I think every woman remembers her first pair of diamond stud earrings. I know I do! It was my 18th birthday and I was unwrapping a gift from my parents. To my delight, contained inside a tiny box was a set of beautiful diamond earrings. I still wear them to this day! The elegance, simple beauty, and subtle perfection of a well-crafted diamond can take a lady’s personal style to a whole new level. Depending on your price range, there are a plethora of 1 carat diamond stud earring to suit that style. As far as earrings go, I love the look and feel of 1 carat diamond studs. Now for the fun part…exploring all of the different styles!
If you love timeless jewelry, these three diamond shapes could be just the match for you. The Princess Cut, Round Cut, and Cushion Cut all have that classic and polished look I personally find myself gravitating towards time and time again. Beautiful yet simple, these are the perfect ‘every occasion’ earrings! Check out more Princess cut diamond studs here.
princess-cut diamond stud earrings
hearts and arrow diamond studs
cushion cut diamond studs
What I love about these next beauties is their ability to combine time-honored elegance with exquisite originality. Much like the women that will be wearing these, there’s no mistaking that each one of these cuts has its own personality. So don’t be afraid to have some fun choosing between the Emerald, Marquise, and Pear Shape!

emerald cut diamond stud earrings

Check out these 1 carat emerald stud earrings.
marquise cut diamond stud earrings
Check out more Marquise cut diamond studs here.
pear shape diamond studs

With a daring color that is sure draw attention, these 1 carat total weight black diamond stud earrings might be your new best friend. The classic round shape combined with a bold flair makes this a great pair of earrings for the edgy fashionista in all of us. Go ahead, make a statement! Check out more black diamond stud earrings here.
Black Diamond Studs in Rose Gold
I once heard that color is nature’s way of smiling. What a perfect way to describe these next earrings! All round in shape, these diamond studs come in three equally beautiful colors: blue, brown, and yellow. This trio is perfect for those with a more playful style. With that said, pick your favorite color and let the fun begin
1 carat blue diamond stud earrings
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Depending on which style you go with, you can customize your earrings by choosing your favorite metal: 14K White, 14K Yellow, 14K Rose, 18K White, 18K Yellow, and Platinum. Furthermore, you can select either push-back, screw back, or lever back clasps.