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How do I buy diamond stud earrings?

When buying something as simple as a timeless pair of diamond studs it's crucial to be educated on a few small points to understand what the carat weight of your new stunning pair actually means.

What will a pair of diamond stud earrings look like on?

The size of Carat Total Weight of the pair, or CTW, will be split into half for each earring in the pair.

Example: 1ctw earrings will have 2- 0.50 carat diamonds that total the earring pair.

Diamond Earring Size Guide


What will be the size of each earring in my diamond studs earring pair?

Because diamond earring pairs carat weight is combined weight, each individual carat weight for each earring is half of the total weight.

2.00 ctw 1.00 carat each 6.5 MM
1.50 ctw .75 carat each 5.8MM
1.25 ctw .62 carat each 5.55MM
1.00 ctw .50 carat each 5MM
.75 ctw .375 carat each 4.67MM
.62 ctw .31 carat each 4.3MM
.50 ctw .25 carat each 4.1MM
.40 ctw .20 carat each 3.8MM
.33 ctw .165 carat each 3.5MM
.25 ctw .125 carat each 3.2MM

Carat Size Buying Tips

Diamond carat is often misunderstood and actually refers to a diamond's weight, rather than the size. The carat weight can actually vary by a diamonds size depending on it's cut quality. It's important to note that a size guide is an average table measurement that represents the comparable carat weight of a quality cut diamond.

When buying diamond stud earrings consider the cut quality. As a poor or good cut diamond may often have a deeper cut, meaning the weight of the diamond is actually at the bottom of the diamond, rather than at the surface top at the table. We recommend a diamond of the cut grade Very Good or Excellent. This will ensure your diamond studs are comparable to the diamond size guide.

Knowing a few quick buying tips can guide you to help choose the best diamond earring options for you.

2.00 CTW Diamond Stud Earrings

By now you already know that these excellent cut grade 2.00 ctw diamond earrings showcase 1.00 carat round each individual diamonds.

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