As we head into fall, we’re starting to see all the major trends for 2020 pop up on runways across the world. Wondering what’s in style for 2020’s fashion and fine jewelry? For 2020, it’s all about the bold, bright, and unique. There are a lot of dramatic, beautiful styles to love in every jewelry category for 2020. But in this post, we’re zeroing in on the exciting style trends within our favorite jewelry category: earrings! Read on to see the top earring trends of 2020! 

Bold Front Back Earrings 

Front back earrings have been trending for a few years and they’re still going strong. However, 2020’s front back earrings trend toward being more bold, oversized, and luxe than the styles of years past. While the front back earrings of the past few years have been more minimalistic and sleek, 2020’s front back earring designs are all about the drama. So for 2020, look for graphic shapes or diamond set accents for your front back earrings to make a major statement in keeping with 2020’s bold vibe. 

Oversized Yellow Gold Hoops 

If we had to pick a single earring style that’s dominating the 2020 runways, it would be hoop earrings. This year, huggie hoops and petite hoops are out and large, oversized hoops are in. Based on what we saw on the 2020 runways, oversized hoops will be one the biggest trends of the year. We’re sure to see them on red carpets— and on the ears of stylish fashionistas across the world— all year long. 

While all kinds of large hoop earrings are trending for 2020, there are two types of hoops dominating the large hoop category: oversized yellow gold hoops and dramatic, sizable diamond hoops. While rose gold had been the top trending precious metal for the past few years, this year rose gold has been edged out of the top spot. Based on the trends we’ve seen on the New York and London runways this year, both yellow gold and white gold will be more popular than rose gold in 2020.  

To embrace this year’s hoop earring trend, pick up both oversized gold hoops and large diamond hoops— or, hit both trends at once with an oversized pair of yellow gold and diamond hoops, like the dazzling set pictured above. 

Uniquely Shaped Studs 

While many types of oversized accessories are trending for 2020, there are still some beautiful 2020 trends that are perfect for those who prefer a more wearable, understated size for their jewelry. Within the stud category, we saw a dizzying array of uniquely shaped studs on the 2020 runways that are great for everyday wear. While the trending studs of the past few years were more minimalistic, we’re seeing graphic statement earrings trend for 2020. 

Among uniquely shaped studs, starbursts (the somewhat retro, graphic eight point star shape) are a big trend. Some other trending shapes include dramatic triangular shapes and romantic, abstract shapes (especially abstract shapes that are a bit floral inspired). 

The two curving, pave diamond set pairs of studs pictured above are the perfect example of the types of unique shapes we’re seeing trend for 2020. Studs like these are a great way to add a touch of bold, unique style (and brilliant shimmer!) to an ensemble. Uniquely shaped studs are also versatile. They look great with a going out look but are also understated enough to be right at home when running errands or heading into the office. To see even more uniquely shaped studs like the ones featured above, check out our Her Collection, our modern fashion jewelry collection that features a curated range of luxe modern styles. 

Oval Diamond Studs and Other Fancy Shaped Diamond Studs

Diamond stud earrings never go out of style. And while we did see many graphic hoops and drop earring styles gracing the ears of runway models this season, we saw just as many diamond studs. While oversized accessories are everywhere for 2020, fashion and jewelry designers usually chose to deck out models with just one or two oversized pieces for their runway looks. So if you want to rock some non-earring oversized pieces (some of our favorite non-earring trends include large gold chain necklaces, pearl jewelry, vintage jewelry, wide chokers, uniquely shaped handbags, and dramatic belts), going with a pair of chic solitaire diamond studs is the perfect way to complement your look. 

Within the white diamond stud category, we are seeing a trend toward more unique diamond shapes for 2020. Round diamonds have been the most popular diamond shape for decades. But in the last few years, the dominance of round diamonds has started to wane and more and more modern women are going for uniquely shaped diamonds for their studs. 

So, fancy shaped diamonds (this is the term used by jewelers for any diamond shape that isn’t round) are dramatically rising in popularity at the moment. And there’s one fancy diamond shape that is edging out the competition for the most popular diamond shape of 2020: the oval shaped diamond. Oval shaped diamonds are currently the most popular fancy diamond shape for 2019 and 2020 (among studs, engagement rings, fashion diamond rings, diamond pendant necklaces, and all other types of fine jewelry), thanks to their unique, yet still timeless look. Some other top trending fancy diamond shapes include pear shaped diamonds and cushion cut diamonds. 

Colorful Diamond and Gemstone Earrings 

If you can never get enough color, 2020’s jewelry trends are right up your alley. For 2020, we’ve seen a big rise in colorful jewelry. In particular, we’ve seen a ton of gemstone and colored diamond earring styles trending for this upcoming year. 

All types of gemstone and colored diamond jewelry are trending for 2020. But one of our favorite trends within this category is the gemstone stud trend. Gemstone studs are a great way to add a bit of vibrant color to any ensemble. They’re beautiful and timeless, and also extremely wearable. 

So what types of gemstones are the most popular for 2020? Among precious gemstones, blue sapphires are enormously popular, as are rubies. We’ve seen a major rise in blue sapphire popularity in recent years, which is likely due to the ongoing influence of Kate Middleton’s iconic engagement ring. Then, rubies have likely become more popular due to the antique-inspired jewelry trend, since rubies are a staple of antique pieces. Among semi-precious gemstones, we’re seeing a big uptake in semi-precious gemstones that are also used in crystal healing (such as amethyst, quartz, or opal), which is likely due to the ever-increasing popularity of crystals. 

If you find yourself drawn to blue sapphire or ruby studs, know that while these styles are trending at the moment, they’re also timeless. Blue sapphires and rubies have been some of the most popular gemstones for thousands of years. They are two of the four major precious gemstones, alongside diamonds and emeralds. (They’re always popular in birthstone jewelry, as sapphire is the birthstone for September and ruby is the birthstone for July.) So blue sapphires and rubies are right on trend for 2020, but they’re also timeless options that you’ll be able to wear for decades to come.