pexels-photo-360624Father’s Day lands on Sunday, June 18th this year— just a few days away! Father’s Day is a great time to give the father in your life the gift of glitz in the form of fine jewelry. We’ve put together a list of some great diamond and gemstone pieces to help you up the style game of the father in your life!

Classic Diamond Studs


Square Cut Diamond Studs In Platinum

There’s nothing like a true classic. Diamond studs are sophisticated, strong, and stylish. They’re also versatile, looking as good with a laid back bomber jacket as they do with a sharp suit. You just can’t go wrong with a gift of white diamond studs.

Yellow Diamond Studs


Yellow Diamond Studs in 14k Gold Martini Setting

Yellow diamonds are among the rare “fancy” diamonds. This family of diamonds is made up of naturally colored diamonds that are many times rarer than white diamonds— they are some of the rarest gemstones on earth. These are a great fit for a man with rare taste, one who likes to be bold and stand out from the crowd.

Single Diamond Stud


Round Diamond in 14k Rose Gold Martini Setting

Classic diamond studs are great as a pair, but also impressive on their own. Instead of getting the man in your life a pair of studs, consider getting him a single stud. Many men prefer to either wear just one diamond stud or, if they’re following today’s trends, to mix and match their pieces to create a unique style.

Black Diamond Studs


Black Diamond Studs in 14k White Gold

Black diamonds are mysterious and make a strong statement. The edgy Dad might appreciate black diamond studs more than the standard white diamond since they are more unique. Black diamond studs are a great gift for the man who has an edgy style and likes to set himself apart from the crowd.

Blue Diamond Studs


Blue Diamond Studs in Platinum

Blue diamond studs are strongly associated with royalty. This deeply colored stone has graced the fingers of many of history’s most powerful kings. Perhaps Royals throughout the years have been drawn to their rich color, or perhaps they wanted to acquire them because they are even rarer than yellow diamonds. But, for whatever the reason may have been, blue diamonds are now forever associated with the royals. Because of this, blue diamond studs are an incredibly special gift to give the man in your life.