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Just how the 4 C’s of diamonds represent the true value of the diamond, we have created our very own 4 C’s that reflect our values, and the value that we add to our diamond studs. We follow our 4 C’s at every step to make sure that we give you exactly what you are looking for and the best that you can have.

Commitment, Craftsmanship, Customer gratification, Conflict-free.

We hold an important commitment to our products and customers. We look after you at any point of time, and every single time. We believe that each and all of you deserve a brilliant and quality stone, and we stand by all our products. We also believe in keeping promises.

We own incomparable Craftsmanship, ensuring that everyone finds something that they love by giving you a great variety of gorgeous choices! We celebrate each customer’s unique taste and personal style, and you will see that in every earring we make.

We focus on Customer gratification at every stage and we go out of our way to create for you what you want. We don’t prefer using words such as “satisfied” and “content” for our customers, because we would rather have them thrilled and ecstatic! Customer gratification is at the heart of everything we do.

We follow a very strict, Conflict-free sourcing policy. We are a socially and ethically conscious company, and believe in the greater good of the diamond world. We support friendly, safe and respectful practices at all times.

Our C’s are our method of personal evaluation for high standards and happy customers.

*We must receive your order by 5 PM EST on Thursday December 20, 2018 to guarantee delivery by Monday December 24, 2018.
Guaranteed Delivery applies only to orders shipped within the United States (unless otherwise stated below). Not valid on International orders. Our delivery guarantee EXCLUDES: (i) delays due to customer error or failure to respond in a timely manner to our requests, (e.g. different billing and shipping address) (ii) shipment delays caused by third party shipping companies (e.g. FedEx, UPS, etc.), and (iii) locations to where an expedited shipping option is not available. We reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason.