When it comes to fine jewelry, some quintessential pieces should be in everyone’s collection. When you look in a jewelry box, you want to see a pendant necklace, a couple of rings, maybe a diamond tennis bracelet, and perhaps right at the top of the list, you want to see stud earrings.

There is something classic, elegant and timeless about simple stud earrings that makes them a must-have in a jewelry collection, no matter your style. They might not be as eye-catching as a pair of diamond hoop earrings or something like a big diamond ring on your finger, but the minimalist and versatile nature of a simple pair of solitaire earrings can be the foundation of a sophisticated and stylish look. It’s all about what you pair them with!

If you are still unsure about stud earrings as a statement piece of jewelry, take a look at these reasons. We’re sharing our thoughts on why they should still be considered as one of the absolute must-have basic essential jewelry pieces for any collection. Here is why you should make room on your earlobes for a lovely pair of studs!

Studs Are An Ageless Choice

Studs are very often the first pair of earrings that you are gifted as a child, usually when you get your first ear piercings. They are lightweight but sturdy enough to ensure that the new piercings stay open, but as well as being practical, they are also beautiful and timeless thanks to the simplicity of their shape and design.

Whether you want something elegant like gold studs or would prefer something more statement-making to match your more eccentric cocktail rings, the great thing about studs is that they are completely versatile. They will never, ever go out of fashion. A pair that you purchase today or in five years is still going to be style in fifty years!

An Easy Way To Wear Gemstones

If you want to incorporate more bling into your jewelry but don’t necessarily want a showy pendant necklace or a flashy ring, then stud earrings incorporating gemstones are a great option.

The great thing about diamonds and other stones in stud earrings is that even smaller carat weight stones can have a big impact. Gemstone earrings are arguably the most inconspicuous of all types of gemstone jewelry, so they can be seen as the chic and minimalist option for somebody who isn’t trying to change too much about their jewelry aesthetic.

Studs are also the best option if you regularly partake in physical activities when wearing jewelry like bracelets and rings is not appropriate. And, when you think about it, a pair of solitaire diamond stud earrings are the perfect complement to a diamond engagement ring that you also wear every day.

Black Diamond studs are a simple way to add color and yet keep a timeless quality to your fashion that will still stand out.

They Are Perfect For Everyday Wear

When you’re looking for go-to jewelry you want to wear every day and you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way of anything or risk being snagged or broken, it has to be simple stud earrings. They are easy and comfortable to wear and their versatility means they can work with any and every outfit.

And when we say every day, we mean each day no matter what you have going on. Whether you are just going to work or there’s a special occasion, a well-chosen pair of stud earrings is always going to be a safe but sophisticated choice. Depending on how fun your night goes at a party, they can also be very easily slept in, too!

Some people consider diamond jewelry to be too formal for everyday wear, so something like Moissanite gemstone studs can be the perfect transition jewelry to go from day to night without negatively impacting your style or look.

They Make For A Gender-Neutral Style Choice

One of the biggest trends in jewelry and wider fashion at the moment is a more gender-neutral style that plays with the rigidity of traditional stereotypes. If you are looking to incorporate jewelry into a more gender-neutral aesthetic, stud earrings are one of the best choices.

Studs are equally appropriate for both men and women, and with classic yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, or timeless platinum, there are plenty of choices to suit everyone’s taste.

If you are a jewelry-loving girl or woman who is more inclined towards a tomboy style, then studs are going to feel much more comfortable than large hoop earrings, for example.

They Are Perfect For Stacking

You may have noticed that everyone seems to love layered and stacked jewelry these days. Stacking, just as the name suggests, is the process of layering up items of jewelry to create a more maximalist effect, and this can be done by mixing bangle bracelets, matching stacking rings, and different lengths of necklaces.

You might know, however, that long before the current layering trend, people were sporting multiple ear piercings, mixing different shapes, styles, and sizes of earrings.

Studs are pretty much an essential component in creating a stacked look on the ears. They not only fill a space, but they also create the space needed between the different earrings so they look stacked rather than piled or jumbled together. Consider a small-carat weight, fancy-shaped stud earring, like the stunning Oval Cut Lab Diamond earrings, for a fun and simple multi-pair wear style.

So we’ve shown how quintessential an item of jewelry stud earrings are and now it’s up to you to expand your collection. You can never have too many different types of stud earrings.