Diamond stud earrings are a jewelry box essential. Diamond studs are, of course, gorgeous. Then, they’re also versatile, since you can pair them with any ensemble. If you’re on the hunt for a pair of diamond stud earrings, you may be wondering which diamond shape you should choose for your studs. While round diamonds are the most common choice for diamond studs (and they are a lovely option), in this post we want to talk a bit about the many benefits of buying fancy shaped diamond stud earrings! 

“Fancy shaped diamond” is the gemologist term for any diamond that isn’t round. There are many fancy shaped diamonds you can choose for your stud earrings, including princess cut, cushion cut, asscher cut, emerald cut, marquise cut, oval cut, and pear shaped diamonds. So why choose one of these dazzling fancy shaped diamonds for your pair of studs? Read on to the learn the top 5 benefits of buying fancy shaped diamond stud earrings! 

1. Their Price 

Pear shaped diamond studs with white gold three prong solitaire settings.  

One of the most celebrated benefits of choosing fancy shaped diamonds for your diamond stud earrings is their price. Fancy shaped diamonds generally cost around 25% to 40% less than round diamonds! 

Wondering why there’s such a huge price difference between these shapes? Round diamonds are priced higher than fancy shaped diamonds for two reasons. One, cutting a round diamond leads to a higher amount of raw diamond loss. This means that creating round diamonds costs more for diamond cutters, and that cost increase is passed along to the consumer. Then, two, round diamonds are incredibly popular. Over 50% of all diamonds sold today are round diamonds. Since round diamonds are so popular, jewelers charge more for them, since they know people will pay more for such a highly desired shape. 

All fancy shaped diamonds are considerably more affordable than round diamonds with comparable qualities. So, if you opt for fancy cut diamonds, like the beautiful pear shaped diamonds pictured above, rather than round diamonds, you can save 25% to 40% on your diamonds! Or, you can also use that 25% to 40% savings to get larger, more high quality diamonds than you could have fit in your budget if you had selected round diamonds.  

2. Their Unique Style 

1 carat princess cut diamond studs with 14k white gold four prong solitaire earring settings. 

Your choice of diamond shape sets the overall style of your pair of diamond stud earrings. And if you opt for fancy shaped diamonds, you have many styles to choose from. Each fancy shaped diamond has its own distinctive style, which allows you to pick a diamond shape that perfectly suits your own personal aesthetic. Below, see our style notes on the seven most popular fancy shaped diamonds and decide which would be perfect for you! 

Princess Cut: Princess cut diamonds, pictured above, are loved for their sleek modern style. 

Cushion Cut: Cushion cut diamonds are a highly romantic vintage diamond shape.

Asscher Cut: Asscher cut diamonds have a distinctive Art Deco Era vintage style.  

Emerald Cut: Emerald cut diamonds have an elegant Retro Era vintage style. 

Marquise Cut: Marquise cut diamonds are loved for their highly unique, delicate look. 

Oval Cut: Oval cut diamonds are classic and traditional, yet a bit unexpected. 

Pear Cut: Pear shaped diamonds are sophisticated, chic, and unique. 

3. Their Size Per Carat

2 carat diamonds studs with oval cut diamonds and white gold four prong settings. 

Fancy shaped diamonds can help you get more bang for your buck due to their more affordable price tags. Then, they can also help you get more bang for your buck because some fancy shaped diamonds look larger per carat. There are four fancy shaped diamonds that look larger than other diamond shapes per carat: marquise cut, pear shaped, emerald cut, and oval cut diamonds. If you choose one of these diamond shapes for your diamond studs, your studs will cost 25% to 40% less than round diamond studs of the same size and quality— and they will look 5% to 10% larger! 

Wondering why some diamond shapes look larger than other shapes with the same carat? Many people mistakenly think that diamond carat is a synonym for diamond size. But diamond carat is actually a weight measurement. And while carat weight can give you a general idea of how large a diamond can be, different shapes have their weight distributed differently, so different shapes can look larger or smaller than others per carat. The fancy shaped diamonds we mentioned above (marquise, pear, oval, and emerald) have more of their mass on their table (their top). So when they are viewed from above, as they are when set in diamond jewelry like diamond earrings or diamond engagement rings, these shapes will look significantly larger per carat. 

4. Their Many Proportions

A round diamond is always perfectly round. But fancy shaped diamonds can offer a lot more variety when it comes to proportions. When you start browsing fancy shaped diamond gemstones, you’ll find that different diamonds with the same shape can look very different. For example, an oval diamond can look short and wide or be quite long and thin. The same is true for many other fancy diamond shapes, like cushion cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, marquise cut diamonds, and pear cut diamonds. 

The variety within these fancy shapes is a benefit because it allows you to choose the exact proportions you love. Or, the proportions that you think would be most flattering when worn. For example, many people love longer, slimmer diamond proportions because they add a slimming, elongating effect to the face (when worn in diamond earrings) or the finger (when worn in an engagement ring or another type of diamond ring). 

5. Their Shimmer Variety

One thing that makes diamonds so beautiful is their shimmer. And among fancy shaped diamonds, you have several different types of shimmer to choose from. Fancy shaped diamonds generally feature one of two types of diamond cuts: a brilliant cut or a step cut. Below, we’ll talk a bit about how a diamond’s cut affects its sparkle, so you can decide which type of shimmer you prefer! 

Brilliant Cut Fancy Shaped Diamonds 

Marquise, Oval, Radiant, Cushion, Pear 

Brilliant cut diamonds have many small facets that are designed to maximize a diamond’s brilliance (the white light that emits from a diamond). Most round cut diamonds are round brilliant cut diamonds that feature a brilliant cut. Marquise cut, oval cut, radiant cut, cushion cut, and pear cut diamonds all also feature brilliant cuts so, in terms of light reflection, they will look similar to a round brilliant diamond. One slight exception is cushion cut diamonds, which are brilliant but also tend to have a higher amount of fire (the rainbow light that emits from a diamond). 

Brilliant cut diamonds are loved by many because they are highly sparkly. Brilliant cut diamonds are a favorite for diamond studs in particular because brilliant cut white diamonds “pop” with light from a distance. 

Step Cut Fancy Shaped Diamonds 

Emerald, Asscher

Step cut diamonds feature long, linear facets and have a large open table. Step cut diamonds have a distinctly different look when compared to brilliant cut diamonds. Step cut diamonds have a more open look and they reflect light in larger “flashes.”

Step cut diamonds are a bit less popular than brilliant cut diamonds for diamond stud earrings. However, they’re no less beautiful— they simply have a different look. Which look you prefer is simply a matter of personal preference. Many people adore step cut diamonds because they are quite chic and glamorous. The icy, flashy look of a step cut diamond is eye-catching and sophisticated.