diamondstuds10-6Ah, the Halo-style ring- you can see it gracing the hands of so many of today’s soon to be brides. Today, the ‘Halo’ style is perhaps the most popular engagement ring style.

diamondstuds10-6pt114K Yellow Gold Certified Round-Cut Diamond Halo Pendant

The Halo is actually a type of jewelry setting and can be found in any type of jewelry. For those who are unsure what a “Halo” setting is, exactly: a Halo setting is a style in which the center stone of the piece is surrounded by a circle (or a “Halo”) of precious stones (almost always diamonds). Depending on the shape of the center stone, the “Halo” around it can be a circle, a square, pear-shaped, or really any shape that fits to the shape of the center stone.

So, what is the reason for this style’s ever-growing popularity? There are three main reasons. First, the Halo setting actually acts as an optical illusion. The halo of diamonds around the center stone creates the illusion that the center stone is much larger than it actually is, enhancing the glamour of the piece. Secondly, the iridescence from the many diamonds in the Halo setting dramatically increases the overall “sparkle” of the piece, increasing it’s beauty. Finally, the Halo trend is appealing today because it actually isn’t a new trend. Historically, Halo rings could be seen as early as the Georgian era and were massively popular in the 1920’s. So, this style, while feeling very “new” due to its trendiness today, is also a classic look. This creates a highly sought-after style that feels timeless.


18K White Gold Halo Princess-Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Studs is all about timeless styles. This is why we’ve created our new Halo Collection; which is coming soon. You can choose from our huge selection of gorgeous Halo earrings, pendants, and rings to add the beauty and glamour of the Halo look to your collection.


14K Rose Gold Halo Round-Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

The Halo Collection, like the rest of our selection, can be customized to fit everybody’s style. As we go into Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a portion of the proceeds we get, will go to the National Breast Cancer Awareness foundation. Join us at DiamondStuds in the fight against breast cancer by increasing awareness with your hint of shine!