Summer style is all about having fun and being carefree, making it the perfect season to play around with styling your jewelry. Whether you want to try wearing your trusty jewelry staples in new ways or pick up some beautiful new jewelry pieces to accessorize with, summer is simply the perfect time to experiment with your style. Ready to get inspired to play around with your summer looks? Read on to learn the six top jewelry staples that always look stylish with summer fashions. 


Gemstone jewelry is a classic option that will add a summery pop of color to your style. A thoughtfully chosen gemstone piece can elevate the look of a neutral-toned summer outfit or make a colorful summer outfit even more eye-catching. 

If you don’t have much gemstone jewelry in your jewelry box and you’re thinking of picking up a piece, we’d recommend going with a beautiful pair of gemstone studs. A colorful pair of gemstone stud earrings is gorgeous and striking, yet still very wearable, providing you with a versatile way to enhance your style this summer season. 

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Fancy Oval Shapes 

Fancy shaped diamond jewelry is another timeless choice that’s perfect for summer. Fancy shaped diamonds are beautiful and brilliant, while also being a bit more fun and unique than round diamonds. So, fancy shaped diamonds are classic and also a great way to add a personalized touch to your look. 

When it comes to fancy shaped diamonds you have many shapes to choose from. You could go with romantic cushion cut diamonds, modern princess cut diamonds, ultra unique marquise cut diamonds, or glamorous emerald cut diamonds. Or, you could go with the most on-trend diamond shape for 2020: oval shaped diamonds. Oval diamonds are popular for their elegant, yet stand-out look and also for their size advantage. Due to their elongated shape, oval diamonds have more of their mass on their table (their top), which makes them look bigger per carat than most other diamond shapes. 

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Hoop Earrings 

Hoop earrings are a summer style classic that can add a chic and playful element to any summer look. In addition to being classic, hoop earrings are quite versatile. Smaller hoop earrings are excellent for complementing upscale looks or adding something special to more casual attire. Then, larger hoops are perfect for when you want to go bold, stand out, and have a little more fun with your fashion. 

Hoop earrings come in a wide array of styles, but if you’re searching for the perfect hoop design for summer, we’d suggest selecting a pair of yellow gold hoops set with diamonds. Yellow gold adds a warm, sunshiney touch to a pair of hoops, while diamonds add classic brilliance that will enhance the vibrancy of all of your summer outfits. 

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Rose Gold Jewelry 

Rose gold is highly romantic. This beautiful precious metal, which gets its color from yellow gold and copper, boasts a subtle rosy-gold hue that’s reminiscent of the glow of a summer sunset. With its lovely, warm look, rose gold has the perfect vibe for a carefree summer day or a hot summer night. 

If you’re searching for a beautiful piece of rose gold jewelry to rock this summer, your options are virtually endless. Rose gold looks beautiful on its own, then also looks perfect with white diamonds, black diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and more. The balanced warmth of rose gold looks absolutely lovely with everything, so you have no shortage of stunning rose gold jewelry designs to sport this summer. 

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Fun Fashion Jewelry 

Summer is one of the best times to experiment with your style. It’s a season of color, fun, and travel, making it an ideal time to play around with fashion jewelry. When it comes to fashion jewelry, you can go bold and chunky, opting for a statement necklace, a beaded bracelet, or an oversized pair of drop earrings. You could also go with more delicate fashion jewelry that’s still on trend, like a gold choker necklace, an anklet, or freshwater pearl stud earrings. 

If you’re thinking of experimenting with fashion jewelry this summer, be sure to check out our Her Collection. Our Her Collection is a luxe line of fashion jewelry featuring on-trend, finely made modern jewelry. Browse the collection to discover an array of stunning styles and find your new favorite piece of summer jewelry. 

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Classic Yellow Gold Studs 

Yellow gold is arguably the best precious metal to wear in the summer. The warm glow of yellow gold is an ideal complement to days spent in the summer sunshine. 

There are so many types of yellow gold jewelry that will enhance your summer look, but one of our favorites has to be a classic pair of yellow gold studs. Yellow gold studs are timelessly beautiful and endlessly wearable. Yellow gold studs look perfect with beach looks, night out looks, black tie looks, casual day looks, work looks– they’re the perfect choice no matter what you’re dressing for. 

Within the yellow gold stud category, you have plenty of options, since you can choose any gemstone for your center stone. Diamonds look classic and elegant when paired with yellow gold, while colorful gemstones look exquisitely rich within a yellow gold backdrop. Not sure which gemstone pairing would be right for you? Click the link below, browse all of our yellow gold stud earrings, and find your perfect match. 

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