Most men struggle to try to find the best way to propose. Some of them will even spend sleepless nights trying to figure out the most romantic way of doing so. Well, 2015 has been a year full of love. Check out the top proposal stories of 2015 below. You may just find a way to propose this year!

365 Proposal Videos

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Dean and Jenifer met on an online dating social platform.   After only 8 months of dating, Dean felt that Jenifer was the one.  Although he knew she was the one, he felt that it was too early to propose to her. He started prepping for her proposal on her 25th birthday and decided to create a video dedicated to her every day until her 26th birthday. Dean’s family helped him present the videos to Jenifer once her birthday came around. As Jenifer went through the videos she saw Dean on the background holding a banner reading “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”  If a video every day doesn’t show dedication and love, what does?

Proposal on a Baseball Pitch

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Megan is a victim of domestic violence. On January 2012, Megan was stabbed repeatedly by her ex-boyfriend. Luckily, a guy by the name of Cameron came to her rescue and helped fly her to the hospital for an emergency treatment. Once Megan had fully recovered, the two exchanged e-mails which then led to two and half years of dating.  One day, as they were playing baseball, Megan noticed something written on the ball. As the ball sprawled towards her, she noticed it was engraved with “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” and right below her was Cameron on one knee holding a ring.

Album Proposal

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Nick met Whitney in college and thus, began their 5-year relationship.  Whitney had made an observation that although they had dated for so long they barely had any pictures together. Nick decided to take matters into his own hands and build an album filled with pictures that they took from then on out to use when he was going to make his proposal to Whitney. On their fifth anniversary, Nick pulled out this album in a gift box with a ring next to it.  So completely sentimental that we even got emotional!

Christmas Tree Proposal

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David and Melisa met back at Liberty University during their first year of school.  They reconnected in Houston working as camp counselors. Three years later, David saw it best to propose to Melisa.  During the holidays, he requested Melisa to accompany her to the Christmas tree farm but little did she know what was waiting for her. One of the Christmas trees had a letter, strategically placed by David.  He lit up the tree and pulled it down to read it to her.  He got out the ring he had made specifically for her, with a note saying, “will you marry me?”

An Emotional Proposal

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That night Jake decided it was time to propose to Christine. As they hung out on one of their favorite beaches in LA, Jake pulled a letter from his coat and started reading it to her. Christine could not hold back her tears as the letter was addressed to Christine’s mother requesting her to allow him to marry Christine. When Jake was done reading the letter, he went down on his knee presenting Christine with a ring in one hand and a puppy in the other.  What better way could a guy propose to his girlfriend then an adorable puppy and ring? You can take a wild guess on how Christine reacted to this.

Proposal on a Mountain Top

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We’ve saved the best for last.  The most captivating proposal of 2015 was this mountain top escapade. Harley (pictured left) requested Houston to accompany him on a hike and participate in an interview titled “Loving from the Mountaintop.” They were also accompanied by friends that recorded the two during this interview. At some point, Harley pulled out a piece of paper and began reading a poem he had written the previous evening. He then bent down on one knee and presented a ring to Houston. Little did she know that her friends were hidden amongst the bushes and were watching this magical moment take place.  They came out clapping and cheering once the question was popped. We’re sure the view made for a breathtaking proposal as well!