Depending on the cut and overall craft of an earring, the pricing of two carat studs range between a hefty interval. The differing finishes offer a variety of styles, metal colors, and karat weights. There’s a perfect stud for every woman, so let’s take a look!

Round Diamond Studs

This 14 karat white gold set is a classic go-to for the ladies. The 4-prong basket setting is simply designed for your liking. These earrings are simple and thus easy to pair with other accessories.

For those with a tighter budget, these similar-looking 14 karat studs in white gold will please your inner fashionista and your wallet. There’s really nothing to lose.

Princess Diamond Studs

With such a high retail price, one can only expect the highest amount of quality. Get your bang for your buck with these 14k white gold dazzles that will have you feeling like a queen.

For the more affordable route, these statement earrings, resembling the ones previously mentioned, will go great for any special event. Sparkle and shine in these 14k white gold studs.

Cushion Diamond Studs

Also known as “pillow-cut”, this square shaped finish is a timeless look that does glamour with a modern edge. There is much to expect with the market value of these brilliant earrings, set in 14k white gold.

These white gold studs with 14 karats are also a great buy for those contemporary enthusiasts on a budget. This cut is strikingly beautiful underneath a light’s reflection.

Oval Diamond Studs

Be different and unique with these 14k white gold oval studs. They are the perfect pair to match with an oval shaped ring.

For a standout look with an outstanding price, this oval-shaped pair in 14k white gold will definitely make-do. Shifting away from old-time classics, these lengthy earrings will leave a lasting impression.

These featured earrings are also available in 14k yellow and rose gold, as well as 18k white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. We’re confident that with our vast amount of choices, you will find the most ideal pair that suits your style.