: Our Story

Our Story

It’s actually really simple and straightforward. Everybody loves diamond studs.It’s a classic, something that’s forever. The more, the better, because one pair is never enough. So we thought, lets give our folks what they want!

We have been in this business since 3 generations and have years of industry experience in providing our customers with the finest diamond jewelry and incredible service. Previously focusing on manufacturing, we catered mostly to retailers. Building strong and long-lasting relationships has always been our priority and strength, and working for satisfaction-oriented goals rather than profit-oriented has always been our way of performance. Slowly but very surely we came to realize that nothing feels as good as working hard to taste the outcome, to see the real consumer delighted, to grant wishes and make them come true, to spread trust and happiness. Seeing customers happy, made us very happy! With the belief that everyone deserves his or her favorite and most beautiful diamond studs, we started our own website, this time, focusing only on our customers.

Shopping for diamond studs is always made to seem like such an overwhelming and serious process. simplifies this for you with a 3-step process, easy guidelines and lots of help at any time. Our website and team ensures that shopping for your diamond studs is fun, exciting, smooth, and most importantly transparent. lets consumers benefit from the right price for a quality product. Where everyone can find a gorgeous pair – or even a single diamond stud for you men – exactly how they had imagined it. centers exclusively on earrings, allowing us to offer you the widest selection of gorgeous white diamond, color diamond, and gemstone earrings of all shapes, sizes and settings, at the correct value. We aim to empower you with our help, guidance, and knowledge to make the right decisions when it comes to buying diamond stud earrings. And to allow you to be able to wish and demand for the exact diamond studs that you want. We have them made for you, just the way you want them to be, right whenever you want them.

Wondering how we are able to provide you with brilliant prices for diamonds that other brands may charge extravagantly for? Well, let’s take you back to the start: We are direct manufacturers. This means that we don’t need to source anything from third parties. We are the authority name. From the sourcing to the final piece of earring, everything happens in-house. This gives us the control over the entire process, including the pricing, quality, the final product, and even the exact requirements and special requests by our customers. We hand that control right over to you. You decide the shape, size and quality, and setting, and we’ll help you along the way.

Our story leaves a trail of happy customers, every single day!