Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve listed the perfect DIY ideas for that special someone you have in your heart and mind. While some suggestions may be easier said than done, there are a few gift ideas out there for every person looking to surprise someone this Valentine’s. Let’s roll up those sleeves and pick out the ideal present for those who deserve a little something on the 14th.

Heart-Shaped Bath Bombs

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Not only is this gesture super cute and fun, it is also a very thoughtful gift because bath bombs are useful and versatile, everyone takes baths! Give your loved one some well-deserved “me time” with this decorative soap. These luxurious bath bombs can be made at home with simple ingredients such as baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, jojoba oil, food coloring, and any essential oil to the scent of your choosing. A mixing tool will also be needed to blend the ingredients, but overall, it is a rather simple process. Your beau will be in awe by your creativity and thoughtfulness.

Tree of Hearts

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Photo courtesy of Pinterest

This festive ode of love would definitely be the perfect table topper for the dining room table or kitchen. The process is fairly straight forward and requires the purchasing of a few faux branches, colored construction paper, twine, and of course a vase. The idea is to hang paper made hearts along the twigs in a decorative way. A 3-D heart can be made by cutting two hearts in half and tying them together with a piece of yarn or twine. Clip on birds can also be a great addition for aesthetic purposes. This is a much longer lasting and more effort-filled approach than flowers.

Initial Carving

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Photo courtesy of Three Scoops of Love

Bring out the inner young love with this Valentine’s Day idea. Find a relatively small piece of firewood or chopped bark and carve away at it. Carving a “you + me” heart with your initials, or a cute message are examples of what to showcase. Tools needed to create the engraved log can vary depending on your personal preference. A knife, woodburning tool, or stencil can all be used. This is really a romantic gesture that requires some handy work, which will have your partner all the more appreciative. It is also a gift that can have a long-term use, even after the special Holiday.

Heart-Shaped Jewelry Dish

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Photo courtesy of Etsy

Let’s face it, the best gifts are the useful ones. Help clear the clutter for your girlfriend with a cute little catchall for her accessories. Of course, this can be found at selected jewelry stores, but they can also be handmade at a ceramics studio, such as Color Me Mine or at any arts & crafts store. Your loved one will be reminded of you with the everyday use of this gift.


heart pendant

Photo courtesy of Diamond Studs

And of course, this is a “go-to” for anyone in a serious relationship or looking to surprise her with the more “finer things in life.” There’s always room in a girl’s closet for accessories and you can’t go wrong with diamonds. Diamond Studs is now offering a free diamond pendant (worth $150) with your purchase, along with other deals when you enter promo code “LOVE” at the end of your purchase. You can customize your own diamond pendant, diamond studs, or diamond ring to your liking. Show your partner your commitment with a gift that will last a lifetime.