Lifetime Warranty

Included Limited Lifetime Warranty

With our commitment in providing high quality diamond and gemstone jewelry that lasts, all purchases are guaranteed free from manufacturer defect for 30 days from delivery.

All DiamondStuds products are expertly crafted in the USA with experienced craftsmanship by our in-house jewelry family. Have confidence in all your fine jewelry purchases knowing that a limited lifetime warranty is provided with every purchase. In addition to included complimentary maintenance services, we offer additional jewelry repairs and other paid services not covered under the manufacturer warranty.

In the event you should experience a manufacturer defect within 30 days of purchase or need to honor your one-time free-ring sizing (within 1 size up or down) please contact us.


Keep your diamond stud earrings and fine jewelry secure by having it professionally inspected and serviced by our experts annually. You can have your jewelry serviced yearly under the included limited warranty. By purchasing a shipping label, you will receive a fully insured return label by email that will include instructions for processing.

Complimentary Included Services:

Examples of Other Available Paid Jewelry Services:

  • - Replacement or additional backings for earrings
  • - Ring sizing after 30 days from purchase. Greater than one ring sizing up or down
  • - Bent, damaged and loosened prong(s) allowing a stone to become loose or lost due to normal wear or other damage
  • - Rebuilding of prongs and precious metals that can naturally wear overtime with normal wear conditions

To purchase a $45 US shipping label ($65 international) for all warranty services please contact us.
Return shipping is complimentary.


The included limited lifetime warranty and services are eligible of the first receiver or purchaser of the jewelry.

Included warranty cannot be transferred to any additional owners.

Fine jewelry of precious metals require standard maintenance. Services provided by other jewelers voids all warranties.

Any alterations made from third parties voids all warranty and included services provided.

Damage or breakage to necklace chains are not included under warranty.

Some examples of exclusions to warranty may be:

Discoloration to metal due to chemicals, hot tubs, makeup and lotions.
Lost jewelry or missing and broken parts.
Lost center or side diamonds or gemstones, chipping or breaking due to normal wear and tear are not covered under warranty.
Trauma or incident to jewelry that causes damages or loss of stones.


Ensuring your jewelry lasts a lifetime requires proper care and annual maintenance. Here are a few extra tips to consider in long term care.

  • 1. Remove jewelry before washing or sanitizing hands.

    Chemicals including alcohol and other cleaners cause harm to metals and gemstones

  • 2. Don't wear your jewelry while you sleep.

    Jewelry can become damaged or lost if worn while sleeping due to movements. This is a time when earrings most commonly become lost or posts bend

  • 3. Store your jewelry in a dry and safe place away from sinks.

    It is wise to store jewelry away from sinks and chemicals like lotions or sprays that may come into contact with your jewelry

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