Diamond Earring Size Guide

Choose your diamond shape, size and setting to create your unique diamond stud earrings. Design your unique jewelry gift today! Learn more about variety of sizes and what carat total weight means for diamonds for stud earrings. Shop a wide variety of carat sizes and discover the ideal size pair of earring studs today with this simple guide.

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How do I buy diamond stud earrings?

When buying something as simple as a timeless pair of diamond earrings it's crucial to be educated on a few small points to understand what the carat weight of your new stunning pair actually means. While diamond color, diamond quality and color grade will all be important factors when you are searching for a complete guide to buying studs, understanding the actual size of each diamond earring might be the best starting point to discover your ideal pair of diamond studs.

What will a pair of diamond stud earrings look like on?

The size of Carat Total Weight of the pair, or CTW, will be split into half for each solitaire earring in the pair.

Example: '1ctw' One carat stud earrings will have 2- 0.50 carat diamonds that total the earring pair. These are considered solitaire diamond earrings. As one- 1/2 carat solitaire stud will be in each ear.

What will be the size of each earring in my diamond studs earring pair?

In discovering your perfect pair, it's important to know that because diamond earring pairs carat weight is a combined weight, each individual carat weight for each earring is half of the total weight. The "CTW" or "Carat Total Weight" is the weight of both earrings in the pair added together that make the Carat Total Weight.

So if you see a 2.00ctw Earring Pair, this means each stud earring will be a One-Carat Diamond.

Diamond Earring Size Guide

2.00 ctw 1.00 carat each 6.5 MM
1.50 ctw .75 carat each 5.8MM
1.25 ctw .62 carat each 5.55MM
1.00 ctw .50 carat each 5MM
.75 ctw .375 carat each 4.67MM
.62 ctw .31 carat each 4.3MM
.50 ctw .25 carat each 4.1MM
.40 ctw .20 carat each 3.8MM
.33 ctw .165 carat each 3.5MM
.25 ctw .125 carat each 3.2MM

Carat Size Buying Tips

Diamond carat is often misunderstood and actually refers to a diamond's combined weight, rather than the size. The carat weight can actually vary by a diamond's size depending on it's cut quality. It's important to note that a MM diamond size guide is an average table measurement that represents the comparable carat weight of a good quality cut diamond.

When searching for the perfect diamond stud earrings consider the cut quality. As a poor or good cut diamond may often have a deeper cut, meaning the weight of the diamond is actually more at the bottom of the diamond, rather than at the surface top in the table. We recommend a diamond of the cut grade quality Very Good or Excellent. This will ensure your diamond studs are comparable to the diamond size guide when selecting well-cut diamond studs. We indicate the cut grade on all our diamond certificates included with every diamond studs purchase.

Knowing a few quick buying tips can guide you to help choose the best diamond earring size options for you.

Diamond earring size guide

2.00 CTW Diamond Stud Earrings Stand Out

By now you already know that these excellent cut grade 2.00 ctw diamond earrings set in 14KT yellow gold showcase 1.00 carat solitaire round diamond in each individual ear that make up the 2 Carat Total Weight pair of earrings. Discover Lab Grown Diamond Studs for various shape options and a variety of style settings that offer more affordable options in larger carat weight diamond earrings.

Shop Natural 2 Carat Total Weight Earrings for a timeless and excellent carat size selection for diamond studs.

Consider The Setting Type

Stud earrings come in your staple common types of settings, each with its unique characteristics and advantages, that may actually give the studs a larger carat total weight appearance. Here are some of the most popular earring stud earrings settings to consider:

1. 4-Prong Setting: Prong settings are popular and classic choices for earrings. They consist of precious metal prongs that hold the diamonds in place. This setting allows maximum light to pass through the earrings, enhancing its brilliance and sparkle while being a secure setting option. Prong settings work well with various stud shapes and larger diamonds. This may also be called the classic basket setting and gives the studs just slightly added volume while the 6-Prong settings will add a little more volume.

Diamond earring size guide

2. Bezel Setting: In a bezel setting, the gemstone is completely embraced in precious metal encircling the girdle of the diamond, creating a secure and protective setting type. The bezel adds dimension and volume and will make the diamond studs appear as a larger diamond carat weight then they actually are. This is the best setting selection for a larger carat weight diamond appearance in a pair of solitaire earrings.

3. Martini Setting: Named after its resemblance to a martini glass, this setting is designed with three or four prongs. It is a popular choice for diamond stud earrings as it positions the stone closer to the earlobe, creating a more elegant and sophisticated look with the most minimal amount of metal and doesn't necessarily impact the size and appearance of earrings. The metal color may be harder to decipher in this setting selection, especially when selected in white gold.

4. Halo Setting: The halo setting features central diamonds embraced in a circle or "halo" of smaller accent diamonds, creating a dazzling and glamorous effect that gives a larger carat weight appearance. Consider the metal type when selecting halo settings as this will be more visible than with other classic setting types. Halo diamond studs enhance the overall brilliance of the earrings and is a popular selection for many diamond cuts and pair well with daily wear or formal attire for any special occasion.

When choosing a setting type for your pair of stud earrings, it's important to consider your style preference, the level of security and protection you desire, but don't forget the overall look and size appearance that the proper setting can add to your brilliant diamond studs. Each setting type has its charm and can complement various types of daily wear and formal occasions.

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