Choosing the best Setting

Why is Your Jewelry Setting Type and Design Important?

Each design and setting type have different performance attributes including sparkle and security.

When selecting the perfect setting style for diamond stud earrings, rings or necklaces it's important to consider how design elements can guide you to the right selection. Understanding that different settings affect the amount of light that is refracted should be considered amongst unique style and personal taste.


Classic basket settings feature a 4-prong mountings that secures the stone like a basket, pulling the setting towards the earlobe. This selection allows for maximum light performance and therefore, popular in round, oval and emerald cut shapes.

Martini settings feature a 3-prong setting. This style allows stones to sit lower. The three prongs minimize coverage from precious metal and allow for maximum light refraction and sparkle. The name comes from the shape looking like a V and resembling a martini glass.

Bezel setting features a center stone set flush and embraced fully by gold or other precious metals. Often selected for it's modern style and secure setting characteristics, these settings offer a stunning profile.

Modern halo settings are completely encircled by additional diamonds or gemstones. This enhances the look of the stud creating the look of a larger total weight. Halo earrings are appealing not only for the added style but the great value they provide.

The illusion setting rings true to it's name. Generally smaller stones set next to each other and held from below, which then gives the appearance of a larger carat single stone. This setting is more intricate and commonly seen with princess cut diamonds.

More luxurious and extraordinary, dangle settings can feature anything from a 4-prong mountings to bezel set with many stone shape options. The gem dangles with every motion creating added light refraction and enhances the sparkle.



Two parallel sides of precious metal securely hold in diamonds or gemstones. This gives a smooth continuous look and happens to be one of the most popular and ageless of all setting options.


Actually refers to 'paving' jewelry with small diamonds. A current trend, his setting showcases gems set closely next to each other with tiny beads of gold. Less metal means less gold and maximized sparkle. Though, less metal can mean potential loss of diamonds overtime.


Shared prong settings features stones that sit closer together and utilize the same prongs. This allows more sparkle from the stones as less metal is visible.


Has metal posts that securely hold a gemstone in place. Typically a 3, 4 or 6 prong. With a 6 prong offering the most security. The prong setting is timeless and popular in many types of jewelry including the classic three stone style.


This style features stones that are set flush. Creating a smooth surface between the metal and the gem. The only visible angle of the diamond will be the table or the top. Making this a secure setting type.


If you are shopping online for Diamond Earrings, what metal type to select is also a critical consideration, not only for durability and wear but for possible allergies. Most commonly with nickel which is found in 14KT and less in 18KT.

PLATINUM $$$$ 90% Pure, Durable, Maximum Hypoallergenic

18KT Gold $$$ 58% Pure, Highly Durable, Highly Hypoallergenic

14KT Gold $$ 54% Pure, Highly Durable, Moderately Hypoallergenic

Other alternative metal options may include stainless steel. When purchasing this metal go for surgical stainless steel which is most commonly used in ear piercings and medical grade needs.

Earrings backings are best selected based on ideal comfort and security the wearer desires.

Also known as the friction back, the push backing is the most popular recommendation for secure & multi-function wear with its quick on off design. The butterfly back has a miniscule hole that secures to the standard posts.

Screw on and off backings are an ideal choice if you wish to have an added level of security to your special diamond earrings. Screw-back posts are threaded, which requires the wearer to rotate the backing until it is secured. With extended wear they can become loose, it's important to re-screw these daily.

Most secure and an ideal selection for larger size studs with more weight to hold into place. You can select with or without the plastic disc. The plastic disc increases the mm of the backing and makes them harder to loose.

Sturdy and stylish, the lever-back clasps have a curved wire, like a fishhook, that passes through the ear and is secured to a hinged lever that folds out of the back of the ear. These lever-back clasps are best for hoop earrings or drop and dangle styles.

Now that you have narrowed down the most important aspects, you are ready to start shopping!

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