Will these round diamond studs shrink?

Do diamonds shrink over time? The short answer is no, but many people think that they do.

The phenomenon of thinking your diamonds are shrinking is often referred to as Shrinking Diamond Syndrome (or sometimes Diamond Shrinkage Syndrome). Chemically and physically, diamonds do not shrink. But the owner of a diamond can get used to seeing that diamond over time and their perception of how big it looks can change.

Another thing that can make a diamond seemingly “shrink” is dirt or grime. Diamonds naturally get dirty over time, which reduces the sparkle of the diamond. That reduction in sparkle can make a diamond seemingly shrink, as it will have a far less visual presence.

How To Cure Shrinking Diamond Syndrome

So, what can you do if you have Shrinking Diamond Syndrome? Well, first, if your diamond hasn’t been cleaned recently, you should get it cleaned. If you purchased your diamond through Diamond Studs, we offer free lifetime cleanings. You can also clean your jewelry at home with a soft toothbrush, soap, and water.

Another thing you can do to try to cure SDS is to take a break from wearing (and looking at) your diamond. Put your jewelry in a safe place for a week or two, then try wearing it again and see how you feel.

The Ultimate Shrinking Diamond Syndrome Cure

If cleaning and taking a break from your jewelry doesn’t cure your Shrinking Diamond Syndrome, you can always try the ultimate cure: upgrading your diamond. At Diamond Studs, we have a lifetime upgrade policy that makes upgrading your diamonds simple. As long as your diamonds are unmodified and in their original condition, you can receive a 100% credit in the amount you originally paid that you then can put toward any other Diamond Studs jewelry item of greater value.

Are these 2 ct tw oval diamond studs the right size for you?

So, if your 1-carat diamond studs are starting to seem too small for you, you can easily return them to us and upgrade your size for only the price difference! Our lifetime upgrade policy is a part of our commitment to making sure our customers are totally satisfied with their Diamond Studs jewelry. We understand that Shrinking Diamond Syndrome is a very real issue for many women. But when you shop at Diamond Studs, you never need to worry about SDS— your cure is just an upgrade away.