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There are three distinctive styles of earrings to choose from, including studs, hoops and drops. 

Studs: This style is traditionally simple and small in size. These defining features make them easy to wear and a favorite in jewelry wardrobes. They look amazing paired with a formal evening gown, or your favorite pair of jeans, making them the most versatile type of earrings. You’ll find a wide variety of looks and gemstones to choose from in this category, each with a unique flair. Because studs are the most common type of earrings, there are actually several categories, diamond studs, gemstone studs and metal stubs or knots.

Diamonds are often found in stud earrings, because they look beautiful showcased without distractions. The simplicity of the stud setting highlights their intrinsic beauty, letting their fire dance and draw attention to the face. Choosing a excellent cut grade will result in maximum sparkle, adding to the brilliance. When buying a pair of diamond stud earrings, ask for the diamond certification to ensure the quality of your jewelry.

Gemstone studs, like diamond studs, showcase the glitzy gem in a timeless fashion. You’ll love the way the stone looks solitary.

Metal studs and knots are an extremely popular type of stud earring because they are less expensive and more casual. Women everywhere love having a pair of metal studs that they can pair with every outfit in their wardrobe and look fabulous. When selecting metal studs, choose a metal that compliments your skin tone.

Hoops: For a look that is ultra-feminine, hoops add the perfect finishing touch. The circular shape elongates the neck, exuding grace and elegance. Gold, silver and platinum are popular precious metals and are often adorned with sparkling gemstones to create a stunning effect.

Drops: A hanging stone sways in a mesmerizing fashion from the setting, creating a high-drama, glamorous look. Drop earrings are unexpected and luxurious, perfect for a high-profile style. This look comes in a wide variety of settings and vary in length and material. 


Our stud earrings are offered in a range of prong settings that are designed to provide a pleasing showcase for the diamond, while keeping it secure in the earring.

3-prong martini settings will give your diamond earrings the best fit. Diamonds sit lower on the ear in this setting. They also have a more elegant appearance since there is less metal obstructing the top and sides of the stone. Round brilliant diamonds are recommended for the 3-prong martini setting.

Our 4-prong basket settings have a lower center of gravity, which pulls the diamond towards the earlobe. 4-prong basket settings sit flat against the ear and are recommended for emerald, princess and round shaped diamonds.

Bezel settings are noted for their distinctive appearance, which features the diamond set within a groove then encircled by a metal band. The diamond is most secure in this setting since it is less likely to fall out, and protected from being scratched or broken.  The bezel setting provides a striking showcase for the stone and is recommended for round diamonds.

V-prong settings are affixed with a metal V-end on the prong. This setting is ideal for radiant cut diamonds, as it provides the ideal protection for the corners of the stone. All of our stud earrings are offered in a choice of 14K white or yellow gold.


Earrings should have a secure backing that is designed with the comfort of the wearer in mind. Our stud earrings are offered with a choice of push back or screw back posts.  

Push back earrings are the most commonly used and are suitable for all types of stud earrings. They feature a small metal post with a miniscule hole that the earring is pushed into. The earring is secured by butterfly-shaped backing that rests closely against the earlobe. Push back earrings come in handy when you are in a rush, since they can be placed on the ear or removed very easily.

Screw back earrings are suitable for all types of stud earrings as well. They are an ideal choice when you desire an added level of security to for your pricey pair of stud earrings. Screw back posts are threaded, which requires the wearer to rotate the backing until it locks securely on the ear. The earrings are guaranteed to remain safe and secure, whether the wearer is sleeping or participating in a physical activity.

Lever back earrings can be found on hoops or drops.  They rely on a fishhook of a metal that passes through the ear and is secured to a hindged lever that folds out of the back of the earring.

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