Winter is a magical time of year; it’s perfect for romance. But the blistering weather can make it harder to have a romantic date outdoors— shivering together is no one’s idea of a perfect date. But there are tons of romantic date nights you can experience with your beau in the winter. To help you and your partner have a little more fun this winter season, we’ve put together this date guide for the winter season, with ideas of things to do out in the world and things to do together at home. Keep reading to see all our romantic ideas for the perfect winter date!

Get Out and About: See The Lights

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One of the prettiest things about winter is all the holiday lights. If you want to go on a romantic outing in December, grab a couple of hot chocolates and hit the road. You can drive to a neighborhood known for its spectacular lights and stroll around while you sip a hot beverage. If it’s too chilly to walk around, you can stay warm in your car and drive around looking at the sights with your sweetheart.

Cuddle Up Inside: Cook Together


Cooking together is romantic and fun. You can have a great date night in by picking a recipe you both would like to cook. Pour a couple of glasses of wine (if you’re over 21, of course) and make something new! To add a fun touch to this date, put a blanket by the fireplace and enjoy your meal picnic style.

Get Out and About: Beer Tasting


Heading to a beer tasting is a great way to go out and try something new while keeping warm. Pick a local brewery and enjoy some new local brews with a flight of craft beers.

Cuddle Up Inside: Game Night In


Who says game nights need to be with big groups of people? Having a game night in with just you and your partner is a fun and great way to bond more. There are lots of great games for two, like Scrabble, Yahtzee, and Jenga. Have some youthful, child-like fun together with a game night in.

Get Out and About: Karaoke Night

Hit the town while staying warm by attending a local karaoke night. Karaoke is fun, silly, and liberating. You can even sing duets together! Bonus: this date can also be done indoors thanks to the magic of the internet. There are tons of karaoke videos on YouTube for you and your date to sing your hearts out to.

Cuddle Up Inside: Have A Movie Marathon


Looking for a longer date night, or even a date day? Throw a movie marathon for just you and your beau. You can pick a trilogy or longer series— just choose something that you know would be fun for both of you. Your options are endless: try Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Scream, Lord of the Rings, Mission Impossible, and so many others. Pick some flicks,  get the popcorn, cuddle up, and have a cozy winter date night in together.