Black diamonds captivate in these glamorous, eye-catching halo diamond studs.

Black diamonds have a bold, captivating look. Their rich, beautifully deep color lends an air of mystery and passion to every piece of black diamond jewelry.

While black diamond jewelry has been rising in popularity in recent years, many people don’t know much about the rare, unique black diamond. In this post, we’re answering all the most commonly asked questions about black diamonds. We’ll cover what gives black diamonds their color, the cost of black diamonds, the meaning of black diamonds, and more. Let’s take a closer look at the beautiful and bold black diamond.


What is a Black Diamond?

This bezel set solitaire ring features a beautifully bold black diamond at its center.

Black diamonds are a kind of colored diamond. Colored diamonds get their color from interacting with different minerals while forming over millions of years in the earth’s crust. In the case of black diamonds, the get deep their color from absorbing many tiny particles of black minerals (commonly, graphite, pyrite, and/or hematite).

Because black diamonds get their color from these many tiny black particles, most black diamonds used in jewelry have been heat treated, which evens out and enriches their coloring.


Are Black Diamonds Expensive?

These round black diamond studs, crafted from rare black diamonds and 14k yellow gold, have a surprisingly affordable price tag.

While black diamonds are very rare, they’re still one of the most affordable of all diamond colors. Wondering why? The reason is simply that, historically, black diamonds haven’t been as highly desired as other diamonds. But if you love the rich, bold look of black diamonds, this is great news for you, as you’ll find that they’re much more affordable than other diamonds. A black diamond usually costs less than half of what a similar quality white diamond would.


The Meaning of Black Diamonds

A round black diamond dangles from a 14k white gold chain in this luxe pendant necklace.

Black diamonds carry all the same meanings as white diamonds (such as love and faithfulness) but their color gives them additional meaning. Black diamonds also symbolize certainty, power, passion, and longevity.


Can You Use a Black Diamond in an Engagement Ring?

This black diamond engagement ring features a round black diamond set in luxe yellow gold

Yes! There are really no rules for what makes up your engagement ring. So, if you think a black diamond would be perfect for you or your partner, you should feel free to get a black diamond engagement ring.

And black diamond engagement rings, while historically uncommon, have recently become much more popular. Black diamond engagement rings have been worn by celebs like Carmen Electra and Kat Von D. And of course, famously, Carrie received a massive (and stunning) 5-carat black engagement ring from Mr. Big at the end of the film Sex in the City 2.


Black Diamonds: Style and Use in Jewelry

Two princess cut black diamonds are enclosed in yellow gold settings, which add a beautiful contrast to these bold black diamond studs.

One of the best things about black diamonds is their unique, stand-out look. Black diamonds add an eye-catching, mysterious edge to every piece they’re used in. Black diamonds also look beautiful with every precious metal. White metals, like white gold and platinum, compliment the cool look of black diamonds, enhancing their boldness. And warm-toned metals, like yellow and rose gold, provide a beautiful contrast that enhances the depth of black diamonds.

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