Diamond studs are one of the most timeless items of jewelry a woman can own. Their elegance, beauty, and simplicity allow them to pair perfectly with virtually any look. Diamond studs are also endlessly customizable. You can switch up your diamond shape, setting, and choice of precious metal to make them as simple or as dazzlingly unique as you want. Today we want to celebrate our favorite unique diamond studs by focusing on a particular unique diamond stud choice: hearts and arrows diamond studs.

Hearts and arrows diamonds are round diamonds that are cut to reflect the maximum possible light, creating an incredible brilliance. This cut of diamond creates a beautiful pattern of hearts and arrows among the diamond’s facets, which is where the diamond gets its name. This cut of diamond creates a uniquely excellent shimmer, making it incredibly eye-catching. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear the rare and beautiful hearts and arrows cut diamond.

The Classic Basket In Yellow Gold


14k Yellow Gold 4-Prong Basket Hearts & Arrows Diamond Stud Earrings 

Experience classic beauty with these hearts and arrows diamonds set in radiant yellow gold. The warm glow of this gold four prong basket setting beautifully complements the radiance of these ideal cut diamonds. And, because this basket setting allows the sides of the diamonds to be seen, the sparkle of the diamond is maximized. These studs are classic and stunning.

The Classic Bezel In Platinum


Certified Platinum Bezel Hearts & Arrows Diamond Stud Earrings 

In this pair, these hearts and arrows diamonds have been set in the most secure way possible: in a platinum bezel setting. The bezel setting protects every edge of the diamond and the platinum is not only beautiful, but also extremely durable. Not only is this the most secure possible setting for any diamond, it also helps to highlight the unique beauty of the hearts and arrows shapes. Because the sides of the diamond are not visible in a bezel setting, all attention is drawn to the beautiful pattern of facets at the top of these stunning diamonds.

The Vintage-Inspired Martini in Rose Gold


14k Rose Gold 3-Prong Martini Hearts & Arrows Diamond Stud Earrings

The rose gold used in these martini set diamonds gives these diamond studs a vintage and romantic feel. Rose gold has been growing in popularity with women who love the unique vintage style of the metal. It harkens back to a more romantic, historic time. The soft pink glow of rose gold pairs beautifully with the bright radiance of the paired hearts and arrows diamonds.

The Elegant Dangle Setting In White Gold


14k White Gold Dangle Studs 4-Prong Basket Hearts & Arrows Diamond Earrings

These elegant dangle stud earrings are designed to maximize the incredible sparkle of these hearts and arrows diamonds. The dangle settings let the diamonds catch more light as they sway and the additional diamonds on the setting add even more shimmer. The bright shine of the white gold completes the effect, allowing the white sparkle of the diamonds to be further amplified.

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