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Choosing The Perfect Shape

What Shape of Diamond Sparkles the Most?

This may be the first question you ask;

What diamond shape should I choose?

Simply put, the Round Brilliant is the most popular diamond shape for its ideal brilliant cut. This shape features 57 facets that reflect maximum light. Only the oval shape will closely compare to the high fire and brilliance of the round diamond. Other fancy shaped diamonds may be more desirable due to their unique contours and emotions evoked with each.

Diamond Expert Advice: It is important to know first that each diamond shape showcases light performance differently. Then to understand that the terms 'Diamond Shape' and 'Diamond Cut' both have different meanings. Shape refers simply to the contour of the stone and cut refers to the appropriate cut specifications and proportions.


Round cut stones are among the most popular timeless shapes. With an excellent round cut quality, a round brilliant cut diamond will radiate maximum fire and brilliance with ample light refraction. Flaunting a noticeable sparkle.


The princess cut diamond, also sometimes called the square cut diamond due to its square shape, is one of the most popular fancy shape stones. This cut is very desirable as it easily accentuates many different jewelry settings. Princess cut diamonds are prized for their clean lines and modern style.


Cushion cut diamonds resemble a pillow shape with its square or rectangular body and soft curved edges. This is a classic shape dating back over 200 years and gaining popularity due to it's timeless look. Cushion cut diamonds produce jaw dropping sparkle.


Asscher cut stones are a unique fancy cut square diamond that most resemble the facets of an emerald. This stone shape has a smaller table with the iconic 'X' visible from the top. The asscher cut diamond is the perfect selection for a modern stone with memorizing fire and sparkle.


Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular in shape with an art-deco style elongated table and large step cut facets on the pavilion. With less facets than the round and princess diamonds, this rectangular shape offers clean lines and a clear view into the true properties of the stone.


Oval cut stones showcase fire and brilliance only most similar to the round cut. The elongated shape of oval cut diamonds makes this shape look larger per carat when compared to other shapes. This makes the oval cut diamond a great selection for a biggest carat weight appearance on a budget.


Pear cut stones are also known as a 'tear drop' due to it's droplet style shape. These can be the most difficult to ensure symmetry with this rather difficult shape. With 58 facets and elongated shape, the pear shaped diamond offers a lot of sparkle and often selected for vintage engagement rings.


Marquise cut stones showcase an oval shape with it's curved table and pointed ends. The large table of the marquise diamond elongates the look which means this shape will appear larger for a comparable carat weight. Ensuring a larger look for the same budget.


Heart shaped diamonds are considered the most romantic of all shapes and a perfect symbol of love. When set, the details of a heart shaped diamond can be hidden by prongs so consider purchasing larger than a 0.50 carat stone. These stones are require expertise to master the cut to ensure symmetry of both sides.


Radiant cut diamonds are an intensely brilliant combination between the princess square, elongated emerald and a cushion. Modern with ample sparkle, it offers a complete brilliant cut with facets on both the crown and pavilion. The radiant diamond stands out.

Interesting History:

The Round Brilliant Cut Shape was refined for it's excellent cut proportions over 100 years ago and remains the most popular shape of diamonds selected for fine jewelry.

Interesting History

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