Moms are indeed borderline superhuman: They bring us into the world, embrace us when we’re afraid, and give wisdom to help us navigate the darkest days. We are forever grateful for all they have done for us and all they continue to do. This Mother’s Day, we’re remembering the endless ways we are thankful for the wonderful ladies in our lives. Come what may, they are always filling in the spaces, making connections, and loving their children unconditionally.

The most exquisitely memorable way to show mom you care is by gifting her with a fine diamond jewelry she’ll cherish for a lifetime. Although there are a million reasons why mom deserves a sparkling stone, here are 9 amazing reasons why she’s amazing.


1. She throws the coolest birthday parties and slaves over every last detail until it’s perfect.


2. She knows how to outdo you with her ridiculously creative Halloween outfits.


3. She always answers to I’m hungry. I’m starving. There’s nothing to eat. When’s dinner? Can I have a snack? over and over and over.


4. She carries a mini snack bar in her purse at all times. Crackers? Check. Fruit? Check. Your favorite chocolate bar to keep you calm when you’re about to act out in public? You know it!


5. She gives you the best kisses. She gives you kisses when you’re hurt, when you’re happy, when you’re sad–and kisses just because she can.


6. She always gets in on the fun to make sure she spends enough time with you.


7. She’s the only one in the family who effortlessly masters the art of multi-tasking.


8. She comes up with the best ways to keep you warm thanks to her crafty knitting skills.


9. She always knows the perfect comeback when you foolishly offend her.


10. She loves you.




Surprise mom with something she’ll never forget…

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