Prepping for a job interview can be a nerve-racking experience. You never know what to expect when you step into a workplace for the first time, making it hard to know how you are supposed to look and act. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of three easy tips to follow that will set you apart from other candidates. Follow these suggestions so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff on the big day of your interview. You can rest assured, knowing that you look classy and qualified for any position.

Tip Number One: Do your research and dress the part. This tip may seem straightforward, but you would be surprised at how effective it can be. If you dress appropriate for the position you are applying for, it is easier for the employer to envision you filling the job, putting you one step closer to your dream. Take a look around the workplace before you go in for your interview, and note what others are wearing. Is the office vibe casual and laidback, or is it more formal?

Do women wear heels or flats to work? Knowing the answers to these questions will not only help you to select the perfect outfit for your interview, but it will also provide you with invaluable insight into what the atmosphere of the workplace is. Being aware of the status quo will help you tailor your interview answers to the business, showing that you are a good fit with the company and are ready to be a team player.

Tip Number Two: When in doubt, dress up. If you are applying for a position that does not require formal work attire, it is always a good idea to keep it classy for an interview. Dressing up shows the hiring manager that you care about the opportunity and take the job seriously. When a candidate comes into an interview dressed sloppily, it conveys feelings of apathy. This first impression will stay with the hiring manager as they are making the final decision, and could negatively affect your chances of being hired. Black slacks and a colorful, button up blouse is always a good choice for interviews, because it can be stylish and fun, but still professional. Incorporate statement jewelry to make yourself standout from other applicants. Stud earrings or a necklace will draw attention to your face, leaving a lasting impact.

Tip Number Three: Take the time to prep. Having your outfit laid out the night before will allow you to be stress free the day of the interview. Planning your clothing and jewelry is a good way to mentally prepare, putting you on the track to success. When you do not have to worry about what you are wearing, your mind will be at ease, enabling you to be yourself. The interviewer will see your personality shine through, and be impressed by your professionalism.

The next time you find yourself going in for a job interview, simply remember these three easy steps and you are sure to be a smashing success! Research the vibe of the office, dress professionally and incorporate sparkling jewelry into your look to be a standout candidate that is unforgettable. Plan your outfit the night before, for a stress-free interview day, allowing you to enter the interview in a collected and poised fashion that will showcase your professionalism.