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Whether you’re in the market for a white gown or just browsing for fun, bridal fashion week always provides a generous dose of gorgeous wedding dresses to revel in. Ranging from different necklines to different colors, feathered finishes to two pieces, and just several extravagant gowns, here are the top wedding gowns for 2016. If you’re planning a wedding for the upcoming year, you’re in the right place!

The Basic Neckline

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 12.27.24 PMPeople sometimes associate simplicity with elegance.  In this situation, we can say that is 100% true.  These gowns stand out for their simple color, style, and necklines.  Simplicity is all over the runway in 2016 and we are all about it.

The 3-D Effect

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Gowns like the one featured above definitely made a statement on the runway this year. These elegant, yet futuristic gowns are the new “it gowns” for the upcoming year. The gown above has a simple neckline, however it also has a not-so-simple 3-D shoulder design that we’re all crazy about. What more could you want?

The Princess Overlay Gown

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When we used the saying “princess dress” we were all referring to the big white ball gown that every little girl used to dream of wearing. However, times have changed and so has fashion. This princess gown shown above has an overlay of diamonds. The sheer overlay makes this dress elegant yet sexy for those who are looking for a draw dropping gown.

The Feathered Gown

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Here’s a dress that definitely strays from traditional although it embodies two traditional parts, feathers and the color black.  You will definitely turn heads and be the most daring bride in this one of a kind wedding gown. This Vera Wang two-piece gown is one that will leave everyone in shock…and make it look like you just walked out of an editorial shoot!

Floral Prints

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Listed as one of the most fashion forward styles, floral dresses seem to be making a comeback this upcoming year. The picture shown above is a dramatic runway looking piece, but if floral is your thing, there are several more subtle options out there!

Off White Gowns

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Subtle tones of taupe, nude, and silver were scattered among the runways. These off white gowns are also making their mark on new styles and trends in 2016. Perfect for a Spring or Summer wedding, these warm and subtle dresses will add a bit of color and style to your wedding.

The Bridal Suit


For a more casual wedding, the suit has become the “it” piece. We know many people prefer a wedding gown, but for a non-traditional and daring bride, this option is one that is unexpected yet very fashion forward. Wouldn’t hurt to try on a few, right?