The concept of love languages, the idea that people communicate and receive love in different ways, was developed by Dr. Gary Chapman. In his book The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts, Dr. Chapman talks about five different ways of communicating love: quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, and physical touch. According to The Five Love Languages, people tend to relate to most of the love languages, but will have one that speaks to them the most. By focusing on that dominant love language, you can ensure that your partner feels the love you give. 

When you show your partner that you understand their love language on Valentine’s Day, it can make an already romantic day even more meaningful. To help you do just that, below, we’re going over some excellent Valentine’s Day ideas for each of the five love languages. If you aren’t sure about your partner’s love language yet, never fear– we’re also giving an overview of each of the 5 love languages to help you decide which Valentine’s Day ideas will be the best fit for your partner. 

Receiving Gifts 

About the Receiving Gifts Love Language

People with the receiving gifts love language adore receiving gifts– but not just any gifts. A person with this love language feels loved and appreciated when they receive thoughtful gifts that show their partner took the time to consider their unique values, likes, and dislikes. When they receive a meaningful gift that’s perfectly tailored to them, a person with this love language will treasure the gift as a tangible, visual symbol of love. 

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Receiving Gifts Love Language

A person with this love language will appreciate getting little gifts all year long, but you may want to go a bit bigger and more sentimental for their Valentine’s Day gift, since people with this love language tend to really care about gift-giving holidays.

The best Valentine’s Day gift for someone with this love language is something that’s beautiful and meaningful, while also ideally being something they can enjoy (and show off) daily. Fine jewelry is something that checks off all these boxes, so it’s truly a can’t-fail Valentine’s Day gift idea. Within the fine jewelry category, a pair of round cut diamond studs would be our top recommendation, since it’s a classic option that your Valentine will treasure wearing for decades to come. 

If you’re getting close to popping the question, a diamond engagement ring is a Valentine’s Day gift your love will surely never forget. One of our favorite on-trend engagement styles for Valentine’s Day 2021 is an elegant oval cut diamond solitaire engagement ring. 

Another perfect gift idea for someone with this love language is a piece of gemstone jewelry, like the blue sapphire pendant necklace pictured above. Every gemstone is imbued with its own unique meanings and history. For example, blue sapphires represent honesty, devotion, and wisdom. By strategically choosing your love’s gemstone, you can add rich layers of meaning to your gift, which someone with the receiving gifts love language is sure to adore. 

Physical Touch 

About the Physical Touch Love Language

People with the physical touch love language feel loved when they’re given physical signs of affection, like kisses, cuddles, and hugs. For a person who communicates love through physical touch, physical intimacy gives them a warm and comforting feeling, making them feel safe, appreciated, and loved. 

Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Physical Touch Love Language

There are many ways to incorporate physical touch into your Valentine’s Day celebrations. For example, you can hold hands while you go on a walk or watch a movie, cuddle on a blanket under the stars after driving to a scenic outlook, or give your loved one a Valentine’s massage to kick off a romantic date night. If you’re giving jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift, you can also add an element of physicality to your gift by placing it on your partner’s neck, wrist, or finger, thereby allowing them to connect with you through touch.

Quality Time 

About the Quality Time Love Language

People with the quality time love language feel loved when their significant other wants to spend quality time with them. If your partner has this love language, they’ll be thrilled if you always want to hang out and chat, have meals together, or do recreational activities together. 

Note that “quality” is an important part of the quality time love language. A person with this love language will feel neglected if you are distracted when you spend time with them. So, prioritize activating listening and eye contact if your partner values quality time. 

Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Quality Time Love Language

If your partner’s top love language is quality time, carve out time for them in your Valentine’s Day schedule and plan a romantic activity for two. There are numerous activities they’ll adore, like taking a road trip in a camper, throwing a fun couple’s game night, taking a virtual cooking class together, having a coffee or wine tasting, or going on a hike together. Whatever you settle on doing, make sure you give your partner your undivided attention while you’re doing it.

Acts of Service 

About the Acts of Service Love Language

If your partner has acts of service as their primary love language, they adore it when you make their life easier. By doing things like making them meals, taking care of them when they’re sick, or doing household chores without them asking, you’re freeing up time for them to rest and reducing their stresses. Actions speak louder than words to someone with the acts of service love language, so they want to hear “I love you” with your actions instead of just with your words. 

Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Acts of Service Love Language

There are plenty of services you can provide to make an acts-of-service-focused Valentine swoon. If there’s a household project you can complete, doing so will fill them with love. You can also make their favorite meal (be sure to do all the cleaning too), have their bridal jewelry cleaned for them at the jewelers, have their car detailed, do their laundry while they relax in a bubble bath, walk the dog while they watch their favorite tv show, or give them a coupon book full of services they can redeem in the coming months. 

Words of Affirmation 

About the Words of Affirmation Love Language 

People with the words of affirmation love language feel loved when they receive verbal acknowledgements of affection. Saying “I love you” frequently is a must if words of affirmation is your partner’s love language, but there are many other types of word-based affection you can provide. For example, you can also shower your love in compliments, encouragement, and words of appreciation. Additionally, remember that you can provide verbal expressions of love through many outlets, such as in person, over the phone, via text, through social media, or in a card or letter. 

Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Words of Affirmation Love Language

If words of affirmation is your partner’s love language, giving them a handwritten card or love letter is a wonderful idea. Your love will light up when reading your thoughtful words of admiration the first time, then can enjoy them again and again on future readings. On top of giving a card or letter, there also are plenty of ways to pepper in words of affirmation on Valentine’s Day. If you were planning on giving jewelry this year, make it more affirming by adding a sentimental engraving. You can also place cute love notes around your home using sticky notes, make a sentimental playlist of songs that make you think of your SO, and shower your partner with “I love yous” and specific words of admiration all day long.