Fall fashion is all about looking chic in an understated way. Designers portrayed an overarching theme of sophisticated elegance in their newest collections, showcasing sleek lines and neutral hues. These subtle pieces were complimented by delicate, but bold accessories. The effect is absolutely ethereal, creating an almost eerie beauty that has never been seen before. This fresh take on fashion is captivating, and enables everyone to look and feel gorgeous and feminine.

Creating a stunning ensemble is easy this season. When picking new pieces for your fall wardrobe, look for delicate fabrics such as lace or silk to pair with your current closet. Incorporating these unusual elements will add an aspect of originality to your outfit. Wear a silk blouse with airy trousers in the same color, such as cream,  to achieve a modern take on a classic women’s look.  Be sure to find complimentary fabrics to create a seamless, put together style. An outfit like this is great, because it is so versatile. You can wear it to work or dress it up with heels for a night on the town. Wherever you wear it, you’re sure to look stylish and chic.

Once you have pick an outfit, it’s time to add accessories. You want to find pieces that are dainty, but make a statement. Black diamond earrings are the perfect addition to any look, adding intrigue in a feminine way. Choose a pair of studs to keep your look simplistic and glamorous. Unlike previous years when black diamonds were paired with gaudy outfits, this seasons, they are worn with sleek pieces in neutral hues. Their dark color distinguishes them from the rest of the look, creating contrast and depth rather than clutter. Pair your sleek look with studded heels for an ensemble that is classic and perfect for any occasion.

You’ll look and feel like a superstar when you sport this season’s hottest trends. Pair your favorite, understated look with black diamond studs to add interesting contrast and create the ideal combination of feminine and bold. This season, highlight your best attributes without detracting from your personal beauty by wearing clothing that are simplistic and elegant.