As a jeweler that specializes in selling diamond earrings, one of our most commonly asked questions is about earring backs. When you invest in a beautiful pair of diamond earrings, you, of course, want to make sure that those diamond earrings stay firmly on your ears. So, people often ask us if there’s a best type of earring back, or a more secure type of earring back. While we wouldn’t say that any one type of earring back is the “best,” there are definitely some that are more secure than others. So to help you find the level of security that’s right for you, below we’re going over all the different types of earring backs. We’ll talk about the security level of each type of backing, as well as the pros and cons of each type of backing in terms of comfort, ease, and aesthetics. 

The Three Types of Stud Earring Backings

A visual guide to the different earring back options for stud earrings. 

First, let’s go over your backing options for diamond stud earrings. There are three types of earring backing for stud earrings: push backs, screw backs, and secure lock backs. 

Push Backs 

These halo set round brilliant cut diamond studs feature classic push backs. 

Push backs, also sometimes called friction backs, are the most common type of earring back. This type of earring back simply slides onto a straight earring post and holds your earring in place through the use of friction. Posts designed to be used with push backs have a notch at the post, which helps keep the backing secure. 

Push backs are very easy to take on and off, and they’re quite affordable. They’re also a small, hard-to-see type of earring back, which makes them a great option for those with smaller earlobes. However, push backs are the least secure type of stud earring back. Push backs can sometimes loosen over time, which causes them to lose some of the important tension that holds your earring firmly in place. 

Screw Backs 

These princess cut diamond stud earrings feature screw backs and threaded posts. 

As you might guess from their name, screw backs are a type of earring back that screws into place. Screw backs must be paired with threaded posts, since they work just like a nut would on a threaded screw or bolt. You can see an example of screw backs and threaded posts in the image above. 

Screw backs are a smaller, more discreet type of earring back, like push backs. So they’re also a great option for those with smaller earlobes. But screw backs have an advantage over push backs: they’re more secure. It does take a bit longer to put on a screw back than it does to put on a push back, since it needs to be carefully screwed on each time. And it is important to be delicate when screwing on a screw back, so you don’t strip your earring posts. Many people find that this small bit of extra time is well worth it for that extra sense of security, however, especially for diamond studs that are larger or more valuable. 

While screw backs are a great option for many people, it’s important to note that screw backs may not be a good fit for those with arthritis or mobility problems. If you have trouble grasping small objects, screw backs are generally not recommended. 

Secure Lock Backs 

Secure lock backs are the most secure type of stud earring back. When you slide these earring backs on, they securely lock into place through the use of a double grooved patented secure locking mechanism. Since secure lock backs are the most secure type of earring back, we generally recommend them for more valuable diamond stud earrings. 

Secure lock backs feature a large plastic disc that rests upon the earring, which can help make wearing a larger, heavier diamond or gemstone more comfortable. This large plastic disc also makes this type of earring back harder to lose. However, there’s one potential drawback to this large plastic disc. If you have small earlobes, it’s possible that this disc could show from the bottom or the sides. 

Dangle and Hoop Earring Closures 

Now, let’s go over the earring closure options for two other types of diamond earrings: diamond hoop earrings and diamond dangle earrings. At Diamond Studs, our diamond hoops feature safety lock closures, while our dangle earrings feature level backs. 

Safety Lock Closures 

Safety lock closures feature a button that lock the closure into place. This type of closure is a great option of earrings that are heavy or long, such as diamond hoop earrings, since they can hold more weight and withstand more pressure. This type of earring closer is considered highly secure, since they feature a secure lock button that must be pushed to remove the earring. 

Lever Backs 

These solitaire black diamond earrings feature lever backs. 

Lever backs are commonly found on drop earrings or dangle earrings. This type of earring backing consists of a lever that locks into place within a lever hinged back. Lever backs are quite secure, and they’re also very easy to put on or take off. Lever backs also add a bit of shimmer and style to diamond earrings, since they sway slightly with the movement of the wearer. 

Another Earring Back Consideration: Your Precious Metal 

In addition to considering which type of earring back is best for you, you should consider which precious metal is best for your chosen style. Here are some notes on your precious options: 

  • 14k Gold: 14k gold is the most popular precious metal option, since it’s the most affordable option but it is still quite strong. 14k gold is also versatile, since you have your choice of 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, and 14k rose gold. 
  • 18k Gold: 18k gold is a more pure gold option that some consider more luxe. Like 14k gold, 18k gold is versatile, as you can choose between 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold, and 18k rose gold. 
  • Platinum: Platinum is a beautiful, highly pure precious metal that is often considered the most premium option. Platinum is also an excellent option for those with metal allergies, since platinum is hypoallergenic and does not contain any nickel. 

Final Thoughts on The Best Earring Backings 

We hope this guide has helped you decide which type of earring backing is best for you. If you’re ready to find your perfect diamond earrings (with your perfect type of backing), browse our full collection of gorgeous diamond earrings. Also, if you already have a pair of diamond earrings you love but are in need of a replacement earring back, you can check out our selection of individually sold earring backs here.