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What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

Lab Grown Diamonds are alike to earth's natural diamonds in every way except that they are grown in a laboratory versus that in the earth's crust, which takes millions of years under intense pressure for a diamond to form. They have the exact same chemical composition and physical properties as natural diamonds. A lab-grown diamond is also known as created diamonds, lab-created diamonds, man-made diamonds, cultured diamonds, and engineered diamonds. Created lab diamonds are grown in highly-controlled laboratory conditions that replicate the earth's environment. These man made diamonds have the same chemical makeup, crystal structure, optical and physical properties as of earth's natural counterparts. Being of the same makeup, a lab diamond will exhibit the same strength, brilliance and fire.

With path-breaking success in lab grown diamond technology of production and laboratory process, these diamonds are now available as excellent and savvy selections that offer more value for the money.

At, we offer a wide selection of lab grown diamonds to choose from in addition to our previous natural earth-mined diamond options. All our diamond jewelry is now available with lab grown diamonds and is covered by our same 30-day risk free, 100% satisfaction guarantee shopping policy, just as our natural diamond jewelry is and as always our selection of 100% conflict-free diamonds.


How are Lab Grown Diamonds made?

Lab grown diamonds are made in laboratories using one of two methods-

HPHT and CVD diamonds


HPHT is a technique in which diamonds are created in roughly the same conditions as of Earth's mantle where natural diamond crystals are formed. The diamond ‘seed' grows in cuboctahedron shape and has 14 different growth directions. HPHT is used to enhance diamond clarity and color. A rough diamond is produced, just as with a natural diamond formation. This laboratory-grown rough diamond then requires the same skilled cutting process.


CVD is a technique in which diamonds are grown from a hydrocarbon gas mixture similar to how diamonds form in interstellar gas clouds. The carbon ‘seed' from a diamond grows in a cubic shape and only has one growth direction. CVD is used to produce diamonds with high clarity and color.

Lab Grown diamonds are identical in physical, chemical and optical properties as earth-mined diamonds. Rather than being mined from the earth, they are grown in a laboratory above ground with highly advanced technologies. Leaving the earth undisturbed, these stunning lab created diamonds dazzle with the same unique fire and brilliance as natural diamonds. Offering more value for the money than their natural counterparts, lab grown diamonds offer that same brilliance and sparkle as their natural diamond counterparts.


Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Yes, lab diamonds are in fact genuine diamonds as they are made from the same cubic crystalline chemical composition, carbon content exhibiting the same identical chemical and optical properties as natural diamonds. Just like natural diamonds, Laboratory-grown diamonds are rated and priced as per the 4cs grading scale – cut, color, clarity and carat. There is no visual differentiation under a jewelry magnification loupe. Making lab-diamonds and excellent choice.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real Diamonds?
Lab-grown diamonds vs Earth-grown diamonds -

What is the difference between natural diamonds and Lab Grown diamonds?

Lab Grown diamonds are of the same physical, chemical and optical properties as earth-mined diamonds. Leaving the earth undisturbed, these stunning lab-created diamonds dazzle with the same unique fire and brilliance.

The main difference is the formation process where one is made in a specialized laboratory and a more controlled environment that allows them to be produced in larger quantities, with fewer defects and eliminates the mining process. Thus they are not rare like their natural counterparts and it makes them a more affordable option. A natural diamond is formed in the earth's crust over millions and millions of years and needs to be mined under layers of the earth's crust and then cut and polished before it can be set in the jewelry piece. As scientists have no control over environmental conditions, growth process or what is mined from the diamond mines. Making natural diamonds anything but common diamonds, being more rare and more expensive.


What is the difference between Lab Grown diamonds and diamond simulants?

There are two main diamond simulants or "look-a-likes"– Moissanite Gemstones and Cubic Zirconia. These two created stones may be optically similar and appear to have minor differences, but are not made of the same physical structure or carbon crystals like diamonds. These stones are not considered even synthetic diamonds as they do not have the same chemical composition and differ in physical properties and differing refractive properties. Also differing from natural diamonds, they are not created under equivalent conditions including intense heat or extreme pressure. Any person educated in gemological training or fine jewelry training will be able to identify the difference just with the naked eye when viewing simulants vs a lab created diamond. Simulants like the cubic zirconia differentiate in more ways from an actual diamond and will not retain their optical beauty or clear sparkle overtime and will lack luster.


Can Lab Grown Diamonds be Certified and Graded?

Just like natural diamonds, Lab grown diamonds are graded as per the 4cs Grading – cut, color, clarity and carat. Trusted independent diamond grading laboratories like IGI grade and certify lab grown diamonds and their reports clearly indicate if the diamond is a Lab Grown Diamond and it's physical characteristics, unique to the selected lab stone. Shop our collection of IGI Certified Lab Diamond Stud Earrings to receive an IGI Grading Certificate with your purchase. Earth-Mined and Lab Grown Diamonds both grade equally on the same grading scale.

Will my Lab Diamond Purchase Include a Certificate?

At, we carry a wide selection of Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry ideal for every special occasion. Every Lab and Natural Diamond jewelry purchase includes a certificate of authenticity, detailing the diamonds physical characteristics and a third party certification when listed in the title.

Yes, as lab grown diamonds are grown in a laboratory, in a controlled environment of extreme heat and pressure, allowing for larger scale production, thus being more affordable then a natural earth-mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds have a lower environmental impact than mined diamonds and are sought after by many online shoppers because of this fact
Yes, have peace of mind that lab grown diamonds are 100% real. Lab diamonds being identical in chemical composition and physical characteristics as a natural diamond, a diamond tester will identify a lab grown diamond as a diamond, the same results when testing a mined diamond
No, this is a myth. Lab Grown Diamonds are as durable as a natural diamond and have identical chemical and physical characteristics. Just like natural diamonds, Lab grown diamonds grow in a variety of carat sizes which then maintain their original diamond color grade, being an absence of color or presence of slight color, which does not fade or darken over a period of time. A white diamond stays white and a colored diamond maintains it's original color. The performance of the lab-created diamond's optical properties is equivalent to earth's counterparts. Showcasing the same beauty and sparkle from day 1 to day 1,001 and beyond. Making lab-created diamond jewelry an ideal selection for everyday wear.
While natural diamonds are rare and thus more expensive, lab grown diamonds are a popular choice among customers as they provide more value for the money while achieving a higher quality selection and offer an alternative option to disrupting mining diamonds. Making many lab-grown pieces and larger carat weights of lab-created diamond jewelry more attainable.
Discover more benefits of lab-grown diamonds

Why are savvy shoppers choosing lab created diamonds?

Lab created diamonds are 100% Real

Confidence in Origin - 100% Conflict-Free Diamonds

Responsible Choice

Affordable Luxury

Equal, Exceptional Brilliance and Quality

Earth Conscious Selection

Beautiful Selection of Diamonds, No Mining

Qualifies for 30-Day Returns Policy

Qualifies for Lifetime Upgrade Policy

Lab created diamonds are becoming an increasingly popular choice for all types of fine diamond jewelry, as they offer a number of unique benefits over traditional mined diamonds. Here are the most popular types of lab-diamond jewelry and the benefits of choosing lab grown diamonds.
Lab grown diamonds are a popular choice for diamond rings and engagement rings, as they offer the same quality stone, beauty and durability as mined diamonds, but at a more attainable cost. Plus, many people feel Lab-Created Diamond engagement rings allow for a wider range of options and carat weight sizes. Rather than selecting a 1-Carat Weight diamond stone in earth-minded selection, a customer can now consider a 1.50-Carat Lab-Diamond that is a larger carat weight and a higher quality laboratory grown diamond for the same or less budget. While confidently knowing they are reducing their environmental impact.
Lab grown diamond earrings are another popular choice, as they add a touch of sparkle and elegance to any outfit and are a staple to jewelry collections. They can be set in a wide range of metal options and a wide range of styles, fancy colors, from simple stud earrings to elaborate drop earrings set with unique diamond cuts, not as widely available in natural diamond jewelry. Opening the door to endless earring options in lab-grown pieces in a variety of sizes.
Lab grown diamonds can be used to create stunning necklaces, from delicate solitaire pendants in classic 14kt white gold to bold statement pieces crafted in timeless yellow gold. These types of diamond necklaces are a great way to add some sparkle to your wardrobe, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Creating a more sustainable option while remaining a timeless piece of jewelry for your collection.

Our Conclusion

In summary, lab-created diamonds in all carat sizes are a popular choice for all varieties of fine jewelry, especially engagement rings, earrings, and necklaces. They offer a number of unique benefits from mined diamonds, including cost, transparency in production, quality and availability - with the same everlasting beauty.

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