Diamond Certification

For any and every diamond earrings that you purchase from DiamondStuds.com, you recieve a certificate also known as the grading report. This certificate will provide you with an honest assesment of the quality of your diamond, from an independent and a non-biased thrid party that is respected and reknowned for grading Diamonds.



Gemological Institute of America - GIA

We provide you with GIA certificate, which is one of the most respected laboratories that offer certification to our diamonds, and can be trusted to provide you with a complete assesment from highly trained professionals. Due to the strict grading standards, GIA certified diamonds are sold at a premium price. For more information please visit GIA website


European Gemological Laboratory USA - EGL USA

EGL-USA is a highly respected and trusted gemological laboratory worldwide. They have slightly different grading standards than their GIA counterpart which makes EGL certified diamonds more affordable. For more information please visit EGL - USA website


International Gemological Institute - IGI

International Gemological Institute (IGI Diamond Certifications) Reports clearly state the origin, creation and quality characteristics of diamonds and other precious stones. Experienced assessments of your purchase will include a grading report from expert, trusted industry gemologists that carefully analyze each diamond and produce an accurate description of its characteristics, such as color, clarity, carat weight and the quality of its cut. IGI certificates are clearly marked in Yellow accents to represent Laboratory Grown Diamond certificates.

The diamonds are assessed based on the following characteristics :

Measurement The dimensions are measured in millimeters.
Weight The diamond weighing unit is called a 'Carat'. A carat has 100 points, each point is called a 'Cent'.
Depth The depth of a diamond is related to the height of the stone.
Table The table of a diamond is the largest facet of the diamond seen from the top.
Girdle Girdle of a diamond is the boundary differentiating the top and bottom of the diamond.
Culet The culet of a diamond is the point at the bottom where the diamond ends.
Finish The finish of a diamond defines the quality of polishing the facets.
Clarity The clarity of the diamond defines the level and location of imperfection under 10X microscopic magnification.
Color The color of a diamond defines the color of the stone on the grading scale from 'D' to 'Z'.
Fluorescence Fluorescence defines the intensity of the opacity due to dispursed cloud formation within the diamond. The flourescence is defined within a range from nil to strong.
Comments Any additional remarks on the diamond's features that may or may not be included in the above criteria.

We also provide you with our own Certificate of Authenticity, which states that all our diamonds are 100% natural and authentic, and carefully hand-picked and hand-set in the USA. This certificate is not only for your confidence, but also for appraisal purposes and insurance.

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