Put aside your minimalistic studs and bring on out the inventory of every bright and bold statement earring that you may own. This year’s S/S fashion featured oversized dangling earrings that are sure to steal the show. The runway was accessorized in fruitful colors and various fun accents, let’s take a look at the trends!


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Luminous, daring, and in your face. There is an ode to the season of summer with the palette of jewels being fairly extensive. Gemstones are a popular choice for those seeking to color their worlds. Steering away from black and white, these rich pink sapphire round gemstone studs will give a needed pop and oomph to any get-up. There’s no match to the intensity and purity of these quirky little studs. Although the trend this season is that size matters, the deep color of these earrings makes up for their smaller size.


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A popular look this past Fall, fringes are rejuvenated this season in a completely fresh way. F/W collections featured boho-inspired loose strings upon apparel, while we’re getting special treatment this summer with fringe designed jewelry. The dangle earring is the perfect look for anyone seeking to achieve a boho look. This gorgeous pair of diamond chandelier earrings will knock out all of your accessorizing needs. The concentric circle designs and teardrop accents create a truly distinctive look as well as add major glam.

Eye-catching Hoops

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There’s been a spin on the classic go-to hoop earring. We are no longer willing to settle for plain and minimal hoops upon our ears this heated season. These beautiful diamond hoop earrings will grace your ears in elegance. The round cut diamonds are endless with this one. There’s really no limit to sparkle and shine. Get the blinged out look with this stunning pair of earrings. Why blend in when you can stand out? Go big or go home seems to be the theme of this season’s earring fashion. These versatile accessories can be used for multiple occasions along with different outfits. With these large and in charge dangles, there is no room for shying away from being out of the ordinary.