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It’s no surprise that December is the most popular month to get engaged. With the New Year close by, couples are taking their relationships to the next step. It’s the season for love, laughter, presents, and family. What better month is there to get engaged than December? Check out the list of the best proposal ideas below if you’re thinking about taking the next step.

1) Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…or puppies.

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Who doesn’t love puppies? Whether you have one or are thinking about getting one, a puppy is the best way to propose. Surprise your partner with a puppy that has a nametag asking, “Will you marry me?” for Christmas. Casually tell her to check his collar because you came up with the best name. You can tie the ring to a bow around his neck or have it ready close by to get down on one knee. You can do the same with the dog that you already have. Either way, it will leave her in tears!


2) Decorating the Tree

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Decorating the tree is a fun activity we do with friends, family, and loved ones. Have the tree up ready to go with the ring tied to a bow on one of the branches, or purchase a clear ornament and drop the ring in it. While decorating, hand her that specific ornament and wait for her reaction. She will never forget this Christmas!

3) With Friends & Family

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 12.43.59 PMIf you guys love being around people, propose in front of the ones who are the closest to your hearts. During holiday dinner, make a toast and dedicate a part of it to your sweetie. Make sure the others know so they are ready to record and snap some pictures of this memorable moment. Get down on one knee and ask her the question she has been waiting for!

4) While Opening Gifts On Christmas Morning

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We all look forward to Christmas morning, no matter how old we are. Along with the other presents under the tree, put the ring in a big box, wrap it, and place it under the tree. While opening gifts, tell her to open the biggest one last. When she does, she will be in tears from happiness!

5) Ask Santa For Help

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Tell your sweetie that you have planned for the two of you to take a picture with Santa this year because you want to send out the picture to family and friends for the holidays. Have Santa ask her what she wants for Christmas and when she does, tell him to ask, “You know what is even better than that?” That’s when you pop in and propose.

6) While Picking a Tree

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Go to the tree lot where you will be picking your tree to decorate it before you take your sweetie there. With small ornaments, you can spell out “Will you marry me?” on the tree. When you arrive there, tell her you just spotted the tree and take her to see it. Once she’s in shock, get down on one knee.