Whether you’re a diamond, gemstone, or hoop kind of gal, there is a method behind selecting between the many designs of earrings that are offered. For those questioning their fashion sense, there is good news! Finding the right pair of earrings can be made easy by taking your hairstyle, face shape, skin tone, and other features into account. Here at Diamond Studs, we break it down for you with some tips on how to personally accessorize yourself depending on your various physical attributes.

Wearing your hair UP


With all of your hair neatly tucked away in an elegant up-do, or a casual bun, dangle earrings such as the teardrops or chandeliers are your best bet. These beautiful diamond chandelier earrings can’t go unnoticed, emphasizing all of your womanly features and giving off the illusion of having a more elongated, slim neck that everyone wants! Pairing this off with a subtle necklace and bold make-up is advised, as there is so much detail offered by the concentric circles and dangling teardrops.

Styling it DOWN


When the hair is worn loosely down in a half up-do, shoulder length, or even a bob cut, smaller sized earrings like clusters are the best choice. Stubborn strands often get caught in dangling earrings and no one really wants to see that happen, especially with all of the time and effort that was likely put into styling the hair. In this case, size doesn’t actually matter. Plenty of sparkle and shine is achievable with the cluster of diamonds and gems on these types of pieces. Let the diamonds do the talking with this gorgeous pair of cluster round diamond earrings set in white gold.

LONG Hair, Don’t Care!


For all of our ladies who love to let it flow in the wind, pairing up a side braid or side sweep with a great pair of hoops is what we recommend. The hoop earring is a classic go-to for any accessorizing needs. Add the perfect touch of radiance and with these diamond hoop earrings encrusted between white gold, as you let your make-up and outfit do the talking. The channel-set diamonds are a sure match alongside lusciously long locks.

Edge it out with your SHORT hairstyle


When choosing earrings for a shorter set of locks, you probably don’t want to go for something oversized. Subtle studs, pearls or even a bold ear cuff are a little less overwhelming, yet chic and decorative. Generally speaking, pixies and bobs want to avoid pairing with larger sized earrings as it congests the face. This set of dazzlers are definitely not large but in charge. Sitting at almost five carats, these round-cut designer studs are a sure knockout as they glisten in white gold. Get maximal shine with minimal space to clear the stage for your hair-do.

Circle/ Round-shaped faces


The teardrop earring and dangles are a good choice for this face type as they steer clear of a puffy appearance. Take these dazzling leaf shaped dangle earrings, for instance. Its black and white diamonds stretch down to a uniquely crafted design. Studs and shorter sets of earrings are a definite no-no for round faces as they can widen the face. Square-shaped faces can also abide by the matches found for round-shaped faces.

Oval-shaped faces


There’s really no going wrong with an oval-shaped face. Therefore, the versatile hoop earring is a common choice for those more oblong features. Needless to say, these diamond hoops are anything but ordinary. The shared-prong setting of the diamonds will equate with the long facial structure of an oval-shaped face. This earring style is recommended for making somewhat of a statement all the while creating a balance with the face’s shape simultaneously.



Round studs are the perfect match for this face type, because adding length onto the long, clear-cut structure of a rectangular-shaped face just doesn’t seem right. Put a twist on the traditional diamond stud with this flaring pair of pink sapphire gemstone earrings. They are sure to minimize the length of a narrow face and add softness as well.

Light colored skin


Those with a lighter shade of pigment are well suited for metals such as silver, platinum, and white and rose gold. Pearls and diamonds sit well with their pinkish hue, as well as rubies. These white gold 3-Stone diamond earrings in a three-stone setting will surely get the job done right. Compliment your light skin tone with these earring styles that blend perfectly well to match your skin tone naturally.

Dark colored skin


Those with a more warmer shaded skin tone, it is recommended to wear yellow-gold metals and earth tones like blue sapphires and green emeralds for any colored jewelry. Turquoise is another popular pick that blends perfectly well with dark skin tones. Brown is yet an additional earth tone that compliments well. For example, these round brown diamond studs in a basket of brilliant rose gold.

Hopefully these ideas will help narrow down the wide variety of options out there for styling with earrings and pinpoint you to a perfect match or a few that compliments your body and style. Remember these tips while shopping around for your next pair of earrings and be sure to visit Diamond Studs for a full experience.