Your first New Year’s Eve as a couple is an exciting event. Being by your new beau when the clock turns midnight and kissing for the first time in the new year is a moment the two of you will never forget. But many people find it hard to make plans for New Year’s Eve. For some people, there seem to be so many options for things to do that they get overwhelmed. For others, there seem to be no options for things to do and they feel at a loss. But, never fear— we’ve put together this list of NYE ideas for the new couple to help you make the perfect plan this New Year’s Eve.

Have a Movie Marathon


Do you and your new sweetheart prefer staying in rather than hitting the town? If you and your partner don’t love crowds or chatting with tons of people, New Year’s Eve is a great day to decide to stay in. After all, this holiday is one of the busiest and most hectic of the year. So why not simply stay in and enjoy each other’s company? Here’s a fun idea you can try if you’re thinking of staying at home this year: have a movie marathon! You can pick a fun series that neither of you have watched before then spend the night sipping champagne and enjoying some great flicks. Start the night early, cuddle up under some blankets, and share a romantic kiss together at midnight in the comfort of your own home.

Hit a Fancy Restaurant

SuperFancyRestaurant 2

If you and your partner are big foodies, there’s no better way to celebrate the new year than by heading to a fancy new restaurant. Enjoy an incredible meal before you head into the new year, then relax at the restaurant bar with champagne while you wait for the NYE countdown. If you want to hit up a restaurant this New Year’s Eve, just make sure you make a reservation well in advance. This is a big day for restaurants so plan ahead to ensure you can get a table.

Enjoy Nature


Why not ring in the new year under the stars? If you both love getting out into the great outdoors, consider taking a trip to a park, campsite, or beach to celebrate the new year in your favorite spot. Make your trip even more special by packing a picnic basket full of warm drinks and your favorite foods. Just make sure you bundle up and pack some blankets so you stay warm while you celebrate.

Have a Romantic Getaway


Love to travel? Book a cozy bed and breakfast or Airbnb trip and spend New Year’s Eve together in a new location. You can choose a cozy cabin or a modern spot in the city. Pick a spot you’re both excited to visit and then relax in your beautiful getaway spot.

Plan Your Resolutions and Relax


Here’s another idea for the couple that loves to stay in: relax at home with a great meal and plan your resolutions for the new year. You can cook together, then relax by the fire as you reflect on this past year and the year to come. This a romantic and cozy way to bond with your new partner and learn more about their dreams and aspirations.