With their sophisticated style and mesmerizing sparkle, it’s easy to see why emerald cut diamond studs are trending. They look unique, yet have a timeless quality, ensuring they’ll be a shining star in your jewelry wardrobe for many years to come. 

If you’re drawn to this captivating diamond shape, read on. We’re going over everything you need to know about emerald cut diamonds, including their core characteristics, their benefits over other shapes, and what you need to know about emerald cut quality. 

All About Emerald Cuts 

The emerald cut was initially created for emerald gemstones, but it’s also used for diamonds and other precious gemstones. When viewed from above, this striking stone shape is rectangular with cut corners.

Emerald cut diamonds have long, linear, step cut facets that create larger flashes of light and allow you to easily see inside your stone. This gives emerald cut diamonds a mesmerizing, mirror-like quality. 

Emerald cut center stones have an elegant, unique look. They were particularly popular in the glamorous Retro era of the 1940s and 1950s, so many consider them to have a Retro vintage style. 

Like other diamonds, emerald cut diamonds are excellent for everyday wear in stud earrings. An added benefit of emerald cuts is that they look larger per carat than many other diamond shapes, including round. Their elongated table (top) creates the illusion of an overall larger size. 

Emerald Cut Quality Factors 

When you purchase diamond studs, you want to make sure you’ll be happy with the quality of your center diamonds. Our emerald cut diamond stud creator makes it easy for you to find diamonds you’ll love by filtering your option into three simple categories: Good, Very Good, and Excellent. Those who want to choose their exact diamonds for custom pieces can use our certified diamond stud creator, which has tens of thousands of emerald cut diamonds for you to choose from. 

But what should you look for in an emerald cut diamond? As with any diamond shape, you want to prioritize diamond cut, which has the biggest impact on your diamond’s brilliance. Then, for emerald cut diamonds, specifically, you should pay special attention to clarity and color grades. 

Clarity grade, a grading of how flawless a diamond is, is very important for emerald cut diamonds. This shape’s large facets allow you to easily see inside your stone, which makes any inclusions inside the diamond much easier to spot. While you don’t have to spend big on a completely flawless diamond, you will want to choose diamonds with above average clarity. 

Color grade, a grading of how colorless a diamond is, is also more important for emerald cuts compared to other shapes. Superior brilliance can help hide a bit of color, but step cut stones tend to have less scintillation. This can make a yellow tint more noticeable. Consider choosing a G or H color grade or above if you want a bright white look. 

Emerald Cut Stud Settings  

What type of setting is right for your emerald cut diamond earrings? For studs, you have three options: prong solitaire, bezel solitaire, and halo. 

Prong solitaire settings hold your diamonds in place with tiny metal claws. Prong settings are the most popular option for emerald cut diamond studs. They offer a classic look and allow for excellent light entry, which maximizes sparkle. Prong solitaire earrings are an excellent option if you prefer timeless jewelry designs.

Bezel solitaire settings hold your diamonds in place with a solid piece of metal. This setting style is quite protective and creates a sleek look. Emerald bezel stud earrings are an amazing choice if you’re interested in modern, minimalist earrings. 

Halo settings surround your center stone with a dazzling ring of accent stones, which are usually diamonds. This beautifully brilliant setting is perfect if you’re looking for a stud that also acts as a statement earring. 

All of these setting styles feature posts, which can be customized with your choice of backing. For smaller emerald cut studs, most people are happy with standard tension backs. For larger, heavier studs, consider choosing more secure screw backs. Customizing your backings is a simple process at DiamondStuds. Simply select your desired backing before adding your earrings to your shopping cart. 

These settings can also all be made in your choice of precious metal when using our stud creator. Select your desired setting, then have it made in your choice of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. 

Emerald Cut Diamond Care 

Like other diamonds, emerald cut diamonds stand the test of time with proper care. Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material on earth, so diamond studs are not harmed by normal wear. You don’t need to think about special jewelry services or being overly precious about when you wear your emerald stud earrings. Generally speaking, you’ll just want to keep your earrings clean, which you can do at home using mild soap and warm water. 

Discover Your Perfect Diamond Studs 

Our diamond stud creator allows you to easily create an heirloom quality pair of earrings to your exact specifications. Choose between natural and lab diamonds, and a range of stone shapes, setting styles, and precious metals. Create a pair of beautiful earrings online or reach out to our customer service team for additional assistance. 

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