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Buying Black Diamond Earring Studs

The Ultimate Guide of 'Do's and Don’ts' For Buying Black Diamond Studs Online

Black diamond earrings are boldly beautiful. The luxurious black diamond adds an air of rich mystery to any earring style. And, as an added bonus, black diamonds tend to be much more affordable than white diamonds, even though they’re actually more rare. Black diamonds are the perfect choice for the savvy shopper who’s looking for something that’s luxe, gorgeous, and unique.

If you’re considering black diamonds for your earrings or other jewelry, there are a few things you should understand about buying these distinctive gemstones. Black diamonds share many of the same qualities as white diamonds, yet they also have their own unique properties. Before you buy black diamond jewelry, you should understand the unique elements of black diamonds so you can select the ideal black diamonds for you.

In this Ultimate Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Black Diamond Studs, we cover everything you need to know about buying black diamonds. While we’ll include many tips on buying black diamond stud earrings specifically, you can also use the information in this guide to select black diamonds for other types of black diamond jewelry. Whether you’re searching for black diamond hoop earrings, drop earrings, dangle earrings, or any other black diamond jewelry, this guide can help you select your ideal black diamonds.

Read on to learn helpful tips that will ensure you make an informed decision when buying your black diamonds.


Before we get into our black diamond selection guide, let’s cover some of the reasons black diamonds have become so popular recently. Below are just a few of the many reasons why black diamond gemstones are becoming more popular every year.

  • They’re often more affordable compared to white diamonds and are therefore popular in larger sizes
  • Their bold color stands out and offers a unique style
  • They’re a popular choice for both women’s and men’s jewelry
  • They make an affordable, long-lasting gift
  • They’re an excellent and affordable option for April’s birthstone, the diamond


You’ve probably heard of the 4Cs of diamonds: color, clarity, cut, and carat. The 4Cs are quality gradings that can tell you much about the quality of a diamond. However, the standard 4Cs are tailored to white diamonds and black diamonds aren’t graded by the same parameters. So how do you evaluate the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight of black diamonds? Read on to learn how the 4Cs of black diamonds differ from the 4Cs of white diamonds.


Fine natural black diamonds can range in color. The most highly prized natural black diamonds are the ones that are completely opaque, which means no light passes through the stone. However, such natural black diamonds are extraordinarily rare, hard to find, and extremely expensive. So nearly all the black diamonds sold in jewelry are a natural black diamond stone that receives a high temperature treatment to enhance the depth of the natural color, in order to give it that ideal color.

While deep, evenly colored black diamonds are considered the best type of black diamonds, there is technically no ideal color grade for black diamonds. This is because black falls outside the GIA's standard color grading scale, and black diamonds are therefore not traditionally graded. So when you select a black diamond, there is no ideal color grade for you to hunt for. Instead, to ensure your diamonds have a deep and even black color, we recommend looking for black diamonds that have been heat treated to improve their color.


Diamond clarity is still important for black diamonds. However, black diamonds are naturally heavily included, simply due to how they’re formed in the earth, so you will not find black diamonds with flawless clarity. When you search for black diamonds, you should primarily be concerned with whether or not they have inclusions on or near their surface, which would look like a cut or a crack to the naked eye. Diamondstuds.com only carries high quality black diamonds to ensure that no inclusions will visibly appear 'open' on the table of the diamond.


Diamond cut is one area in which black and white diamonds are graded similarly. As with white diamonds, the cut of black diamonds is important. Jewelers and gemologists recommend selecting a black diamond that is well cut, as this will ensure it has a high luster and well proportioned facets that refract maximum light.


Carat weight is an objective weight measurement, so white diamond and black diamond carat weight is graded the same way.

But when you browse black diamonds, you’ll find that they’re much more affordable than white diamonds of the same carat weight. The affordable price of black diamonds allows more people to go up in carat weight and get larger, more bold black diamonds. Black diamond studs are most popular in 1 carat and larger due to their value.

MM Size of Each Round Stud by Carat Weight

0.25 ctw 0.13 3.2MM
0.33 ctw 0.18 3.6MM
0.50 ctw 0.25 4.1MM
0.75 ctw 0.38 4.6MM
1.00 ctw 0.50 5.2MM
1.50 ctw 0.75 6MM
2.00 ctw 1.00 6.5MM
2.50 ctw 1.25 7MM
3.00 ctw 1.50 7.4MM
4.00 ctw 2.00 8.2MM


Now that you understand black diamond quality, let’s talk about black diamond style. Why do people gravitate toward black diamonds? What are your style options for black diamond studs and other black diamond jewelry? Read on to learn the answers to these questions and more.

What is the draw to these dazzling dark gems?

Black diamonds have a unique and distinctive dramatic color that is captivating. Perhaps they are best adorned by the person who likes to 'stand out from the crowd' and keep a one-of-a-kind style.

Like the white diamond, they remain one of the hardest substances known. Even in their color enhanced state, they remain of high strength and great value.

Like white diamonds, black diamonds come in many different shapes. The two most popular shapes for black diamond studs are round and princess cut diamonds. Round black diamonds provide an elegant and romantic look, while princess cut black diamonds provide a bold modern style. As you deliberate between these two shapes, consider which shape’s style would most closely fit your personal style.

Shop the popular princess cut black diamond studs (a best seller!). This clean lined square shape cut diamond is a popular gift for him or for her.


Black diamond studs come in numerous different setting styles. Which setting style is right for you? Learn more about your setting options by browsing our descriptions of common black diamond stud settings below.

4-Prong Basket Settings

Four prong basket settings are perhaps the most classic type of solitaire earring setting. This style of setting holds your center diamond in place in a delicate basket with four slim prongs. If you want black diamond studs with a touch of traditional style, 4-prong basket settings are an excellent option.

3-Prong Martini Settings

Three prong martini earring settings are similar to 4-prong basket settings, yet this solitaire stud earring setting style has a different silhouette. This earring setting has a rounded triangular basket that narrows into the earring’s post, which looks much like a martini glass when viewed from the side. This setting is a delicate, elegant variation on the classic prong earring setting.

Bezel Settings

Bezel settings are known for their sleek, modern style. This type of stud setting holds your center stone in place with a smooth ring of metal. This smooth metal setting provides a contemporary look and also provides excellent protection for your gemstones. The continuous ring of a bezel setting is highly secure and provides an extra level of protection from bumps or drops.

Halo Settings

Halo settings are perfect for those who love a bit of glamour. In a halo setting, your center stone is enclosed in a ring of glimmering white diamonds. Halo settings are a stunning and dramatic choice for black diamond stud earrings. The bright white brilliance of this setting style’s white diamond accents beautifully contrasts with the rich depth of black diamonds.


Black diamond studs look beautiful with many precious metal types. Cool toned metals (like white gold, platinum, sterling sliver, and stainless steel) tend to add a sleek, modern look to black diamond studs. While warm toned precious metals (like yellow gold or rose gold) can soften the look of black diamonds, giving black diamond jewelry a more romantic or classic look.

So which precious metal is right for your round or princess cut black diamond stud earrings? Let’s take a closer look at all your cool and warm toned precious metal options.

Cool-Toned Precious Metals

Among cool-toned metals, you have both precious and non-precious options for your jewelry. Generally, we recommend selecting precious metals (like white gold and platinum) over non-precious metals (like stainless steel or sterling silver) for black diamond jewelry. White gold and platinum have more natural luster when compared to non-precious white metals, which better complements the luxe look of black diamonds.

Your two white precious metal options for black diamond studs are white gold and platinum. These two precious metals look very similar, but one may be better for you than the other. If you have any metal allergies, platinum would generally be the best white precious metal for you, as it’s hypoallergenic. On the other hand, if you don’t have any metal allergies, you may prefer 14k white gold or 18k white gold, as white gold of any karat is less expensive than platinum. 14k white gold in particular is a great option for those on a budget (or for those who would prefer to put more of their budget toward their center stones), as it is a bit less expensive than 18k white gold.

Warm-Toned Precious Metals

If you prefer the look of warm-toned precious metals with black diamonds, you have two options: yellow gold and rose gold. Yellow gold has a bright warmth that adds a classic or traditional look to black diamond studs. Rose gold has a rich pink gold tone that adds a touch of romance to black diamond studs.

Among both yellow gold and rose gold, you have the option of either 14k or 18k gold. Generally, 14k gold will be slightly less expensive than 18k gold, due to its lower pure gold content. However, 14k and 18k gold also look slightly different, so you may want to select your gold karat based on how it looks. 14k yellow gold is slightly lighter in color than 18k yellow gold, which has a richer golden color. 14k rose gold looks a bit more pink than 18k rose gold, since it contains a higher amount of copper (which is what gives rose gold its blushing hue).

There’s no better option between 14k and 18k gold, only the option you prefer more. At DiamondStuds.com, our diamond studs are customizable, which allows you to choose the gold karat that best fits your budget and personal style.


Earring backs can affect how comfortable and secure you feel when wearing your studs. At DiamondStuds, we allow you to choose your ideal earring back when you buy any pair of our customizable black diamond studs. Choose from the most popular, secure classic push backs or screw backs to create your perfect pair of black diamond studs.


We hope this guide to buying black diamond studs has been helpful as you search for your perfect pair of black diamond studs! If you have any questions about our black diamond studs or questions about your DiamondStuds.com order status, please don’t hesitate to contact us and inquire.

To close out our Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of Black Diamond Studs, we’ll leave you with some of the advantages of buying your black diamond studs from DiamondStuds.com!


We certify all of our diamond jewelry, including our black diamond studs and black diamond solitaire rings. Every black diamond jewelry purchase from DiamondStuds.com comes with a certificate and appraisal, so you can always be sure you have proof of the quality of your black diamond jewelry.

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