Wearing “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” on your wedding day is a modern bridal tradition with some very old origins. This tradition dates all the way back to an Old English rhyme, which encouraged brides to wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue for good luck. Traditionally, each of these items is thought to bring a different type of luck to the bride who wears them. Your “something old” is thought to ward off the Evil Eye and your “something new” is thought to bring optimism for the future. Then, your “something borrowed” (meant to be borrowed from a happily married couple) is thought to help someone else’s good fortune rub off on you and your “something blue” is thought to both ward off bad spirits and promote love, trust, and fidelity. 

Wearing these “somethings” is a tradition that’s going strong today. Some people like to wear these items due to superstition, while others do it for the fun of participating in this classic wedding tradition. Whatever your reason, finding your “something old, new, borrowed, and blue” is an exciting part of the wedding planning process. 

If you’re searching for your “somethings,” you’ll be looking through your own closet and reaching out to loved ones for your “something old” and your “something borrowed.” And then, you’ll likely be shopping for your “something new” and “something blue.” So, to help those on the hunt for their new and blue “somethings,” below we’re featuring some of our favorite “something blue” pieces, which could double as both your something new and your something blue! 

Blue Diamond Pendant Necklace 

1 Carat Blue Diamond Pendant Necklace in 14k White Gold

First up in our guide to “something blue” wedding jewelry, we have this breathtaking blue diamond necklace. Blue diamonds are an ideal option for your “something blue” jewelry, since they have a sweet meaning that’s fitting for your wedding day. Like all diamonds, blue diamonds symbolize eternity. But then, blue diamonds also have a unique meaning that’s all their own. Blue diamonds are thought to symbolize faith and trust, which is a lovely meaning that’s perfect for the day you say “I do.” 

This particular blue diamond piece will add both lovely sentiment and a gorgeous pop of color to your bridal look. In this design, a 1 carat blue diamond shimmers within a six prong setting crafted from 14k white gold. This pendant necklace will beautifully complement a wedding dress with a deeper neckline, such as a sweetheart neckline or a v-shaped neckline. This pendant is also a lovely option for a bridesmaid or maid of honor gift, for those who’d also like their bridal party to be wearing something blue. 

While the blue diamond piece pictured above is in white gold, note that this piece (and every other piece featured in this post) is customizable. So if you’d like to adjust any of the designs featured in our “something blue” guide to better suit your wedding day look, click the link at the end of that piece’s feature. With every piece of jewelry featured in this guide, you can choose your ideal precious metal, setting style, and center stone carat weight to create a piece that’s tailored to your exact specifications. 

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Blue Diamond Stud Earrings 

Blue Diamond Studs in White Gold With 1 Carat TW Blue Diamonds, Pictured on Ears For Perspective

Next up, we have this mesmerizing pair of solitaire blue diamond stud earrings. Solitaire diamond studs are perhaps the most popular type of bridal jewelry, and for good reason. Classic, elegant, and brilliant, solitaire diamond studs are the perfect way to complete your wedding day look. Solitaire diamond studs also pair well with every wedding dress silhouette. Then, diamond studs are a timeless piece of jewelry that work well with essentially any look. So, investing in a pair of diamond studs to wear on your wedding day is a gift to yourself that will keep on giving, since you’ll be able to enjoy wearing your diamond studs for decades to come. 

Blue Diamond Studs With Classic White Gold Four Prong Settings

While white diamonds are the more common option for wedding day diamond studs, blue diamonds also make a gorgeous choice. Blue diamond studs will, of course, help you check the “something blue” box on your list of lucky “somethings.” But then, they’ll also provide a subtle, but simply beautiful touch of color to your wedding day look, adding a unique element that’s nothing short of enchanting. 

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Halo Blue Sapphire Stud Earrings 

Halo Blue Sapphire Stud Earrings in White Gold

Moving on to our next gemstone category, we have this exquisite pair of blue sapphire and white diamond stud earrings. The blue sapphire is another gorgeous blue gemstone that has a powerful, deep meaning that’s perfect for your wedding day. Blue sapphires symbolize hope, faith, kindness, and spiritual connection. 

In addition to being meaningful, blue sapphires are, of course, gorgeous. Blue sapphires have a deep, rich blue color that’s simply captivating. One of our favorite ways to wear blue sapphires on your big day is within a pave diamond halo setting. The brilliance of white diamonds adds shimmer to a piece of blue sapphire jewelry, then also makes the deep color of a blue sapphire look even more luxe and rich. As you can see in the featured pair of blue sapphire and white diamond earrings pictured above, the combination of these two gemstones is absolutely breathtaking. 

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Solitaire Blue Sapphire Ring 

Bezel Set Solitaire Blue Sapphire Ring in Yellow Gold

Last but certainly not least, we have this stunning solitaire blue sapphire ring. A blue sapphire engagement ring or a blue sapphire wedding band is perhaps the easiest way to incorporate a touch of something blue into your wedding day look. The solitaire blue sapphire ring pictured above is one of our current favorite blue sapphire styles, since it’s simple and elegant, yet stunning. The yellow gold bezel setting used here has a gleaming, warm look that makes the rich color of its enclosed blue sapphire pop. 

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Final Thoughts on “Something Blue” Wedding Day Jewelry 

In Old England, it was most common for brides to wear a blue garter under their wedding dress as their “something blue.” But today, it’s much more common to wear something a bit more personalized for your “something blue,” like a gorgeous piece of blue jewelry. We hope this guide has been helpful as you search for your personalized bit of blue for your big day! If you’re looking for even more beautiful blue jewelry or some other fine jewelry to round out your wedding day look, browse our full collection. Our selection of fine jewelry includes an array of beautiful engagement rings, wedding bands, fashion diamond rings, stud earrings, drop earrings, tennis bracelets, pendant necklaces, sterling silver jewelry, birthstone jewelry, rose gold jewelry, and much more.