Oval cut diamond studs have an icy, timeless beauty. The oval diamond is a classic diamond shape that adds spectacular brilliance to a pair of diamond studs. While oval diamonds have always been a popular choice for diamond stud earrings, they’ve recently become more popular than ever. 

No one can know for sure why oval diamonds are trending, but we have a guess: the power of the internet. Thanks to the endless amount of information available to consumers, more and more shoppers are learning the enormous advantages of selecting an oval cut diamond for their studs, their engagement ring, or for other types of diamond jewelry. Wondering what makes the oval diamond so special? In this post, we’re sharing the top five benefits of buying oval cut diamonds for your diamond studs! 

1. They Look Bigger Per Carat

Let’s start with the oval diamond benefit that gets the most love: how much larger oval diamonds look per carat. 

Many people think that a diamond’s carat is a measurement of how large it is. But, in fact, carat is a weight measurement, not a size measurement. Though carat weight isn’t a size measurement, a diamond’s carat can give you an excellent idea of how large it will be. When a diamond a higher weight, it has more mass, so it will look larger. However, how large a diamond looks per carat varies greatly between shapes, due to how mass is distributed. 

Oval diamonds look considerably larger than many other diamond shapes per carat. This is because oval diamonds have a larger percentage of their mass on their table (the top of the diamond). Diamonds are viewed from above when placed in diamond jewelry, so the oval diamond’s larger table makes it look quite a bit bigger. 

How much bigger do oval diamonds look per carat? Let’s compare the oval diamond to the most popular diamond shape, the round brilliant diamond. Oval diamonds will have a table surface area that’s about 9% bigger than a round diamond’s! 

The size of oval diamonds is a major benefit. Because oval diamonds look so much larger per carat, you’ll get much more impact if you select an oval diamond— without having to spend more for a higher carat weight. 

2. They’re More Affordable 

Speaking of not having to spend more, let’s talk about the attractive price of oval cut diamonds. 

Oval cut diamonds fall into the “fancy shaped diamond” category. A fancy shaped diamond is any diamond that is not a round brilliant diamond. All fancy shaped diamonds, including oval diamonds, are more affordable than round diamonds. This is partially due to the fact that there is more raw diamond waste when a round diamond is cut and partially due to the high popularity of the shape. 

So, since oval diamonds are fancy shaped diamonds, they’re more affordable than round diamonds. But how much more affordable are oval diamonds than round? If you compare two one carat diamonds with the same qualities, with one being round and one being oval, you’ll find that the oval diamond generally costs between $600 and $1,000 less. 

This lower price point is excellent news if you’re in the market for an oval cut diamond. If you were looking for 1 carat diamonds for your studs, you can save quite a bit of cash if you select oval cut diamonds. Or, you can use the lower price of oval cut diamonds to maximize your budget and go up a bit in carat weight, helping your studs look much more sizable. 

3. They’re Highly Brilliant 

Another benefit of oval cut diamonds is their brilliance. While many other fancy shaped diamonds sacrifice a bit in the brilliance department, oval diamonds are extremely brilliant.

The most brilliant diamond shape is the round brilliant, which is one reason that shape is so loved. However, oval diamonds feature a modified version of the round brilliant diamond’s faceting pattern. So while they are not quite as brilliant as round cut diamonds, they’re still absolutely dazzling. Most people cannot even tell the difference between the brilliance of these two diamond cuts. And while many fancy cut diamonds feature a modified brilliant cut, oval cut diamonds have one of the most brilliant of all modified brilliant cuts. They’re equally as brilliant when compared to marquise cut and pear cut diamonds, then more brilliant than heart shaped, radiant cut, cushion cut, and princess cut diamonds. Then, they’re considerably more brilliant than step cut shapes such as emerald cut, asscher cut, and baguette cut diamonds.

The high brilliance of oval cut diamonds is advantageous for two reasons. One, this high brilliance ensures that the oval diamond has incredible sparkle. Two, the oval shape’s brilliant cut tends to hide flaws. Brilliant cut shapes are notoriously good at hiding lower clarity, since their dazzling facets mask inclusions (the flaws inside a diamond). This means that you can often go a bit lower in clarity with a brilliant cut shape, which helps you save money. 

Many people already decide to go a bit lower in clarity grade for diamond stud earrings. (Both jewelers and the experts at the GIA often recommend doing so to maximize your budget.) This is because stud earrings, unlike diamond engagement rings or other diamond rings, are generally viewed from a distance, so tiny flaws are not as noticeable to the naked eye. The brilliant cut of oval diamonds helps mask these flaws even more, ensuring your diamond studs still look beautiful and high quality, even if they’re fairly low on the clarity scale. 

4. They Have a Timeless, Yet Unique Style 

Another advantage of oval cut diamonds is their timeless, yet still eye-catching style. Oval diamonds are quite classic and sophisticated. Visually, they’re similar to round diamond gemstones, with their elegant, rounded shape. Yet, their elongated look is just different enough to give them a striking, unique look that makes them stand out. 

Oval diamonds are loved by many style-setters and celebrities. So, if you choose oval diamonds, you’re in excellent company. Fashionable celebs who wear oval diamond engagement rings include Blake Lively, Selma Hayek, Heidi Klum, and Katie Holmes. 

5. They Offer More Variety 

Last up in our list of the top 5 benefits of oval cut diamonds is their variety factor. Many diamond shapes look pretty much the same no matter which diamond you choose. For example, a round cut diamond will always be perfectly round. On the other hand, oval diamonds can look very different depending on their ratio. 

Oval diamonds can have different length-to-width ratios. Depending on an oval diamond’s ratio, it can look wide and short, long and slim, or somewhere in between. Most people prefer oval diamonds that fall in the “classic” oval diamond ratio range, which is from about 1.35 to 1.50. However, you’ll find many oval diamonds outside of this range, which gives you more variety to choose from. If you love the softer look of a wider oval diamond, go with a lower ratio. If you love the more pronounced look of a longer oval diamond, go with a higher ratio. 

Because of oval diamonds can look so different depending on their ratio, you can really customize your oval diamond stud earrings to your personal preference. You can select the exact ratio that you think would be the most beautiful for your pair of diamond studs

Oval diamonds also fit very easily into many diamond earring settings and engagement ring settings. They can be used in numerous prong settings (including four prong solitaire and prong set dangle earrings), bezel settings, and halo settings, which gives you more options when it comes to choosing your setting style. They also look lovely with every precious metal (including platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold) so you have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing your oval stud earrings’ precious metal. You can go with white gold or platinum to give your oval studs a more sleek and chic look, go with yellow gold for a more traditional look, or select rose gold for a highly romantic look. 

To Oval or Not To Oval? 

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