Winter is finally here, which means winter wedding season is now in full swing. If you’re having a winter wedding but still haven’t found your perfect bridal jewelry, we’re here to help! Below, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite winter wedding trends for the 2019 to 2020 winter season. Read to get a closer look at winter’s top wedding jewelry trends and find the trending piece that’s perfect for you. 

1. Jewel Toned Jewelry

A quick scroll through Pinterest is all you need to see that jewel tones are one of the biggest trends for the 2019 to 2020 winter wedding season. You’ll see jewel tones everywhere as you browse winter wedding ideas. You’ll find them in floral arrangements, on tablescapes, worn by members of the wedding party, and, of course, featured in bridal jewelry. 

Jewel tones are always popular for winter weddings because they add a beautiful, deep pop of color that enhances the dreamy, whimsical look so many brides want for their winter weddings. This season, jewel tones have actually been more popular than ever for winter weddings, perhaps because they’ve been a major fashion trend since fall. Another reason could be because jewel tones pair very well with another of this year’s big winter wedding color trends: icy or dusty colors (like periwinkle, silver, and gray). 

If you’re among the many brides who are loving the winter wedding jewel tone trend, know that jewel toned wedding accessories are the perfect way to bring add a bit of rich, winter-appropriate color to your bridal look. Jewel tones look absolutely stunning when paired with a snow white wedding dress, since their rich yet deep color simply “pops” when worn with white.

The easiest way to incorporate jewel tones into your bridal ensemble is by opting for a gemstone or colored diamond piece, such as a richly colored pair of stud earrings. When it comes to your choice of gemstone or colored diamond, you have many options, such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, blue diamonds, and yellow diamonds, all of which can add just the right touch to a winter bridal look. 

While there are many excellent jewel toned options for bridal jewelry, blue gemstones and diamonds are perhaps our favorite. By opting for jewel toned blue jewelry, such as the lovely pair of blue diamond studs pictured above, you’re hitting two birds with one stone. You’ll have a bit of beautiful jewel toned color and also take care of your “something blue.” 

2. Traditional Yellow Gold Jewelry 

Another major jewelry trend for the 2019 to 2020 winter wedding season is yellow gold. While yellow gold has been under the radar in recent years (white gold and rose gold have been the more popular options), it’s had quite a comeback in 2019. Yellow gold, a very traditional precious metal, has taken back its crown as the most popular precious metal for bridal jewelry and fashion jewelry alike. 

Yellow gold’s resurgence in popularity is likely tied to the rise of the traditional jewelry trend. There have been two major jewelry trends in 2019: highly unique jewelry and ultra classic jewelry. And since yellow gold is such a traditional color for jewelry, it’s the perfect option for the ultra classic trend.

If you’re considering going with yellow gold jewelry for your wedding look, you of course have many options. One of our favorites is pairing yellow gold with another traditional wedding jewelry option: diamond studs. Yellow gold settings add rich warmth to a pair of diamond studs, giving them a beautiful, glowing look. And while yellow gold and white diamond studs are a beautiful, on trend option for this year, they’re also incredibly classic. So you can enjoy wearing a pair of yellow gold and diamond studs now at your wedding, as well as for decades to come. 

3. Nature-Inspired Jewelry 

Nature-inspired jewelry is a jewelry trend that’s been going strong for a couple of years, both for bridal jewelry and for fashion jewelry. And this lovely, incredibly romantic trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Nature-inspired jewelry takes inspiration from the beautiful patterns within nature, often featuring sliver or golden motifs of leaves, flowers, or branches. This natural and earthy jewelry style can add the perfect whimsical touch to your wedding look. Nature-inspired jewelry can pair well with any bridal look, yet it is particularly fitting for those who are going for a bohemian or rustic wedding style since natural elements work so well with these themes. Nature-inspired jewelry looks simply perfect with faux fur wraps, lace dresses, beaded dresses, and whimsical boho-style hair accessories like headpieces, unique tiaras, hair combs, headbands, and hairpins. 

One of our favorite nature-inspired pieces for a bridal look is the beautiful pair of 14k white gold and white diamond studs pictured above. These dazzling earrings feature a leaf-inspired shape, giving them a natural vibe, yet are also made from luxe materials, so they’re upscale enough to be worn on your wedding day.  

4. Black Diamond Jewelry 

Last up, we have one of the biggest trends of the winter wedding season: black diamond jewelry. Black diamond jewelry has been trending for bridal jewelry for all of 2019, as more brides have been drawn to its rich, mysterious look (and, likely, also to its excellent price point). Black diamonds have been incredibly popular for engagement rings and wedding bands in 2019, so it’s no surprise that black diamonds are also a top trend for bridal jewelry. 

Black diamonds add distinctive sophistication to a bridal look. When worn with a white gown and wedding veil, black diamonds provide lovely contrast and add just the right amount of drama. 

Many types of black diamond jewelry are trending for winter brides, though simple solitaire black diamond studs and solitaire black diamond pendant necklaces have been the most popular options. Solitaire black diamond jewelry provides a stand-out look, yet is also incredibly chic and wearable, making it easy to incorporate into your bridal style. 

Among black diamond solitaire styles, round black diamonds and princess cut black diamonds are the most popular shape options. Round black diamonds offer a more chic and elegant look, while princess cut diamonds have a more contemporary, bold style. So if you’re torn between these two black diamond shapes, consider which shape’s style best suits your dream wedding aesthetic. 

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