 30-Day Free Returns* and Exchanges and Lifetime Upgrades. All our diamond earrings are made with genuine gemstones and diamonds and are noted for their origin, then set in only high-quality metals. Each pair of earrings comes with a certificate of authenticity and certification as described in the title and product description.

Earring FAQs
Yes, start by selecting your diamond cut shape and then your setting style and metal type, carat weight and finally your ideal quality to create your perfect pair of customized diamond studs. For additional customizations please reach out to our customer service to accommodate additional special requests.
Our diamond earrings are always crafted of high quality precious metals including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. The most common purity selection is 14KT gold for its durability and affordability. 18KT gold is selected for its more hypo-allergenic qualities, having a higher purity content. It’s important to note that whichever metal option you choose for your earrings, the entire setting, posts and backings will all be crafted of the precious metal selected.
Diamond earring size is measured by the total carat weight. The right carat weight can be more of a selection of personal style, comfort, the occasion for wear and budget. You can view our diamond stud earring size guide to get an idea of how big will the stud earrings look and discover the right size earrings to fit your budget and style.
Between professional cleanings, we recommend using the soap and water method because it’s simple, effective, and gentle. Gentle is the key word here. To use this method, first soak your earrings in a dish of mild soap and warm water solution for 20 to 30 minutes. Then, gently brush the stud earrings with a soft toothbrush. Finally, rinse your earrings - away from a sink- and either pat it dry with a soft cloth or let it air dry. If you think your diamonds still aren't sparkling, simply repeat this process.
It’s important to note that avoiding highly abrasive chemicals like bleach, house-hold cleaners and sprays, and even most hand-sanitizers is necessary - These chemicals can ultimately damage and loosen your precious metal earring settings. Wearing away the gold or platinum metal overtime and causing chemical damage to the gold settings.. Consider removing diamond earrings before engaging in activities that may expose them to chemicals or damage, like going into hot tubs and chlorine pools.
Avoid sleeping in your diamond earrings and jewelry. The most damage can be caused during sleep due to movements and a high level of oil production on our skin during nightly wear.
The ideal quality grade for diamond earrings depends mainly on personal preferences and budget. However, there are certain diamond grades that are commonly preferred for diamond earrings due to their overall sparkle appearance and value combined.
The term Clarity refers to the presence of natural, internal inclusions in a diamond. For stud earrings, diamonds with clarity grades of SI meaning slightly included 1 or Slightly included 2 are most often selected. These diamonds generally have imperfections that are not visible to the naked eye and offer a good balance between quality appearance and value without impacting sparkle and brilliance. Learn more about diamond 4C’s and quality grades here.
Hypoallergenic earrings are a selection of the metal option of earrings that are chosen for their high purity content and minimal alloys that reduce the risk of an allergic reaction for people with sensitive ears. Selecting 18 Karat “18kt” in white or yellow gold will have a higher purity content than selecting 14KT Gold. Platinum is the highest purity metal with minimal alloys. Platinum is also considered the most hypoallergenic precious metal choice for sensitive ears.
Diamond stud earrings are probably the most versatile accessory you can own. Unlike hoop or other dangling earrings, stud earrings offer a classic style that lets the diamonds do the talking.
Whether dressed up or down, diamond studs are the perfect way to complement your style and add luxury to your look. When shopping for diamond stud earrings online, it's important to keep your style, budget, and wardrobe in mind to help you find the most complementary pair. Check our guide on How to Buy the best Diamond Stud Earrings Online and get a few unique tips from the experts.
When choosing the best earring setting type for your diamond stud earrings, there are a few factors to consider. The setting style not only affects the overall style but also impacts light refraction and security of the earrings. The classic 4-prong basket setting is the most popular earring setting type known for its security and high sparkle refraction. For other types of earring settings and to discover the ideal setting type for your diamond studs, visit our Setting Type Guide here.
Choosing your ideal backing type depends on your preferred earring style, lifestyle, and ultimately how your earrings will be worn. Among the most popular earring back selections are two main types - PUSH BACKS Also known as the friction back, is the most popular recommendation for secure & multi-function wear. SCREW BACKS are considered a secure option and recommended for larger diamond earrings or earrings with more weight. Though, its important to note, these earring backings require daily re-tightening during wear because they secure and twist onto a threaded style earring post.

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