Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year is Classic Blue, a beautiful deep blue that’s reminiscent of the night sky at dusk. The Pantone Color of the Year always has a large impact on the year’s fashion and jewelry trends. So it’s no surprise that after Classic Blue was announced as 2020’s Color of the Year, Classic Blue jewelry started trending. 

There are two gemstones that very closely resemble the Pantone Color Institute’s Classic Blue: blue sapphires and blue diamonds. Blue sapphires are essentially identical in color to Classic Blue, while fancy deep blue diamonds are an incredibly close match. These stunning gemstones have experienced a surge in popularity since Classic Blue was revealed as the color of the year, and we’re thrilled to see these classic gems get more love. Both blue sapphires and blue diamonds are extraordinarily elegant options that can add a unique, yet utterly timeless touch to any look. 

To celebrate these two trending Classic Blue gemstones, below we’re highlighting some of our favorite chic, wearable pieces that feature blue sapphires and blue diamonds. 

Classic Blue Diamond Studs 

Blue diamond studs add a gorgeous touch of shimmer and an eye-catching pop of color to any ensemble. One of our current favorite styles of blue diamond studs is the classic four prong solitaire design, as seen pictured above. Solitaire settings are timeless, with a simplicity and an elegance that never goes out of style. Then, pronged solitaire settings also allow for the best light entry of any stud earring setting, which enhances the shimmer of their enclosed diamonds. 

While prong solitaire settings are our current favorite style for blue diamond studs, truly every setting style pairs well with blue diamonds. Bezel settings add a modern look to blue diamond studs, while halo settings amp up their glamour even further. Then, blue diamonds look simply beautiful with every precious metal. Whether you opt for white gold, platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold, your blue diamond studs are sure to stun. 

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Classic Blue Diamond Pendant Necklace 

Opting for a blue diamond, rather than a white diamond, in a classic diamond pendant necklace gives it a unique beauty. Blue diamonds have a mesmerizing shimmer and a gorgeous blue hue that makes them simply captivating. A blue diamond pendant necklace adds just the right amount of brilliance and uniqueness to your look, while still being chic and classic. 

A current favorite blue diamond pendant of ours is the six prong style pictured above. The six prong setting used here adds delicate detail to this design, making this blue diamond piece even more eye-catching. 

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Classic Blue Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 

As more brides-to-be search for unique engagement rings, colorful gemstone and diamond engagement rings have become incredibly popular. A thoughtfully chosen colorful center stone can add a personalized touch to your engagement ring, making it as unique as your love. 

If you’re searching for a unique engagement ring, a blue diamond is a spectacular choice for your center stone. Blue diamonds are quite an uncommon choice for engagement rings and wedding bands, giving a blue diamond ring a rare type of beauty. In terms of meaning, blue diamonds are also a lovely choice for an engagement ring. They carry the same meaning as white diamonds, representing eternity. But then, they also have a unique meaning that’s all their own. When worn in an engagement ring, blue diamonds symbolize faith and trust. 

Blue diamonds look gorgeous in any style of engagement ring. But we particularly love solitaire settings for blue diamond engagement rings, since they let the true beauty of the center blue diamond take full focus. If you’re interested in a more modern and chic look, we’d recommend opting for white gold or platinum for a solitaire blue diamond ring. If you’re drawn to classic styles, yellow gold is an ideal option. Then, if you’re a romantic at heart, rose gold is a stunning choice for a blue diamond engagement ring

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Classic Blue Sapphire and White Diamond Stud Earrings 

Moving on to our featured blue sapphire pieces, we have this absolutely gorgeous pair of blue sapphire and white diamond studs. Here, two blue sapphires rest in white gold settings, surrounded by a glittering halo of white diamonds. These earrings are glamorous, stunning, and extraordinarily classic. 

These halo set blue sapphire studs feature one of the most eternally loved pairings in jewelry: blue sapphires and white diamonds. It’s been popular to pair blue sapphires and diamonds for hundreds of years, and it’s still incredibly popular today. Blue sapphires and diamonds pair so well together because they beautifully contrast one another. Blue sapphires are rich and deep, while white diamonds are bright and brilliant. When paired together, each of these gemstones makes the beauty of the other more noticeable, creating an effect that’s nothing short of breathtaking. 

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Classic Blue Sapphire Pendant Necklace 

Last but certainly not least, we have this timeless solitaire blue sapphire pendant necklace. In this design, a round cut blue sapphire rests in a four prong setting crafted from 14k white gold. This deep blue pendant suspends from a slim white gold chain, creating a delicate and elegant effect. 

This blue sapphire pendant necklace is customizable, as are the other pieces within this post. With any of the pieces featured above, you can choose your ideal carat weight, setting style, and precious metal. So, for example, if you love the style of this blue sapphire necklace, but prefer yellow gold jewelry, you can simply select yellow gold as your choice of precious metal. To create a customized Classic Blue sapphire necklace that’s perfectly tailored to your unique style and tastes, click the link below. To customize any of the other Classic Blue pieces featured within this post, click the link within their section. 

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