If it weren’t for the color of their bouquets, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell these three triplet brides apart. On an average day, the girls look so similar, in fact, that even the grooms sometimes get confused!


Within the same day, the same time, and the same ceremony, three identical triplets exchanged vows simultaneously. Rafaela, Rochelle and Tagiane Bini were happily married last Saturday in the same wedding ceremony. The 29-year-old triplets from Brazil even donned identical hairstyles and wedding gowns because they all coincidentally loved the same style. 


The idea of a triplet wedding may seem exciting and unique, but the request presented some issues since pews had to be rearranged to allow all three girls to walk out at the same time. “We decided that we would all walk together until half way down the aisle. From there, I would take one girl at a time” remarked the father of the brides.


Although the men may sometimes confuse the three triplets, there was no mix up on the big day. “I knew which one was mine, for sure,” said Tagiane’s husband, Eduardo. “I knew as soon as she entered the church—she was the most beautiful.”


More than 600 guests in attendance witnessed the unique ceremony. The identical triplets were inseparable from birth and their long-time dream finally came true when they got to say, ‘I do’ to their sweethearts in a ceremony of a lifetime. Congratulations to the three couples!